construction site of perseverance, now there are many websites directly to a template, and then to collect a few minutes, a website came out, but the website does not have any meaning, to provide online help is not large, because the information is not collected, after analysis and filtering of their own, is the most spam, there are a lot of people can not adhere to manually add, because every day to update is really hard, no perseverance is unable to continue.

              all say that web site is content is king, but there are several people in the content on the hard work. In fact, the Internet is the transmission of information is the most attractive place, the site is also the heart of the information, your good website theme related information collected every day, adhere to update, Baidu search engine GOOGLE, these will naturally take care of you. If you do not adhere to update their own station, do more SEO are futile and meaningless.

              do your website, insist on, I think so. I started at the same time to do a station, did not insist on a few days can not go on, because I do not want to update, the site died a few days. Now is the second time I do, I do this station for 2 months, is a manual update, now Baidu included page more than 140, Google included more than 300 pages every day about IP300, although most of the webmaster what is not, but I believe that as long as I persist, will develop slowly.

              all grassroots webmaster, I hope everyone can stick to it, say the Internet winter, we have to adhere to, resist winter. Believe that usher in is a beautiful spring!