today, a friend asked me one thing, he said: in the Baidu Baidu snapshot date, why direct search site name and URL site shows different? For web site keywords ranking effect? Although there is a small problem, but I was a bit puzzled the mind, the reaction is usually what all ask? Indeed, this problem I have encountered before, but not too much. But I think a lot of friends have come to the same confusion. Here we go. Look at the picture:


[figure -1]


[figure -2]

at first, I didn’t know what was the reason. After carefully analyzing the SEO information of the website, I found a problem:

1, the site changed servers in August 7th;

2, most of the articles included in Baidu’s Web site can not be accessed;

3, there are a chain of friends included 1 pages, a snapshot of 8.2;

only three points, no other. It seems that the keyword ranking of the website has no drop, but has a rising trend.

summary, direct search name and site URL when the snapshot is not the same, and will not affect the site keywords ranking, but must pay attention together. There is, in general, when a web site appears this situation, he will have 1-2, two keywords, out of Baidu 11, Baidu began to investigate the site. If friends are aware of this problem, the first domain web site, if the first row, then the situation is not serious, as long as you can do regular update high quality original article, you tell her three words in my heart: ignore him!

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