in the market has been a long time did not hear positive news About Baidu, in addition to the acquisition of 91 wireless to a shock and cheer everyone outside, we see more as Ali and the two party Tencent in product layout, but bear for a long time Baidu has finally come to a Henzhao, that is on the map application implementation all free.


third mobile users for independent mobile video, Mobile Games growth, map application and navigation applications derived for all the life of great help, it can be said that the rise of the taxi application is in accordance with the meaning of map creation. Faced with such a new growth point, Baidu has missed N opportunities for development, it is obvious that no loss, the free of charge is designed to fight for such a new flow entrance.

In fact, the Baidu

is not the first to announce Henzhao in the map navigation free, while Baidu publicity will give users buy Baidu Maps application within 10 years to cash compensation, it is fatal, to know (High German map application market share of second) once their application will be sold for 100 yuan, Guangyuan real estate website long have bought, if the High German also engage in this, so for Gao De’s attack is fatal. So in Baidu fame when Gould often inaccessible and do nothing.

for everyone scrambling for map areas, I think it is not entirely for that attractive user growth base, this is only one aspect, but more importantly, maps derived from the life service platform. According to the map application, we can mark more service category, marking the location of the user, on the commercial behavior according to the relevant data, and commercial O2O acts must rely on map applications and other functions, even LBS is used to map, not the importance of what you said.

so, what’s the meaning of the map for Baidu?.

first, to curb the arrogance of the potential Ali, Ali’s representative is active in the capital market this year, the strategic layout of the product has reached a new level, from the aspects of social networking, data platform, such as multiple attack, and Gould as Ali in the field of map line, Baidu’s action is to prove to the capital market, Baidu is not only a profitable enterprise in bidding, the Internet is also a great ambition.

second, already mentioned the map application, according to the map application, marking more service category, and mark the location of the user, on the commercial behavior according to the relevant data, this is a microcosm of life service platform, a leading trend of future mobile is realized. Before a friend wrote the article said that high German is the main force to achieve the deployment, 020 fast landing platform overwhelmed by Ali Taobao raid, let Baidu in the local service areas of life will be directly against Ali, LBS in the field of battle will be more and more intensive. This is not a bad thing. It is time for Baidu to exercise its capabilities through competition, increased customer awareness and the corresponding development appeal.