I published a "new sites in A5 article in Baidu Dutch act before

is equal to" (http://s.52gubaiyou.cn/post/27.html) article, at that time my station was established almost half a month, still not be included in Baidu so frustrated, feel too impulsive.

Why are you so

A5 to run the article, actually I didn’t want to add a link on the inside, but feel the resources wasted, so don’t use it, or made with a link to the article, surprisingly good results, through the flow of A5 day IP exceeded 200 people, in second days Google included my site. Just Baidu included slowly into the sandbox, how do I save her? Some people say I content is the Internet spread content, search engines do not love, so I just posted some search engines, hungry content.

effect should be good, and then I added a pr=4 link, link exchange is also a lot, basically more than pr=3 of the chain, except for similar sites. Sum up:

1, insist on updating the article, when publishing articles, it is best to Baidu and Google search under the title, to see if it is not a lot of writing.

2, check other sites outside the chain, maybe you can find yourself can not find the high weight site, many heroes are doing so.

3, the content should be written, attractive eye, although I am not doing well, but my station PV or careless, feel good.

4, adhere to the initiative to find high quality of the chain, it was normal to be rejected, but do not discouraged, adhere to victory.

5, find themselves suspected of cheating, I title before too long, so I immediately get rid of, now in Baidu keywords Gu Baiyou sixth, so don’t be afraid of the new modified title, but I also changed once.

so, new sites change title and hair soft will not go to ruin, the weight will be very high, to high reprint rate web site published article is a clear choice.