in recent years, since the media platform for the rapid development of SEO professionals, Sohu since the media is the most suitable for us, is our favorite platform, Sohu since the media has a natural included fast, high weight. But it’s not so easy to have a Sohu from a media account. Today I share: how to apply for the Sohu from the media will pass the method.

first, apply for Sohu media psychology section

before you apply for the Sohu account, it is recommended that you first thoroughly understand the Sohu, while asking yourself the following three questions:

1, am I familiar with or specialized in a particular field?

because you only know the professional, it is possible to write quality content, Sohu is not a trash can, do not think that the application passed, you can literally write.

2, do I have any writing skills,


if you have poor organizational skills, you can’t express your views clearly when an article is written. That still suggest you give up, Sohu article will have artificial audit, low quality articles will be deleted, or even titles.

3, do I have a heart that insists on writing?

application Sohu account is nothing more than the level of exercise writing, layout long tail, can not insist on writing, it is better not to apply.

second, through the blog to apply for Sohu, from the media

everyone says all from the media, from the media account for Sohu is the most difficult, is the Sohu staff in the review of auxiliary data, the authenticity of the information, professional assessment of the degree of strict, every one of those data don’t try.

so, if you want to apply for a Sohu from the media through the blog, then blogs must have the following two characteristics: first, the blog articles must be original, and quality assurance, do not reprint articles others. Second, the frequency of the article maintained at about two a day, adhere to a month. Of course, the longer it passes, the more likely it is to pass,

third, in the A5 venture network issued articles for Sohu from the media

We all know that

, A5 in the business network of the A5 is very difficult, all of the articles are manual review, strict requirements, a lot of people in the A5 hair article always pass the reason is that the content or view is not clear, a commonplace talk of an old scholar, and the content of no nutrition.

so when you send a certain number of articles on A5, you can apply for Sohu from the media, because A5 is an authoritative website for website construction and operation, and Sohu is also very recognized. In addition to writing, remember the name, otherwise the Sohu staff will not believe you easily, if an article to be used as auxiliary materials, can be written on the end of a word, in my account as an example: "(website optimization construction) application in Sohu public platform, especially.