long time no business trip, Xi’an trip down, physical and mental exhaustion, may be due to lack of sleep these days. 48 hours of sleep less than 7 hours, now began to write the article whenever there is a feeling of excitement, do not feel tired, but not in vain efforts, articles written by almost all submissions are successful, afternoon narrowed a little, open the computer on the QQ news.

the news from one of my friends attracted my attention.

Reader: "Hello! My brother Peng, come up with the least money to buy the most useful book, do you think Lu Songsong’s a good point, or Feng Dongyang’s grassroots media operation station, can give suggestions?"

, very few people call me "Peng Ge"". Generally called Wei brother, super brother, and the like, in fact, how to call me, for me really does not matter. The important thing is that they trust me, each friend asked me a question and I will try to help them solve, if not at least can discuss ideas, provide some suggestions, suggest a solution, because I put them on everyone as a friend to treat, so they will choose to follow me. Time will be my reader.

I said: "Lu Songsong’s book marketing case is more, Dongyang books from the media operation foundation relatively whole, these two books I have read, see you want to develop what aspects?" choose which book is more suitable for yourself."

Reader: "I feel that the media and network marketing is very close, and I can not distinguish myself from what areas I want to develop, hey, call you Peng brother?"

I said, "anything is OK. Ha, I suggest we both have a look. Both books are not much.". Then write more, look at the time to think, good, according to their own point of view to write out, inadequate to write out, mainly to write bold, "


Reader: also want to ask you how you can do an original every day, how to do it?

I said, "read more books, look at other people’s articles, and then translate other people’s knowledge into their own.". It’s that simple."

Reader: doesn’t that involve copyright issues,


said: "I tell the truth ah, like every day I submitted articles are read and see the online publication, and then through their own summary to write out the important points, and contributions are successful, the reference is not plagiarism, it also relates to the copyright issue? I think these are not important the important to bring value to others, others learn by reading your articles, or what is the purpose of reading? What is the purpose of reading? Is not the knowledge of others into their own? You don’t know before one plus one equals two, the teacher teach you. Do you feel like this is taken from the teacher? "

Reader: Yes, there is one more question. Are you a professional or self – media or amateur?