from the 2009 survey China users has reached 300 million, of course, this is only a general figure, and the statistics or 09 years at the beginning of the year, the number of Internet users in the world is such a huge Chinese ranked first


whether it is as small as a few children, or to sixty old people are a lot of use and operation of the computer, the number of Internet users increased mainly in young people at this stage, the network gradually developed and popularized so you have to adapt to the network, if at this time you are not online, that you have been eliminated because of you, my friends, the middle ten is at least 9 worms, in the conversation is always related to network information, if you don’t go with the tide, in the conversation, you only have a blind stare at the circle of friends will slowly leave you, so that the network has promoted the advantages of interpersonal relationship.

the number of Internet users continued to bring very high economic benefit is high for many companies, as the saying goes "the network is so vast as the sea", you see the content and information as well as in the network world, knowledge and power as you learn.

for our webmaster, is also a very good news, the number of Internet users, our website exposure rate must be much higher, in the next few years will be a rapid momentum of network development, can not imagine in the past few years, the network will become what


webmaster to drive in the good period of time now, and don’t waste this golden opportunity, don’t wait until later when suddenly want to regret, because the network can never be eliminated, will only be accepted after all, time is the people of all ages to adapt to the computer, rather than a computer meet the person.

is a rookie webmaster or more, no technology, no SEO optimization, there is no good and innovative ideas, the rookie webmaster should not be in a passive state now, should be in the active state, the early bird catches the worm, the station is also such a truth, you must know more than others, than others. Pay more in life than others to observe some minor, things stay in mind, don’t put around the opportunity and creative slip quietly, to seize every opportunity.

This occupation

webmaster must have good patience and mental capacity, because the site is the site of the foundation in persevere, with technology and patience, good luck is not a key, you may visit the station every day can reach 100 thousand IP, the daily income is very objective, all of a sudden your website problems, access to the sharp decline in the amount of your income, and before the difference many, or even no income, these are often occurred in the process of doing stand, then you have to calm down, patience is what reason and analysis led to the failure, and not to give up finally unable to get up after a fall the entire site so psychological ability is a webmaster must have the quality and quality.

so, now the webmaster >