hum song liar

liar QQ:1174721788

cheat website:

it’s like this:

was recently busy with the acquisition of a large number of advertising, the station has acquired over, then came to the acquisition of some small traffic sites A5. I see in this forum the sales of advertising, QQ found the person was a female, and only 3 QQ. The person said the station is to spend 10 thousand to buy QQ, a friend sent, even inside the Adsense is also hanging a friend. Now these are the usual trick liar, make network 4 years of the second time I was young fool…

then talk about the price. The man talks in a feminine tone. I also relax my vigilance. After all, I’ve bought so many ads that I haven’t been cheated. Because I have always trusted the quality of Internet practitioners. I didn’t see the two stations he gave me because there were too many advertisements. Ask him still have not, 1 minutes later he sent a similar site, I am satisfied. Talk about the price, 230 yuan / month after the ad position (conversation is not compact), 3 minutes later to see his ad hung up. After the appropriate modification, hit the money (hanging advertising process is still not compact, I am more anxious, because the other party is female, not angry). When I finished, I asked him what the main number was, and he said, "that’s for the sun level QQ.". After I was busy, I didn’t talk to him, and he didn’t say a word.

got up early in the morning to see the data for second days and really brought more than 500 visits. Random open this link, bad, my advertising did not find this person! Has been found from QQ friends disappeared (last cheated too). Suddenly wake up, this station is not his, he acted as an intermediary role, while I talked to him, he found the station’s Adsense talk about advertising. He disappeared immediately after I finished the payment. The deceived included me and the stationmaster.

lesson summary:

1. online communication, liar likes to use the female number, QQ is the new number, because a cheat, you have to change.

2. cheats lie all the time and cover themselves up. For example, this station is to buy, QQ is a friend sent, and inside the Adsense is also someone else.

3. chat process is not smooth, generally thought a language deliberately plan or act as an intermediary role.

4. after the completion of the transaction, generally silent or quiet, (this time late). And second days as his QQ number from your friends disappear.

5. ego friends network communication Laoniao the most easily, because our group has a relatively high income, disdain to these smaller halves, even cheated amount is not large. Moreover, we overestimate the professional quality of some network practitioners