this year, the meeting size is relatively small, but still see many old faces, such as blue dream Zeng, fan fan, the community behind the general moderator Gao Jie, seven color bird Liu Yang…… The feeling of Hunan famous webmaster or a little less, probably because of the geographical location and economic aspects, a lot of people in Hunan to Guangdong, Shanghai, Beijing’s development, I always think that the people of Hunan to build a career, we must get out of Hunan, so that I also decided to go to Shenzhen development.

has one of the issues referred to the establishment of a Hunan station advertising idea today, the cause is the famous Tianmenshan Mountain scenic area in Hunan for a relatively large amount of advertising in a tourist site, and then a proposal to set up an advertising alliance, the more than 300 stations of Hunan into an alliance then by hand to talk this advertising. The significance is to integrate the advertising enterprise resources in Hunan and transfer the advertisers’ eyes to the Hunan website.

has a boss is to do the shirt e-commerce, independent creation brand, simply speaking, is factory OEM, oem. Do e-commerce there is a big advantage is to reduce the number of the traditional channels in marketing costs, gross profit can reach more than 50%, he mentioned a little too late to our attention, is the Internet business threshold is not low, the funds are not many entrepreneurs have, so be cautious venture. He said the more important aspect is service market segmentation, website construction, the content of his PPT is too fast, not down, is about this: market segmentation is the market to conduct a comprehensive analysis, find out what others have done in the field, people orientation. The construction site is to the construction site a bit more beautiful, of course, for he made the shirt website nature to beautiful, fundamentally depend on their own fields, or simple, or the public, or spend a little, or personality. Service specification is to do a good job of after-sales service.

he made some suggestions for e-commerce startup:

(1) website SEO is the basic means of propaganda

(2) adds influence to well-known sales platforms, such as Taobao

(3) looking for and testing suitable advertising channels

(4) build a difference in goods or brands, as a selling point,


(1) do a line, love one line, do not love, do not do

(2) does

from the user’s point of view

(3) budget, prepare for the worst

(4) stick to

(5) constantly testing the market response to marketing

(6) asks an expert for help, but don’t trust an expert, believe in the numbers

for website specialization and localization, such as local recruitment network, classification information, travel, how many still have the market, such as Tencent