with the hot real estate market, decoration industry certainly is also very hot, traditional decoration companies want to the layout of the Internet, really want to do a renovation site, we must first understand the decoration market, online typical representatives of the Qijia network, tuba rabbit, excellent customer home, Miller music network, network security and other decoration decoration, but the decoration of the content of the website and the operation strategy are the same, we want to do a renovation site, will be from the following aspects to build its own website:

1, decoration business positioning

is the first to clear their own market position: home decoration and equipment, new home decoration or renovation of existing homes, where the focus: three rooms, large-sized apartment, apartment or villa; these are all things that you should consider early, don’t want to do the whole, do your most outstanding website owners, positioning well, advice from the home of (a large body of market; two, public demand more, higher quality), with existing home renovation, Shanghai city houses rarely, mainly in the old house, old house renovation, large-sized apartment owners have more (Shanghai Cuntucunjin, large-sized apartment affordable or less)


2, website content construction,

web content to highlight their strengths, focusing on the construction of pre core (quickly open the market to one content as a breakthrough, the formation of competitive differentiation, try to cover all the contents of the late), the decoration market, decoration company, decoration decoration decoration renderings, information, diaries, and value-added services to provide decoration.

3, core decoration services

decoration services, you can provide users with value-added services or value of services, which can be said to be your core competitiveness. Why do you choose the main industry, see what you can provide content and services for the owners, for example, you can provide free acceptance of new homes (many owners do not know the new acceptance, we offer a free service, let the decoration owners can choose our company 4), free housing (not only 3 home, we to provide better service than others); you can provide free services (the establishment of comprehensive supervision decoration company construction process, ensuring the construction quality), this is your competitive advantage.

4, accurate decoration quote

many owners are very concerned about the decoration: decoration prices, decoration in the end how much money? In order to dispel the concerns ahead of the owners, to provide accurate quotation services for the owners, to allow owners to be aware of, so we choose more confidence, so the question is: do you know Shanghai decoration in the end how much money to spend? Click below Shanghai decoration market, so that you understand the current Shanghai decoration prices and prices.

5, platform publicity strategy


public number is an indispensable platform for fans to maintain, good knowledge of the decoration and the content is still very popular (recommended to decorate case, full depth interpretation of the decoration process); micro-blog is also.