enterprise website for the development of enterprises to bring a lot of help, so I believe that many of the enterprises owned enterprises website are very clear, it is because of this, so at present, many enterprises have begun to follow suit, the website construction started on their own business, but the construction sites in Tianjin – the small rate of science and technology found that many enterprise site just a whim, do a good job on the website after rarely pay attention to the website, do not know how to use the website to obtain profits, how to achieve their purpose by website. Actually, website construction is the first step of enterprise website, the most crucial job is how this website runs, how to live.

one, pay attention to website program

The preparation of

website construction cannot do without language, but in the process of language of the owners must pay attention to the safety of the language, it is decided whether a website can be one of the key factors of the construction project, and solve the security problem of the method is generally used in three ways, (1) encoding the dynamically generated pages of the character; (2) data filtering and limit all input; (3) encoding the input data, the most commonly used of these three methods, but also the most effective.

two, to ensure data security in the background

no matter what type of website must ensure their safety, if the site safety performance is poor, every two or three days was black, hanging horse words, then this kind of site sooner or later by the Internet eliminated, the safety of the site including the site background login address, login account and password, have the website backstage data released some to carry out regular data backup, or if security problems will cause irreparable damage to the site, too late to regret.

three, setting short-term goals

target will have power, and therefore as an excellent operation leader, do not give your employees say up, my site to flow to the user, we should first develop a website with short-term goals, can be three months or one month for example, set a short-term goal of three month or a month, then convene a meeting of various departments, the short-term goal of all the work are assigned to each department, when the specified time after the website is to achieve the desired results, if no analysis is the problem of strategy or staff problems.

four, with exquisite "Yan value" to attract customers

in general, users love beautiful things, and as a successful web site you must first have a good appearance, reasonable layout, only in this way can give users a pleasant feeling, this is like watching people, Yan high value virtually in each other heart left a good impression, website operation is the same reason, only the quality of web design to create the perfect personality website has played an important role, but the layout reasonable range is very wide, such as: clear navigation, high quality experience, exquisite design and so on.

Five, pay attention to the site optimization < >