began to contact websites in early 08, and at the very beginning, nothing could be found.

station is ready, but there is no traffic, I went to each forum to send some articles, and finally add a connection, after several days of effort, the daily traffic reached 500. Then the feeling of lattice not for a web site navigation program (see for a keyword web site navigation site do so) O (a _ U) O… After a month of fighting I do that station keywords home third, unfortunately, only a few hundred IP poor in the eyes of the word this is not Baidu index more than 8000 and later changed several procedures but fortunately my domain name Baidu not K but weight quite high true don’t understand finally feel so change is not going to find a Marx start a movie station to see statistics.

in order to get a good ranking of Baidu, I basically manually update the effort, conscientious, and my efforts are not in vain. 1 months time in Baidu TV series has been ranked in the top two pages, two pages of light before I can meet? The answer is of course not, I began to sprint home but the word count on the popular word (at least in my eyes). As the saying goes in. In potatoes network, TV home website, I have one by one analysis, found that they are even a lot of outside, and are above pr2. So, I went to webmaster nets to find the relevant website to do connection. Two days I do have 20 connections included are good and in more than PR2 (my domain name PR3 are included in the 3000+ so that the connection is still relatively easy) even almost I began to optimize some dead links within the website code (even, I am also a novice is not to say) are good after waiting for Baidu to update a few days later Baidu spider come every day, included more slowly, then I site my name, is actually a collection of more than 10 thousand pages, while I was happy when a friend said I site was K. I thought he was making fun of me, because I had seen it in the morning, and in the afternoon he told me he was K. I took a look at the site (when the thought is not to the home page) it does not matter I almost fainted (a bit exaggerated but really uncomfortable feeling with the heavens, Children’s Day Baidu gave me such a big gift) own so many days of hard work into the East imagination is not the taste….

K I was after several days did not manage site really is in no mood ah hard to do the station K Baidu said K (although we do not let Baidu look but not Baidu very hard ah) somehow by Baidu K feel very relaxed no longer updated every day to kill CS (no flow o (a _ u) O… I too just nothing) to pass the time. A few days did not manage the site, today came up to see the statistics, see Baidu come over, 1000IP conveniently point down, see there come over, didn’t expect my another domain name Baidu included, and in potatoes nets TV >