2010 the Internet is shaky, every industry bigwigs are busy busy market, money, but for the individual owners, survival pressure is indeed growing, before relying on advertising, do some novel or movie station may be a temporary profit for a period of time, but with the value of. The copyright of the national novel station, video station, movies are faced with the danger of infringement, if one day you make others unhappy to tell, the huge amount of compensation will put you in recent years to earn all the money lost, so for the individual owners, although this station can be quickly profitable, but the risk is also very high, we can not afford. So many owners choose to place corner, Internet bigwigs who is not related to the local industry to develop, after all, in their own home website, or a bit of confidence.

I believe that many webmaster in place before the station will see some famous local communities such as the "19 Building" "Hefei forum", also can find their operational experience sharing on the Internet, many webmaster after reading that blood surging, very passionate, feeling a direction, just do it however, when really began to do only to find some empty, do not know how to go, resulting in a lot of places to do half the webmaster website on the laissez faire, gradually became the garbage station. I have experienced this period of time, should the invitation of a friend to help him do (whitecaps Bay) I was on the Internet looking for experience, looking for the operation method, and began to practice, but they are halfway does not know how to go, quiet heart to carefully analyze found several problems first, when they began to do is in a period of rapid development of the Internet, many places have no place to stand, this provides conditions for the rapid growth of their users. Second: including the 19 floor or the Hefei forum, they are a very strong team doing, bringing together all aspects of talent, and I was alone, even if I am clever could not catch up with them any one of the team’s strength! Third: they have more or less capital, and we are just a wage people eat, the usual wage subsidies can also be used at home, no money to do a website, let alone to recruit some of the master technology. Fourth: their city life level is very high, both users and merchants to accept ability on the Internet is very strong, they agree with the Internet identity of local communities, so every day in the local community.

After the

analysis is more than the rest of the control points gradually solve the problem, the first period of development is to our disadvantage, but each region there will always be some industry not taken care of, for example, we can choose to cut delicacy, from one direction to start slowly, and then slowly expand to other aspects of this said webmasters may also say: This is not the same as not saying anything? Oh, no, I will give examples of a step by step to tell you how to do, such as your city delicacy is relatively strong, and no one else to take care of, this time we have the opportunity, specifically: you can go with it >