use soft text to promote the website method, I believe that many webmaster friends already is 100 try bad, so, we also accumulated a lot of experience in writing soft text. But, for the novice, in the end how to write soft Wen? A high quality soft Wen exactly how to write out, I believe that many have just become webmaster friends, must be very want to know. Although my experience is not enough, but still want to use Admin5 this excellent platform, put forward suggestions, and hope the webmaster friends to learn from each other;

no doubt, many webmaster friends like to use soft writing method to promote the website. Therefore, in the major webmaster nets above, you can see a lot of teaching you write soft method, and even some teach you how to write pseudo soft method. Here, I would like to remind you just when the head of a friend, don’t write soft pseudo best, because it will make people have a bad impression on you, at the same time, more seriously, will have on your website promotion greatly reduced, I believe this is the webmaster friends do not want to see. So, if you want to write text or other method of writing the so-called pseudo soft see here, then I suggest you see here, you can put off the page, there is no need to waste your time, Kanla! This is my sin!

for just when the webmaster friend, if you want to learn to write soft Wen, and want to write high quality soft Wen, I put forward the following reference opinions, inappropriate place, please correct me:

is the first, click on a lot of reference with higher rates of soft matter; familiar with the three hundred Tang poems, not poetry will sing! These soft so popular, because they have a reason, please don’t doubt this; to careful analysis, I believe that you will surely harvest


second, although we write soft text is to promote the website, but please remember, an advertising is soft, is not someone to see. So, you should be able to put forward some practical website construction, website promotion and so on, can let other webmaster friends benefit content, this I believe is more important. Every click on your soft Wen friends, I hope you can provide them with valuable things.

third, the soft content not only practical, but also provided methods content is still feasible; many people write soft real friend is IP flow to tens of thousands of writing in the article, although such soft Wen can attract many people’s attention, but there is no way for a long time. So, I personally advocate pragmatic, really good soft Wen is not decorated with a pompous language! If your soft Wen mentioned in some methods, not only practical, but also especially feasible, so please rest assured, this wenyiding is high quality hit rate is very high.

fourth, good soft Wen, in your true; if you can write your own real experience, I think the quality of such soft text must be particularly high. Because many other webmaster friends can