comprehensive view, flash purchase suitable for price transparency, commodity distribution long tail, inventory management difficult scene. Beibei network of children’s clothing and maternity products, electricity supplier is undoubtedly very appropriate.

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in China’s electricity supplier development in the past few years, from the commodity dimension of the business model is divided into two types: integrated electricity supplier and vertical electricity supplier. The business logic at that time was to sell all the goods to everyone, or to sell all kinds of goods to everyone.

, but after years of baptism, the integrated electricity supplier has only a few giants, and almost all of the vertical electricity supplier was washed out. Does it mean that borderless electricity providers have to be for everyone?

with the emergence of the concept of the total electricity supplier, the mother electricity supplier model began to gradually clear.

from vertical to divided

in fact, the focus of electricity providers need to complete two key transformation, first, the use of precise channels gathered from precise users, two from the core category into the surrounding associated categories.

specific to the maternal electricity supplier, the most accurate groupkey category is undoubtedly milk and diapers. If you can get a stable source of goods, while providing consumers with a certain price and service, the mother and baby electricity supplier can quickly gather users, and form their own reputation and brand. This is also our view that honey bud baby can rise rapidly the root cause.

October 2011, honey bud baby officially opened shop on Taobao, from milk powder, diapers this standard cut into, quickly opened the market. Two years later, honey bud baby became a four crown shop. February 2014, honey bud official website online, and officially transformed into imported mother infant brand limited sale mall.

another almost simultaneously on-line Beibei network from non-standard children’s clothing, but also positioned in the mother and child sale platform, also received the favor of the mother’s user base.

, but the real challenge of the electricity supplier is to complete the breakthrough from the vertical category to the integrated category. For the supply chain, businesses need to develop a rich enough category. From the demand side, it is necessary to guide consumers to complete changes in consumer habits.

although honey bud baby and Beibei nets, whether business model or cut into the market category are not the same, but they are in the first step of the total electricity supplier has achieved good results. However, in the second stage of the transformation, the pattern of differences led to the performance of the two companies are very different. Beibei network from the vertical electricity supplier to the focus of the electricity supplier, there are two unique advantages.

, first of all, is a web cam platform business model. Platform mode is a very lightweight model that helps businesses expand rapidly.

, but Beibei network is different from the general sense of the platform electricity supplier, it also provides nanny services for businesses on the platform. Enter Beibei Network >