is currently the Internet basically is difficult to make money, a few years ago the price of GG, the network environment is now can not imagine, just make a page transfer to traffic can get tens of thousands of, with 163 of the free space to do one day is 20 thousand, 1 and 2 months of things, and do not need what do you do for promotion, why now do make it difficult to make money

? Network?

the original production site requires a certain technology, the website is basically manual produced a HTML ASP, the automatic generation of HTML function is money, space is not generally expensive, but also easy, a fast space of about 200 yuan, as there may be price, advertisers more kind-hearted, the promotion of TOM just come out, click on one of the 2 corners of money, almost no deduction amount, a month seven thousand or eight thousand IP website advertising a January 1000 no problem, the price is a few cents, the collection price 10 yuan.


website program more fool, a lot of junk information into search engines first stagnated, want to rely on the search volume is almost impossible, but also can be said to be more dangerous, don’t talk about what SEO, now on the search engine is not what big use, but also a greater risk, ranking less than 100 thousand updated daily one or two article or not update the site search engine to meet the eye everywhere, don’t do stand, wanted to make money, but earn less, that is the reason why many people are now in this space, the cheaper price, also contributed to the rubbish site broke out, advertisers did not deduct the amount of black, alliance, no matter is foreign or domestic, there are various taxes and fees, collection to 60 yuan, 60 yuan now in the Western Union, or last year’s prices did not rise up, now is not clear, The current network environment, do not want to say more, two words, difficult ah, ha ha,

really can make money on the network, but the upfront capital and energy investment is relatively large, but once successful, your site can be 24 hours for your profit, so returns are also very fast.

currently wants to do a good job site, but a few points to note:

1, the choice of site space

It is best to use the

server, if funds allow, the difference should be less flat-share ten, virtual host, now the search engine will give IP the right down, even K off the IP, virtual host stability is rare, not to the final white busy.

2, site selection program

does not need to think too much, currently on the market that is a free program just enough for you to develop within 2 years, preferred CMS, more with less BBS interactive website, network management is becoming more and more strict, eliminating unnecessary trouble, as for SNS, got to see, is not an ordinary person can play. For independent blogs, zblog is recommended.

3, be sure to focus,

site procedures don’t change, the type of site not every day.