Internet is similar to other enterprises. If you want to become bigger and stronger, you must have your own team. It’s easier said than done and how difficult it is for a team to find the right team. One can go further, Tongde can get closer. Looking for partners, first of all concentric. One dream, one goal. Internet is the initial stage of business is not immediately profitable, this is looking for partners to increase the difficulty. At the beginning, no money, generally three to five years, or even ten years, requires partners to share common goals and persevere. Partners should have three to five years of cooperative planning, long-term plans, and a lifetime to complete it. Shares, if you start two people, the other one accounted for 51%, and the other is 49%. There is only one legal representative. That is, CEO has only one.

if CEO is compared to the sun, there is only one sun in the world. If two people are all the sun, it will burn up. If you want to be the sun, cooperate with the people who want to be the moon. Don’t cooperate with people who want to be the sun. If you can’t find the stars, you can cooperate with the stars first, grow up with him, wait for the stars to slowly change into the moon, and then slowly move the stars. The best cooperator is the person who grows up with you and studies together. Generally, you are stronger than yourself. If you do the sun, he will certainly not and will run away. Or do the moon themselves, others do the sun. Cooperation should talk well, in case 35 years later, separate. How to divide assets, tangible assets easy to divide, intangible, such as websites, domain names, and customers, etc., these should discuss how to divide. Furthermore, the goal to do a career a bear, will do so many people will never change until death, said, as long as the money is important, do the sun and the moon, this is not wrong. At first you didn’t make any money. Even if you make money. Ideas change, too. Therefore, it is important to deal with the relationship between authors. General cooperation will be separated. When separated, they are sold by shares, tangible and intangible, and they are sold in half. If one party is to come down, the parties negotiate and give each other much money. Reach an agreement.

looking for partners, should find complementary, a special skills, a special sales, so that cooperation is good, we have no one can leave who. If two are technical, everyone is cattle B. It’s not good to do it all by yourself. In the course of cooperation, do not doubt the other side, there is a saying that the suspect does not need to use the suspect, since you want to use him, you must believe him. Previously opened their own company in Shenzhen, began to find collaborators on the Internet, to a few, and finally find a suitable. Both trust each other. Now I feel it’s hard to find a partner. I haven’t found it for quite a long time.


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