has recently seen too many unrealistic pure pursuit of the chain of soft wen I also want to write about his experience on the site a few years

I started with the lowest level. First of all, the domain name. I always think the website construction is a long-term investment. Build a website, can not earn money in a few months, eliminate those natural born master. General website builders, the most taboo point is that often change domain names. Many people don’t care, saying CN domain names are worthless. My advice in recent years to tell you a little trick: first of all, since you want to site, just want to make money, then you must be willing to invest domain name, COM domain name I most optimistic about. Don’t make junk names unless you’re doing garbage stations. But in recent years, garbage stations have become increasingly waste. Also more and more do not make money, do website. Your main domain name must be a year of suffering in order to have a good position in the search engine rankings. The pursuit of the number of pages included. Is self comfort, included pages with keywords ranking relationship more and more not close. Therefore, I particularly recommend friends who do new sites or intend to do new sites of friends, domain name to be willing to invest, there is not only a domain name, just started using two top-level domain name. The premise is consistent with the type of site you do. In this way, even if the future bigger, and want to expand the market, you can quickly launch second domain names, for future development to make a forward-looking investment.

The second is the server problems many people are very depressed

, first I think this is not a problem, just JS make a problem I just give you some advice first is not to buy foreign space a lot of drawbacks. Undeniably, foreign space and domestic space is not a level, low prices, large space, strong load, but foreign space can not test too many factors, such as IP was sealed implicated. The access speed of domestic much difference of difficult (all in English) second is to choose something everyone in the space not cheaper to get some cheap space third choose some big city near the room is good for the North-South access and easy to search engines. The last point must be put on record, no matter later is the advertisement, or does most is the essential condition.

, let’s talk about the website type problem next time. If you have different opinions, you can leave a message.