in Admin5, everyone is saying that soft Wen is to promote the site of the necessary means, but here I want to ask: soft Wen for promotion website exactly how big role


I have tried to write an article "my five years of experience, professional website: concentrate on, focus on" article soon be edited selection, and had the top, several Adsense sites also reprinted. When writing this article, there are two purposes. First, I want to share my experience with everyone, and second, I really want to promote the website.

about sharing the experience, and then go to the text and everyone exchanges, here to explore the soft text for the promotion of the role of the site.

website was built at that time, hoping to speed up the collection of Google and Baidu through such a way. Indeed, within a few days after the publication of the article, the site’s traffic has risen rapidly, almost every day around 200IP, the source of the admin5. But after a few days, with the gradually sink, IP to 2ip, and the lowest drop, or my wife and two points. It triggered my thinking.

either engineering measurement network or enterprise political work network, is a professional website, reading, the audience is fixed, write text, especially similar to the webmaster experience like soft, more of a mutual exchange and communication between the webmaster, the reader is more webmaster, they visit the web site more is to look away, they cannot find information on my website, but can not expect them to web site favorites, click on the day. Such soft Wen for grassroots webmaster, just wait for a brief ecstasy, and then is deeply lonely.

so I think as soft website promotion method is not desirable, or is not scientific, at best, soft websites improve temporary traffic, accelerate the search engine of the website content included. It also suggested that the owners do not expect through large, almost identical to the soft website promotion purpose.

don’t know if this understanding is appropriate, take out and share with you, see what the role of soft wen.

I urge you to criticize and correct, QQ:123501573, I will be grateful.