anyway I am webmaster hey, we introduce myself: I am a college student, sophomore year, although I am a webmaster but my major is not relevant to the professional website (I studied marketing) ah ~ ~ ~ ~, I Speechless. The process of the establishment of the contact is very interesting, recall (haha) I was a high school student, a high when special love play legend (Legend 2) then this is love, is once again in the game when I found nobody fast! (my little temper) after for I know that this is because the plug-in I ~ ~ good! Someone better than you plug! After continuous search, find a * * * plug-in, satisfied, ha ha, but is in the second time landing and found how can login to their next brother! Weep you buddy said: Trojan! (Speechless…… What is the) Trojan? Research, study, and in the process of contact in the Trojan by watching online article, I need to know that a virtual host to configure automatic on-line! What is the virtual host? Study ~ ~ ~ (now big 2) after the study on the virtual host virtual I know: haha the host is used to do, ha ha! The legend – no – Trojan plug-in virtual host website —- —- my interest is no longer a legend, and transferred to the virtual host and websites.

after a period of time, I understand: the construction site to use the FTP tool PS DW and a bunch of things, it can be said I was the most happy is that period of time, after all, do what they are interested in is happy! There was no money can not buy their own host, can only use the free, Fuwa car, association, volcano, often…… Free hosting has made a bunch of!!, the construction of the site also know a little bit, PS DW also has a little foundation (ah ~ unfortunately, time waits for no one, I have to prepare for college entrance examination)

each day, then I went to college, there is a saying: time will make you forget everything (a little…… In the freshman year, the students’ Union and the association worked hard, and the year passed…… ), second day my teacher asked me to find my PR website. (this is our school management), asked that I can do, I can say, he asked me how much I said I was a novice on the 600 bar, he said: "what?" I said what? "Outside of the company to" 1200 "they have cost" and "what free time I introduced you to contact with my friend!" "good time to call me."

that’s it. I made my first set up business and got 600 oceans. This thing reminds me of what happened before. Yes, ~~

spent 200 oceans rented a host, uploaded a DZ program, what is the site called? Free antivirus software! After all, a lot of people need! Spent 300 ocean, please a good friend to eat a meal ~ spent 1 yuan!