business models can be copied, and television entertainment programs can be replicated, too. In this age, too many things can be copied. The key is the profit model in this paper copy, read the Utopia website building experience, I think that the establishment of the model is a model that can be replicated, and the operation is relatively simple, with more simple business model is the best model — Tang Jun quotes ", do not know if you can’t recognize my point of view.

in order to prove that my point is correct, let’s talk about the facts. To do this, I used this experiment at the 5d6d just recently applied for a free forum ( I also joined in the forum is a serialized novel, changed the relevant title, and so on, did not do too much SEO things. Why is a good interactive forum, forum, and free to worry about their own master. Do not eat for 10 thousand IP.

in the next nearly a week has a copy of this idea, I put the novel according to the amount of daily update 20~30 update to the new chapter, one you love, but only at night, during the day. Daily update and can raise the spider temperament.

, the following questions were raised by Utopia, and before doing the above experiments, I wrote down my answer to show respect for Utopia:

1, have you read this novel? Does it really appeal to you? If you don’t like it, what does the user like about your station?.

has seen it. It’s pretty good. The novel is a financial stock, a financial romance novel.

2, do you know the updates and the update time of this serial novel? Because you don’t know more about it than the reader, so what does the reader come to your website?.


3, do you know which station the update is most timely? The view is the same as 2


4, can you update this novel with your heart?

yes, I’m looking after myself.

to write so much, just to tell you some of my ideas, important is to test yourself, I think is the promotion and publicity of the next month, at the same time every week to report the progress of the replication mode. Thank you,

this article only starts with A5 originals.