with the gradual maturity of the talent market, the means of operation of talent networks are gradually mature. And in many operating methods, and not any method is suitable for the site of the time. In the appropriate period, select the correct operational focus, in order to allow talent network operation with half the effort, gradually grow.

site starts: do a good job in infrastructure


website starting period is a very important step, must do the market survey complete, including the division of industry website, competitor analysis, the defect of the market, you can make a good. Then, according to their own ideas to investigate the implementation of the site, although the site can be continuously improved in operation. But in the current market, your infrastructure should be no less competitive than your competitors.

website pre operation: talent library construction, search engine optimization,

when the site infrastructure has been completed, do not rush to find business cooperation. An empty shell web site, and no business will like you. In the eyes of enterprises, the most important is the size of the talent pool. So, the first step is to expand your talent pool. Since the initial site is not well-known, you can through the local forum talent section (basically, now the local forum, there are recruitment plates for users looking for work), contact users to collect resumes. On the other hand, we should seize graduates, especially local universities, secondary technical schools, junior colleges, technical schools, etc.. You can join QQ group, BBS and so on. Because you are eager to find a job after graduation, this part of resume is the easiest to collect.

search engine optimization should also start at the moment, because SEO takes time to effect, so after the completion of the site construction, the sooner the better. The main key words are mainly "XX talent network" and "XX recruitment network". As long as you go up, resume will not worry, naturally, job seekers take the initiative to fill out resumes. At the same time it will be a sign, the word of mouth for the website to persuade businesses pay insurance. Although we do not know you, but basically know Baidu, Baidu search for the first is you, it is indeed trustworthy.

rising period: expanding underground influence and integrating talent resources


has adhered to the basic operations above, the site will grow substantially. However, this development is also a bottleneck. The bottleneck mainly comes from the fact that resumes are basically from the Internet, but the talents on the Internet are concentrated in young people, white-collar workers, and more Internet technicians. Technical workers, Yuesao large demand of personnel is not enough. Another problem is that you are building reputation, is the basic survival in the network, the enterprise is not every day in the network, you do not know this website, you look for cooperation, others have never heard of, talk about cooperation.

therefore, after having the foundation, must move to the underground promotion. This time, pick the key, because the website already has