today, what I want to discuss is website content construction. Content is king, has been the focus of website optimization, content is the soul of the web site, without content, the website is an empty shell. Content fills not only websites, but more importantly, allows search engines to perceive your site. Website content construction, I divide into 4 levels.

(1) website main keyword

Before the

website, it must be clear what type of website, select the main keywords, there are a lot of techniques, the general situation is not very high intensity, but generally it can bring the flow of words, positioning the word is the main direction of the relationship of the content of the website, the style of the whole website and so on. Keywords analysis was established according to the long tail keywords, long tail keywords, keywords expansion, each long tail keywords to choose the appropriate auxiliary keyword column, so focused on the keyword density, increase the weight of the website, the most important thing is to add a link key column.

(2) website long tail keywords

long tail keyword is characterized by the combination of 2 and 3 words, usually according to the expansion of the main keyword or auxiliary keywords, or the long tail word of the user’s long search. Long tail keywords bring traffic is the main flow of the site, because in the subconscious search of users, is good at searching the word is relatively long, is also one of the reasons. Through the analysis of the competition, grasp their own long tail keywords, website internal and external links, taking into account the increase of long tail keywords links have included the help of long tail keywords, but also contribute to the long tail keywords ranking.

(3) web site original

has now entered an original Internet era, I think the previous copy and paste more, but now it is original in the world, because the search engine more and more attention to the proportion of the original, and the search engine to give some original weight, then the impact site keywords ranking. Adsense original not only to increase the number of original, more important is the quality of the original, patiently write a high quality, users like the article, than pseudo original much better. Users read the article is emotional, and when they think this article is better, they will reprint, or directly tell friends, so that users become your Promotion Commissioner, is not better?. Value website originality, it is the fresh blood of the website.

(4) site correlation

is responsible for the main keywords and keywords, long tail keywords, 3 words have determined the website content, search engine will also make a judgment on the website, when industry related words will be matched to your site keywords ranking. An important feature of the site is the site of the correlation Links here, but also attach importance to the relationship, if your website is the network group purchase website should link, then you and other related websites group purchase, shopping, not related to the site, can not link. Site relevance is conducive to the transfer of keywords to improve your site