a year ago with a few friends together to invest in the Internet, through the research to develop the universe numerology now. In the initial stage, we have made a relatively complete preparation, from the domain name selection, system selection, promotion and optimization of the plan, personnel allocation, the allocation of funds, have done a good plan. In theory, we feel that success is just around the corner, in fact, traffic has also achieved good results, the highest promotion in the latter half of the year, up to 1Wip, 6w+ PV. But now the flow has fallen off, and for now, it should be a temporary failure.

now, I share my failure experience according to my website. I hope to learn something from

1 system selection (do not use beta version of the system, should use mature products)

we were trying to do a large portal, their development cost is relatively high, we consider in the beginning stages of using the system developed by others to do good, CMS after several tests, we chose one in the industry’s most well-known software company (unsigned) CMS software, with the company the product was also right, wrong if we chose him just push out the latest version of the NET CMS, he just push out test of the first edition, relying on the company’s trust and his function feel closer to our needs, we will use up, the problems appear one after another the.


is a new system, and the official for profit considerations, rarely do the detailed description of the system within the tag code, results all rely on their own exploration technician to use and upgrade is very frequent, as many websites wrong.

a: in a upgrade, due to the wrong tag, resulting in a large number of sites repeated title of the article, repeat keywords URL, which in terms of SEO is very deadly.

b: for the first time using the system for the static system directory does not understand settings, found the back before all is not reasonable, and to use the directory structure to generate static new, delete the old, it is a serious blow.

C: generated SITEMAP is wrong, the beginning has been prompt success in the background generation, to see a sitemap server is Baidu and Google in the XML file, we began to think that is normal, he is thought of as a guide file only, incorrect label but later found also upgrade, the XML site map has been wrong, very depressed.

actually, I highly recommend you use the ADMIN5 system that is currently used by the authorities.

2 IDC provider selection (should select mature, photographed regular IDC)

‘s wrong IDC dealer gave me a hit. At first, we left the server with a friend of mine who ran IDC