skills: Hang chat room.

hanging chat room is not new, but there are still a few people who really master the key technology, which is very consistent with the market rules. What is the key? Always the details. On the network, the flow of the highest chat room than the QQ chat room. In addition, QQ is the largest instant messaging tool in China and the largest online dating center in china. So, in 2006, you could easily get more than 1000IP traffic as long as you used 10 QQ login chat rooms. in the implicit creative stage, that is, using this method to maintain daily flow of more than 1100IP. The details of this phase are:

1, using the coral version, set the display camera always. Because this can rank in the chat room.

2, the use of QQ members, show red words, more conspicuous, while ranking more forward.

3 is a woman of all genders, aged 23, with an elegant name or formal real name.

4, QQ data can be brought on the web site, fill in when it is very skilled. For example: "this woman station, lady-killer into, or cut down the little brother soup to drink." Later, QQ chat room upgrade, more strict supervision, so the cancellation of the information in the URL, but you can write some people Fuxiang content, and then induce others and as a friend, the use of hanging Q software is set URL in the automatic reply, the content also requires a certain skill.

During the period of

, there are a lot of people spend lots of money to develop the hang QQ chat room software, a software can occupy all the chat room in a day, daily flow of at least 100 thousand IP, will only be sold to the traffic flow alliance can also get 1000 yuan a day income. With the upgrading of the chat room, software has also been upgraded, so far, chat room software is still controlled by a small number of people.

but there is no software that can also be operated manually. Although tired, it can never be eliminated or restricted. Because no matter how upgraded the chat room, can not prevent the male user view or add female users for QQ friends habits. The QQ is the best traffic storage tool as long as you have the details.

Why not use this

no skills? The only reason, because no computer configuration is too low, can also open a few more landing QQ chat room. To use this method, at least CPU Pentium IV 2G, memory 512MB, memory above 128MB configuration, or run up quite expensive computer resources, unless you have a separate server.

is the fastest way to do this, who keeps skepticism and can experiment with new ideas so that everyone can see it.

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