In fact,

said, so many people may very depressed a word: for the Taobao search engine, almost any single brush for all can be found! Why have been arrested, some were arrested? Your own brain cause! Ha ha ha ha!

of course, here we do not speak for the known standard, Taobao, who is not a single brush, as long as it is more or less brushed, and monasteries will have a lot of so-called

skills and so on!

here, I mainly give you some, usually we did not pay attention to, but Taobao search engine can be judged on this basis, you are illegal trading standards,


of course, this standard can not be exactly ten, whether for the title of the party, or for good writing, say ten,


1. on the conversion rate of silence

I believe that almost all of the operators in a single brush, brush with hand, there will be such a requirement: want fake! But we think about it, in fact, every store orders will have a certain proportion of silent transformation orders, is also a part of the order is not need to consult the. Of course, this rate of silence varies according to the class’s purpose:

standardized products, public goods, relatively low value goods, repeated purchases of goods, the conversion rate of these things is relatively high. On the contrary, non target things, relatively high value of things, quiet conversion rate is relatively low!

but if you shop most orders (even all orders are some shops) by Wangwang Advisory (and consulting a relatively long time) transactions, this engine will search engine attention, in general, the search engine will put you first to monitor the abnormal data, when necessary will be judged you are in violation of the


2. questions about the stay time in the shop

the next question, the operators are very familiar with the brush: ask the brush hand to stay on the page for how long (5 – 15 minutes is not necessarily).

same, let’s think about our shopping habits: do you stay at any time when you buy any goods? There are at least two differences in this:

(1) has different population, and the page stay time is different,

male consumers when shopping will obviously than female consumers when shopping, the time duration of the page will be short, when we find the brush hand, generally not to judge the brush hand sex, then the problem will come out


(2) baby is different, page stay time will be different,

you buy a $10 T-shirt and buy a $200 t shirt. Your stay on the page must be different. The higher the value, the better your stay will be