(for novice, expert, don’t watch)

preparation: just start installing stationmaster net predecessors pointing in the major portal for the blog, I applied for Sina and Tianya (there have been applying for blogbus, but in fact I found published with a URL article in blogbus automatically hide, so it is not recommended to use blogbus.

began to promote the steps of: applying good blog, remember my blog address and name in the title of your website, I want the promotion of the website is http://s.126kt.cn, originally is the online cartoon network, my blog registered user name is 126ktcn, and the title of the blog also marked "126 cartoon cinema", then I put the head also into a cartoon avatar, the template is also a little animation, this is always the case.

went on to promote:

first landing, search engines, and then published an article in the blog, published what is good? I was dizzy ah, Baidu to Post Bar inside, a cartoon Post Bar accidentally discovered there are a lot of posts, popularity is very high, so I collect post these high popularity, slightly modified, and paste it directly to my blog.

Secondly, I see the horizon

and Sina blog ranking, general hot, thread is not the best to the home page, how to do? I noticed "recently updated" label, hey, point into a look, there are a lot of attractive post subject: haha what are you waiting for, thread thread. Stick to my website.

promotion found in the problem: of course, I also in the QQ forum made a few, but soon was deleted, that gas ah. (management is too strict, not recommended)

summary promotion method:

1. Tianya and Sina blog ranking, there are recently updated blog articles, we can point in to see, see attractive articles, quickly thread, paste into your web site.

2. use Baidu post bar which highly attracted the popularity of the post to pseudo original (the effect is pretty good).

statistical results: at noon, I still modify the site’s bug, 2 p.m. began to promote, and that night 8 points IP breakthrough 300, after 8 points, IP is still increasing. I was just a novice, I hope to communicate with you, and common progress, you can add my QQ:120448201, can also be added to the energy-saving movie webmaster QQ group: * * * * to communicate with you, don’t come in to send advertising Oh! Hey ~

last ad, my little station, 126 cartoon cinema.

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