for some time, the construction of marketing websites has been mentioned by more and more enterprises. With the deepening of Internet applications, the concept of marketing websites has been constantly enriched and extended. Marketing type website construction belongs to the website construction category first, we say that Jingdong mall is a successful marketing website, and perhaps no one will question it. Because he succeeded in converting products into commodities, producing actual transactions, and increasing the added value of commodities, the mission of website marketing was also completed in a series of transactions. However, if we define an ordinary promotional website as a marketing website, it is estimated that a lot of people will raise objections because they will not generate actual transactions themselves.

this is a mistake. The real marketing website, or its broader definition, is the ability to turn traffic into sales, and to increase the conversion rate. A successful marketing website depends on research, planning, art design and programming, integrated marketing, and so on, while user experience is the main line through which. For example, short and easy to remember domain name and website, exquisite and vivid design and so on, only suitable for web browsing groups, and continuously improve the user experience of the website, in order to perfect the marketing process control. The user experience is a very broad concept, but there are different views of the differences, but the Shanghai website construction company pilot technology that combines the essence of enterprise website construction of marketing, at least the following three points is necessary.

1. Improving access speed and ensuring stable operation of

no speed, everything is cloud, for marketing website construction, this is the truth. According to a survey, the website loading time more than 5 seconds, three adults will give up waiting; and more than 10 seconds, without any hint, at least 80% people may choose to give up; more than 20 seconds to open, 95% or more people can directly close the browser tab. Not only is the web browsing speed, the operation stability is also crucial, unstable operation as the loading speed suck, will greatly damage the user experience. In Chinese, the triple play only stay in the oral, and when there is no real progress, interoperability is a headache problem for small and medium enterprises, the only way to resolve this dilemma is to choose the multi access web hosting, although the cost is slightly higher.

causes the website to load slowly, the movement unstable factor is very many, mainly displays in two aspects. Is a web design and program development issues, such as the page used too many Flash or JS animation effects, although it is quite costly but Xuandong, bandwidth and server resources, artificial slow access speed. Too many scrolling on the page can also greatly drain server resources and increase the load burden on content. Artificial programming BUG, such as calling the database, forgetting to close, loop statements, no end conditions, and so on, are all overloaded with servers that cost too much resources. The speed and stability of the website, and the host space of the site is also very large, configure high bandwidth >