has been in touch with the Internet for several years, and has been familiar with a lot of Internet knowledge over the years. I started the official site from 2007, two years also established a number of stations! Is mainly the local station and the professional site! May some friends website has greatly exceeded the individual now, but the personal feeling.


needs to learn to concentrate on

Internet heavyweights Shi Yuzhu will focus on the most vivid play, he believes that enterprises only focus, focus, Refocus, can succeed. Shi Yuzhu has said on various occasions that such an idea, do as little as possible, and do less products as much as possible. This is also true for our individual owners also have great help.

is the focus we need to down-to-earth, be absorbed in doing the same thing, such as a website, not Tandaqiuquan, can not do everything, or doing or causing a grotesque, still empty. Attention also needs to get in, then do their best, but also appropriate to consider from external forces, such as propaganda, publicity and other events, these are not our focus, will only make us more.

, we chose stationmaster, this industry cannot be called "concentration", in fact you can also do part-time stationmaster. But we choose to focus on one item, such as Baidu, Li said: "Baidu’s success comes from" concentration ", focusing on search, focusing on technology, focusing on the Chinese market. So what are we going to focus on,

?Attention to

can be understood as we have to choose the position and orientation of our site, such as the third computer Forum (http://s.03pc.com), focus on computer technology training, maintenance of computer basic teaching! Can also be said as a novice computer learning exchange forum. To the current development direction of the network, for many individual webmaster, the site is small and fine, big and poor is normal. So we have to choose the direction we can do to locate and dig deeper into it. Sites that are homogeneous and not differentiated are unattractive.

webmaster should pay attention to adhere to

said, "persistence is victory in the end," this sentence is understandable, in the Internet predecessors have confirmed this sentence. Some people may not agree, after all, the plan in the network can never keep up with change, but what we need to do is to seize this opportunity before it changes.

, some sites on the Internet, most of the month without a trace of updates. Some of these stations are really good. At least we can find them and let us know of such a website. But the road is about to fail because the webmaster has given up. Simply speaking, you don’t want to stick to it. Giving up is the root of the failure.

, what are we going to stick to? As webmaster, we are only >