with the rapid development of the Internet, people continue to enter the Internet industry. At the same time, it also brings a lot of problems, such as honesty, deception and so on. Some people use the network to grab ill-gotten gains someone using the Internet, but also do good, I met a lot of difficulties from business clothing site since in difficulties the author summed up a clothing website operation experience: from the view of customer trust, and improve the site’s reputation, brand.

‘s first step is to give the client a feeling of trust when he enters the site, so that he can browse his web pages further. How can you let the website leave a good aspect in the customer’s first impression? There are undoubtedly four points. First of all, the interface, the customer into the first glance of a web site is definitely web interface. So the interface must be friendly. Then there’s the content. What’s the use of this site if most of the content in the site is copied?. Again, functional, concise sites are good, but they don’t think so in the eyes of customers. The last is the sign of the third party. Here are some explanations for these factors.

friendly web interface


interface is a site of the face, even if you can’t change more good-looking, don’t get clueless out of order, although sometimes chaos is a kind of beauty, but you do not forget, the first feeling of a website to give customers the new interface is very important, he is directly related to the customer will not become a major standard for your website or old customers loyal customers, clothing website interface must be neat, no dislocation, breakage or tail, if there is such a situation, even if they do not modify, then find a friend or modify the payment is very necessary. The first step in doing a station is to have a friendly and concise interface to the customer.

Original content of


Many webmaster

when looking at the other people’s experience, will see the contents of the paragraph, there is no doubt that the website content is essential, very important part can not be a lack of content, is to give the customer to see, even if the contents are not open to what the meaning of it. Content is divided into three kinds: reproduced content, pseudo original, original. Of course, the original is the best content, even if your writing is very poor, writing is also very not good-looking, but not too demanding on your customers, it may cater to a part of the customer’s appetite, this is not some traffic and can retain customers? And tips on writing is very simple, that is Practice makes perfect.

as long as you keep on writing, the level will improve gradually. The key to the problem is that you should write, dare to write and write. The pseudo original content many webmaster love just change the title, paragraph, change the format, want to Huyou customers or direct fudge search engine. This is a very irresponsible performance to people and to them. Reprint content needless to say is the worst content, because this >