this site has been concerned about the Admin5, every day, to see the experience of prawns in Admin5, benefited from, and today I have the honor to share my prawns do stand now feel.

began to contact the Internet from 99 years, chat about QQ-, play games – visit Forums – build websites. Time flies,.9 years have passed,.9 years of Internet career, have gained and lost,


2004-2008 in July to do the management in a large entertainment forum, resigned due to internal contradictions. A group of managers also followed the resignation. For the following his resignation for a shelter. He plans to build a.

Entertainment Forum

spent 300 yuan to rent a space in the DZ official 300M.299 yuan / year. Because they provide trial. And the program in use already installed. Plus fully understand the establishment of knowledge. Then know Maoyou..

expensive this space

built the forum after more than a month. Every update. But still not what people forum. No way, had to give up. Good movie website found during this period. With his girlfriend and also every day watching movies on the Internet. I decided to do a movie station.

chose the Marx movie program at the very beginning. After the trial, it was found that although the collection function was not clear, the resources were from the video network. There was no stability at all. Plus, it was badly taken by K recently, so.

was abandonedThe final selection of

SKYUC.PHP version. No acquisition function, but the program is very easy to use. The background and powerful. So every movie. All manually add QVOD player. Every update 20-500 film. In 20 days. The film has reached more than 2000. During this period,.

learned a lot.

didn’t know to do station also let baidu.GG included. Do not know what PR. do not know what traffic. Don’t know how to make advertising. Make a movie station for more than 20 days. To Admin5 learning often. Let me know do stand must make money to make money. You must hang advertising. Advertising will flow to hang to flow. Let Baidu, GG included, included more flow more. Advertising is more.

almost 1 months of site time,.Baidu included more than 70 pages,.Gg included 800 pages. Daily traffic is about 1500.. but then the problem comes,.

traffic up. Space can not stand. Then purchased space. Monthly traffic limit 15G.5 days is not enough. No way. Had to sell the site, buy new space and then do..

bought the new domain name and new space 3 days later. With the new movie program, the new movie station was finally built – 88 cinema. But there was no traffic. In order to increase traffic, there were many ways to use..

Baidu know, post. With the promotion of forum of small >