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Company landlords surge to take a fifth of the market

first_imgHome » News » Agencies & People » Company landlords surge to take a fifth of the market previous nextMarketingCompany landlords surge to take a fifth of the marketReduced tax allowances for higher rate tax payers force those at the top and bottom of the market to set up companies.Nigel Lewis19th April 201701,065 Views The number of company landlords has increased by 6% over the past three months to a record 20% of the market, it has been revealed by Countrywide.The figure is the highest proportion recorded by the company since it began collecting data seven years ago.The punishing reductions in tax allowances that began being phased in earlier this month, as well as the recent extra Stamp Duty for buy-to-let properties are leading many landlords to bring their properties into a limited company structure.“Companies are generally taxed more favourably, particularly with recent changes by government to tax relief, so in many cases landlords can make cash savings by operating through a company rather than as an individual,” says Johnny Morris, Research Director at Countrywide (pictured, left).The trend is clearest in London where Countrywide says 27% of rental properties are owned by a company landlord, he says.Top and bottomThe figures also reveal that the increase in company landlords is most evident at the top of the market, and at the bottom. This would suggest that large-portfolio landlords who own multiple properties in the poorer parts of the UK, and the those who own prime rental properties, are behind the trend.A quarter of all company landlord-owned properties let for less than £500 pcm while 9% of those at the top of the market are company-owned, compared to 6% among non-company owned properties.The other reason for the shift, not mentioned by Countrywide, is that by setting up a company to own or buy a buy-to-let, landlords are able to access much more favourable mortgage deals including lower rates, and lower rental calculation notional rates.Johnny Morris company landlords Countrywide April 19, 2017Nigel LewisWhat’s your opinion? Cancel replyYou must be logged in to post a comment.Please note: This is a site for professional discussion. Comments will carry your full name and company.This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.Related articles BREAKING: Evictions paperwork must now include ‘breathing space’ scheme details30th April 2021 City dwellers most satisfied with where they live30th April 2021 Hong Kong remains most expensive city to rent with London in 4th place30th April 2021last_img read more

ACME Buys Super Fresh: Can O.C. Sustain 2 ACMEs?

first_imgThe Super Fresh grocery store at Eighth Street and West Avenue in Ocean City, N.J., will remain open and operate as usual during bankruptcy proceedings. ACME purchased the store in a deal expected to be fully approved in the fall. ACME Markets announced Monday that it will purchase the Super Fresh supermarket at Eighth Street and West Avenue in Ocean City, NJ, and 75 other grocery stores in the Mid-Atlantic region owned by A&P.A&P filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on July 19.ACME already owns and operates a supermarket at 34th Street and Simpson Avenue in Ocean City.The purchase must be approved by bankruptcy court and would not be final until the fall, and managers at both Ocean City stores said they did not know yet how the acquisition would affect local operations.A manager at Super Fresh, who said he could not comment further, said only that the store will remain open in the short term. Super Fresh employs about 150 people, and employees know little more than what was announced at the corporate level.“The vast majority of our stores are operating normally and will be fully stocked during this process,” A&P announced in a news release about the bankruptcy. “While some stores will close in the near-term, the vast majority will continue providing customers with the same high-quality products and exceptional customer service. We will also continue to honor all existing customer promotional and loyalty programs. Serving our customers has been and will continue to be our No. 1 priority.”A manager at the 34th Street ACME said, “We’re not allowed to speak about it at the store level,” and referred questions to the corporate media relations department, which has not yet returned calls about whether the company would operate two ACMEs in Ocean City.Rumors about the closing of one or the other of Ocean City’s supermarkets are annual events. The stores are situated about 2.75 miles apart, near the two gateways onto the island, which is home to as many as 150,000 people on peak summer weekends but only 11,701 year-round residents, according to the most recent U.S. Census.Some speculate that the 34th Street ACME location could be sold to become a “Super Wawa.” Since first offering it 16 years ago, Wawa now has more than 400 locations that sell fuel.Ocean City Regional Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Michele Gillian said Wednesday that representatives of ACME have told the Chamber they tentatively plan to keep both stores open and to honor all Super Fresh contracts, even after the potential deal is finalized in the fallThe Ocean City stores compete with ShopRite locations nearby on the mainland in Marmora and Somers Point.The official release on Monday said ACME entered into an agreement to acquire 76 A&P stores in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania under the A&P, Superfresh and Pathmark banners.The offer is subject to customary legal and bankruptcy court approvals, following A&P’s Chapter 11 filing on July 19, 2015, including the potential for higher bids to be submitted and anti-trust approval. A&P has asked the court for an order requiring other bidders to submit their bids by September 11, 2015, with an expectation that court approval for the sale of the stores would be received by October 15, 2015, according to a news release from ACME.ACME Markets operates 107 stores across Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey. ACME was acquired by Albertsons Companies in 2013. ACME Markets began in 1891 when two friends, Samuel Robinson and Robert Crawford, opened a small neighborhood grocery store in South Philadelphia, emphasizing quality products, low prices, and friendly service, according to the news release.For a list of A&P, Superfresh and Pathmark stores purchased by ACME, please click here.last_img read more

Spring Brings Yellow Clouds of Misery

first_img“The pollen count today is in the ‘miserable’ range,” said the host of amorning TV program.Miserable, indeed.Big, yellow clouds of pollen misery coat cars, irritate eyes and aggravate allergies.”We have an explosion of pollen in spring. Then everything will settle backdown,” said Pam Griggs of the Atlanta Allergy Clinic, one of two certified pollencounters in Georgia.”Because we had such a late spring, everything bloomed at once,” Griggs said.”Most trees and grasses are coming out now.”To measure the pollen in the air, the clinic uses a special sampler that raises asilicone-greased rod into the air. After 24 hours the rod is removed and examined under amicroscope to get the pollen count.Atlanta, and most of Georgia, blew through the top of the pollen-count charts on April16. More than 3,400 particles per cubic meter of air were reported in north Georgia.During the first week of April the highest count was 332. And that could cause severeproblems. In the spring, Griggs said, pollen counts of zero to 30 are considered low.Counts of 30-60 are moderate, 60-120 high and anything over 120 extremely high.”We are blessed with trees in Georgia, and pollen is just a part of theirreproduction,” said Carroll County Extension Director Don Morris.”Pollenparticles are the male spores of flowers. Trees depend on wind to distribute the pollenduring flowering.”This simple act of nature causes itchy, watery eyes, sore throats and some respiratoryirritation in allergy sufferers.”Pine pollen, the yellow pollen you see, shows up more but isn’t as much a problemfor allergy sufferers as others like oak pollen,” Morris said.Can you escape the pollen invasion?”This is certainly no time to air out your house,” said Dale Dorman, anExtension housing specialist. “Keep your house closed and turn on the air conditionerfor ventilation.”But just keeping the doors and windows closed may not be enough.”There’s really no effective way to keep pollen out of a house,” Dorman said.”You just have to take steps to reduce it.” Even humidity affects the amount of pollen finding its way inside.”When the relative humidity is low, the dry conditions make pollen float around inthe air,” Dorman said. “Turning on a humidifier will help make thoseparticulates fall out of the air and give you cleaner air inside your home.”Air filters on heating and cooling systems also can help filter out pollen. “It’s just something that we’re going to have to put up with until the first ofJune,” Dorman said.last_img read more

Aronovitz is ready to lead the Bar

first_imgAronovitz is ready to lead the Bar Associate Editor The Florida Bar’s new President Tod Aronovitz seized the golden opportunity of his swearing-in ceremony to deliver his spirited Dignity in Law message to a roomful of the state’s best and brightest lawyers and judges. ( Click here to view the inaugural speech of the 54th president of The Florida Bar, Tod Aronovitz and learn about the Bar’s Dignity in Law program.)“I have one message to deliver today. Our profession will tell the whole story to all Floridians!” Aronovitz, a 52-year-old trial lawyer from Miami, proudly proclaimed at the General Assembly June 21 in Boca Raton.The upbeat ceremony, filled with awards, standing ovations, and Gator jokes from the chief justice, was also the swearing-in of Bar President-elect Miles McGrane III, Young Lawyers Division President Juliet Roulhac, and YLD President-elect Mark Romance.It was also the occasion of the State of The Florida Bar farewell address from outgoing President Terry Russell, who concluded, “It’s time now for me to step away from the helm of the great institution we know as The Florida Bar. It’s been a wonderful voyage, the most rewarding of my professional life. President Aronovitz, I am pleased to report to you and to our membership that we are steady on course, the seas are calm, and the winds follow. The ship is yours.”Aronovitz took the helm by holding a copy of the June 1 Bar News where front-page stories were hidden behind a jagged black blob.“We challenged our members to see what it’s like to get only part of the story. It was frustrating, wasn’t it? Well, most Floridians are not getting the whole story about the work we do, and their frustration has translated into a lack of confidence in our profession,” Aronovitz said.A giant screen delivered the visuals that included film clips of client testimonials about honorable lawyers helping them in their time of need, as Aronovitz continued in a strong voice, confident from years of successful closing arguments at trials.“We must draw a line in the sand and tell everyone of the impact that lawyers and judges make every single day for their clients in their courtrooms and in our communities. Why? Not to make us feel good. Not to boost our egos. I believe that cynicism is insidious. Lack of trust of our judges and our legal system cannot be tolerated! Misperceptions about the legal profession are turning people in need away from the law, and that’s a dangerous trend. And, while trashing lawyers may be good politics, it’s bad policy,” Aronovitz said.“The current negative climate is not conducive to the work our dedicated legislators do as they make decisions about budgets and staffing for the courts, judges, public defenders, and legal aid.”Aronovitz acknowledged he’s heard from some colleagues that his goal cannot be accomplished, that lawyer-bashing is just a part of life to shrug off.With a broad smile, Aronovitz countered: “I say it can be done, it must be done, and the time to start is now!”But before he left the dais to hug and kiss a throng of well-wishers, family and friends — including mother, Elinore, and sons Cary, Michael and Abel along with Abel’s new bride, Amy — Aronovitz said he couldn’t leave without telling the whole story about himself, his family, and the honor he feels to be chosen to serve the lawyers of Florida as Bar president.“I wouldn’t be standing here today if it was not for two people,” Aronovitz said, referring to his late father, Sidney Aronovitz, judge of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, and his wife, Leslee, who died of colon cancer two years ago.“My father was a high school and college nationally ranked debater. Public speaking was important in our house,” Aronovitz said. “As a boy, I had a terrible stutter. My father helped me learn to speak by putting hard candies under my tongue and having me read out loud, slowly, articles from the Miami Herald. In our house, you learned that you do a job and you do it right!“Today would mean a great deal to my dad. You see, he told my sisters and me that contributing to society is important and that not everyone is gifted in a manner to be able to do so. Not everyone can, and that those who have the talents should use them wisely,” Aronovitz said.Describing Leslee as “the love of my life, my inspiration, and my cheerleader,” Aronovitz said she encouraged him to run for the Board of Governors and ultimately to become Bar president.“Her fight to live, against all odds, set an example that my family and I will always remember. She is the wind beneath my wings.”Aronovitz was introduced by his friend from college days, former Bar President Edward Blumberg, who said, “Being the president of The Florida Bar is no easy task. It’s tough stuff. It requires a lot of very special qualities in order to be a successful president. Tod’s got all the right qualities.”Those qualities, Blumberg detailed, are Aronovitz’s talents as “a born leader who comes from a family of leaders,” as a great lawyer who is not driven by money but wanting to help others and help the system, and as a “a true blue loyal and trusted friend.”“As part of the adversary system, people tend sometimes not to understand what we do, and how we have to represent our clients zealously, and sometimes people don’t appreciate us,” Blumberg said. “It is important that our leader be someone we can count on and be a true friend to us.”A round of Gator jokes came into play when outgoing Chief Justice Charles Wells, a zealous University of Florida Gator fan, swore in President-elect McGrane, who went to law school with former Bar President Herman Russomanno at Cumberland in Birmingham, Alabama.“As Miles points out, he didn’t go to the University of Florida, so I’ve got to make these real small sentences,” Justice Wells joshed, before launching into the oath of office.Florida State University Seminole fan Russell retorted: “Your honor, I thought we sort of had an implied truce on these Gator jokes. I have one thing to say: ‘We’ve still got Bobby Bowden!’”Later, Blumberg said he first met Aronovitz at the University of Georgia, and told the chief justice: “Your honor, we call that the Harvard of the South, so you can give the oath as fast as you want.”Just before swearing in the newest president of the Bar, Chief Justice Wells joked: “This is a strong and lasting institution, The Florida Bar, but we are testing its foundation by passing the gavel from a Seminole to a Bulldog.”On a serious note, as Russell gave his farewell address, he said, “I was told to expect the unexpected, but even that admonition could not prepare me for the tragic events of September 11, 2001, and the challenges that day would present to American democracy and the rule of law.”Russell said he was shocked by a recent unscientific CNN Internet poll that said 79 percent of those responding approved of the indefinite incarceration, without formal charges, of an American citizen by the U.S. government.“At what expense do we fight terrorism?” Russell asked. “I firmly maintain that nothing happened on September 11, 2001, or since, that our constitution, our bill of rights, and our justice system cannot handle.”The most significant accomplishment of his term as president, Russell said, was “passing the first proactive public service legislation in the history of The Florida Bar.”It was Russell’s 20-year dream come true when the Florida Access to Civil Legal Assistance Act was signed into law May 30 and will provide $2 million for seven pilot projects for legal services for the poor.In the end, the bill passed by a combined House and Senate vote of 154-1, Russell said, “because of the purity of its purpose and the power of its message” to provide equal access to justice.“I believed then, and I believe even more strongly now, that we are judged as a profession by what we do and not by what we say,” Russell said.“For instance, those who would tell us that the public’s confidence in our legal system has not been undermined, and the image of our profession not tarnished, by garish lawyer advertising on billboards, on television, and radio on and the back of the phone book, with the perception of greed inherent therein, are kidding themselves. The public is not naive.”As Board of Governors member Don Horn noted in an eloquent invocation, “Terry Russell’s legacy will be that he did for those who cannot do for themselves.”Russomanno introduced his longtime friend and college buddy McGrane as a “born leader,” active with him in student government, when Russomanno served as student body president of the Cumberland School of Law.“More importantly, he possessed the passion for justice, the passion to help people, the passion to do good,” Russomanno said. “In those early days, we were touched by a special person, the former president of The Florida Bar and ABA president who came to our school. He talked about the attributes of public service as a lawyer. He talked about how no person could subvert the constitution or be above the law. He spoke to Miles and I and all of our people about the attributes that a lawyer should have: courage, conviction, and compassion. That person was Chesterfield Smith, who has played such a role in Miles’ life and in my life.”The audience paused to applaud Smith, who waved from the special seating stage of former Bar presidents.“And when you talk about these ‘three Cs,’ they have stayed with Miles throughout his professional career when he returned to Miami,” Russomanno said. Recently, McGrane “set the record for the largest compensatory award in the history of the United States against the tobacco industry,” Russomanno said, noting that he has served in leadership roles with the Legal Services of Greater Miami, and gave “a generous six-figure gift” to that group.“As the torch passes from President Terry to President Tod and then to President Miles, they join those great presidents of The Florida Bar, which I refer to as the champions of justice — people who have cared about trial lawyers and the profession. He, too, will lift the spirit of the profession and The Florida Bar.” YLD President Roulhac received a glowing introduction by her lawyer husband Derick Roulhac Ali, who promised “You are going to love this utterly amazing and energetic woman!“I immediately recognized Juliet’s extraordinary demeanor, her culture, and character before I actually laid eyes on her. One evening in September 1988, while attending a bar function in Ft. Lauderdale, I heard a voice in the room. And it was the softest and most perfect voice ever. The diction, the articulation, and pitch were perfect to my ears. It excited me and filled me with anticipation,” Ali continued, as laughter rippled through the Grand Ballroom of the Boca Raton Resort and Club.“This voice I heard motivated me to put on my best behavior, and then I turned to receive the most striking and pristine woman in all of my life experience. It was Juliet. At that moment, she captured my heart, and without speaking a word to her, I decided I would marry this woman.”As Roulhac came to the podium, she said with a grin, “After that speech, I wanted to greet him as Al Gore greeted Tipper at the National Convention.”Roulhac said her goals for the year are “very simple and focused: to communicate the many compelling stories of Florida’s Young Lawyers Division projects. Young lawyers unselfishly donate their time to endless community projects which help children, the elderly, and the poor,” Roulhac said.A communications committee will write articles about community-service projects and distribute them to the media.“We need to get out and share what we are doing. . . . This goal of mine melds so well with our soon-to-be President Tod Aronovitz’s Dignity in Law program, to inform our community about the good that we do, so the public gets a more balanced view of our profession,” Roulhac said.A second goal, she said, is to educate the Bar about cutting-edge practice trends, such as ancillary businesses.“While we recognize that these trends may increase opportunities for both lawyers and the public that we serve, we remain ever-vigilant to monitor and assure compliance with our precious rules of ethics,” she said.A third goal is to launch innovative programming in what she called “our flagship, ABA-award-winning Practicing with Professionalism seminar.. . . We will be assuring greater diversity in our presenters. Our board is so committed to diversity.”Turning to flash a smile to Aronovitz, Roulhac said: “I cannot help but be exited about this year. Tod, you have such infectious enthusiasm and high level of optimism about your Dignity in Law program. You can count on our division to walk with you every step of the way. The destination: respect.” Aronovitz is ready to lead the Barcenter_img July 15, 2002 Jan Pudlow Associate Editor Regular Newslast_img read more

Transforming the mobile banking experience with compelling, user-friendly design

first_imgConsumers expect an engaging, user-friendly experience on their mobile devices, whether shopping online, arranging travel or managing their finances. To meet the needs of today’s savvy consumers, Fiserv is focused on designing a transformative mobile banking experience – one that ensures a strong and clear focus on user needs.Two-thirds of U.S. households own smartphones, and more and more of these consumers – 35 million and counting – use mobile devices to access financial services, according to the 13th Annual Fiserv Consumer Trends Survey. Mobile devices have become indispensable to the point where a growing number of consumers only use smartphones to go online, forgoing laptop and desktop computers – even tablets. More than other consumers, mobile-only users – or “mobivores” – are looking for a compelling user experience through their mobile devices, including mobile banking.To accommodate the surge in mobile banking and provide the best, most compelling experience for all users, financial institutions must rethink the way they deliver mobile banking. The Fiserv design process is based on four key design principles and consumer preferences. continue reading » 5SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Croatia is the first in Europe to have the opportunity to use new Uber services: Uber Comfort and Uber XL

first_imgUber presented two additional services in Zagreb today – Comfort and XL, which will enable users to choose vehicles of a higher class or vehicles with more space. Uber Comfort is intended for users who need the service of transport in higher class vehicles with drivers who have a minimum of 250 completed journeys and an average rating above 4,9. In addition, users who opt for Uber Comfort will be given the option of declaring preferences about talking to the driver or the temperature in the vehicle. The option will be available to them after they have chosen the Comfort service and set a destination, before the final confirmation of the ride. The minimum amount of driving with the Comfort service is HRK 17, the start fee is HRK 8, the price per minute is HRK 0,80, while the mileage fee is HRK 4,60.  By the way, Croatia had the honor of hosting the world premiere of the UberBOAT service, and obviously we are still attractive enough as a destination for the premieres of new UBER services, which certainly contributes to a better image of Croatia. “We are still fully committed to doing business in Croatia. We take our customer feedback seriously and provide them with new options to make their experience better, such as vehicle type options or talking to the driver. By expanding the existing offer in Zagreb, we will meet the specific needs of airline users who often have excess luggage, users who want higher class vehicles, but also those who want to drive without talking, ” said Davor Tremac, Uber’s general manager for Southeast Europe.  The second Uber XL service is intended for users who travel in groups and need up to 6 seats. In this way, users are allowed to simply choose Uber XL instead of ordering two X services, which is ultimately more cost-effective for them. With the Uber XL, the minimum driving amount is HRK 20, the start fee is HRK 10, the price per minute is HRK 1,10, and per kilometer is HRK 6.center_img / / / MORE THAN 190 THOUSAND FOREIGN TOURISTS USED UBER DURING THE SUMMER SEASON ON THE CROATIAN COAST As part of the Comfort service, users in Zagreb will have the option of user preferences for the first time in Europe, which means that passengers will be able to tell the driver in advance whether they want to drive without talking and whether they prefer higher or lower temperatures inside the vehicle. / / / UBER AS THE AMBASSADOR OF CROATIAN TOURISMlast_img read more

PensionsEurope: EIOPA risk-management plan ‘unnecessary, costly’

first_imgThe common risk-management framework recommended by the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) would be unnecessary and costly for occupational pension funds, according to PensionEurope, the European pensions association. It welcomed the authority’s decision not to pursue solvency requirements for Institutions for Occupational Retirement Provision (IORPs) but said it had “strong concerns” about EIOPA’s proposal for IORPs to be required to carry out a standardised risk assessment to calculate the impact of stresses on a common framework balance sheet.Janwillem Bouma, chair of PensionsEurope, said: “Risk management is essential for IORPs, and they regularly carry out their own stress tests and scenario analyses, such as asset and liability-management studies, as part of their own risk-management processes. “EIOPA proposes an additional framework, which we find unnecessary and costly.” PensionsEurope’s response is in line with other reactions to EIOPA’s proposal, which have been critical of the risk-assessment framework while approving the authority’s stance on solvency rules. Matti Leppälä, chief executive at PensionsEurope, said EIOPA’s decision not to pursue a harmonised solvency framework for IORPs was positive.He reiterated his organisation’s opposition to additional capital requirements, which it sees as detrimental for pension provision. “We also welcome that EIOPA has taken into consideration the diversity of IORP landscape across Europe,” he said. “Requirements have to be proportional, and small and medium-sized IORPs should not be overly burdened with any new risk-management requirements.”PensionsEurope will provide a more in-depth response in a few weeks’ time on further analysis of EIOPA’s proposal.last_img read more

Bulk sale: Whole 10th floor at Cairns Harbour Lights for sale

first_imgThe whole 10th floor at the south Harbour Lights tower is for sale with six, one and two bedroom apartments listed with Cairns Property Office.LIVING like every day is a holiday will soon be possible as a suite of apartments in one of Cairns’ premier complexes enters the market. The whole 10th floor at the glamorous 12-floor Harbour Lights south tower is up for grabs and there is nothing stopping one buyer from owning it all. Six apartments, which were formerly managed by hospitality company Accor for holiday letting are now for sale, including five one-bedroom apartments and one dual-key two-bedroom apartment. Room 1003 on 10th floor at the south Harbour Lights tower. The entire floor is for sale with six, one and two bedroom apartments listed with Cairns Property Office. MORE NEWS Couple learn history while renovating Queenslander Offers flood in for Australia’s most popular housecenter_img Among the six units listed, there are recently renovated properties on offer and they range between $399,000 and $599,000.The 10th floor is listed with Cairns Property Office agent Renee Straguszi-Smith who said the south tower had never been marketed for residential living before. “People have always thought it wasn’t achievable to live at Harbour Lights,” she said. “Now we have the opportunity to live at the prestigious waterfront address without breaking the bank.” At the top-end of the price bracket is the dual-key, fully furnished property listed for $599,000. However, Ms Straguszi-Smith said the “jewel in the crown” was room 1003, which had been refurbished to present the opportunities a Harbour Lights apartment offered and was listed for $425,000. Room 1003 at the Cairns Harbour Lights south tower has been refurbished to show buyers the opportunities on offer with an apartment in the complex.“It’s a 75sq m one-bedroom apartment that has been stunningly refurbished with a coastal chic vibe by Koru Homewares,” she said. “So we’re trying to strike that perfect balance between cosiness and sophistication. “You want to walk through the door and instantly feel like you’re on holidays, but you’re living there. “All the other units have been fitted out by Indesign International with custom-made carpet and furnishings that reflect the reef and other natural elements of the region.More from newsCairns home ticks popular internet search terms2 days agoTen auction results from ‘active’ weekend in Cairns2 days ago“They feature full length balconies, water views, loads of natural light and year-round sea breezes.” The whole 10th floor at the south Harbour Lights tower is for sale with six, one and two bedroom apartments listed with Cairns Property Office.She said there was no reason one buyer couldn’t snap up the whole floor, and the apartments would likely appeal to a wide range of buyers. “We’ve had a lot of people inquire about Harbour Lights in the past.“We’re really appealing to buyers from all walks of life, so people from the Tablelands looking for that convenient city retreat, fly-in fly-out workers or people who work in the mines, retirees or people looking to downsize.“It will be popular for people living in Melbourne and Sydney seeking that winter holiday home.“They are very well-priced, easy to maintain and perfectly located in our vibrant marina restaurant precinct which includes award-winning eateries. “The units make great investments, too. There are plenty of property management options from the onsite hotel operator Accor, to holiday letting or long-term renting.” There are open home sessions on Saturday and Sunday from 2-2.45pm.last_img read more

Ramsey back on board

first_img He is now set to be in the squad for Sunday’s crunch Barclays Premier League trip to top-four rivals Everton. The availability of the combative midfielder will come as a welcome boost for Wenger ahead of Arsenal’s FA Cup semi-final at Wembley on April 7, which comes to soon for either playmaker Mesut Ozil or Jack Wilshere. “Aaron has been out for a long time and has just joined in [training] yesterday, but he will be available,” Wenger confirmed at Friday’s press conference. “He is an all-round midfielder who can score goals and drives the team forward always, a real box-to-box player, so it is good to have him back. “That is an area where we are short because we have many midfielders out – we have Wilshere out, Ozil out in this area, so of course it is good to have him back.” Wenger added: “He has worked very hard for a while in training now. What he lacks is competition. “It is a bit like that (signing a new player), yes. Of course he is somebody coming back, he can help the team be very successful. It can be like that, yes.” Arsenal will again be without centre-back Laurent Koscielny (calf) and also midfielder Serge Gnabry (knee), while defender Kieran Gibbs (ankle) is a doubt. The Wales international has not featured since suffering a thigh strain at West Ham on Boxing Day, robbing Wenger of one of his key performers with the 23-year-old having scored an impressive 13 goals in the opening part of the season. Ramsey was expected to initially only be out for around six weeks, but suffered a couple of setbacks to his recovery. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is confident midfielder Aaron Ramsey can make a big impact on his long-awaited return from injury. The Gunners head to Goodison Park seven points off leaders Liverpool following last weekend’s morale-boosting 1-1 draw against Manchester City, but also only four points ahead of fifth-placed Everton, who hold a match in hand. Wenger said: “For us it is an opportunity to go up forward and as well an opportunity to make a distance with Everton of course. It is both. “The target is to finish as high as possible. Where that will be at the moment I must say, behind us will depend only on our results. “In front of us will depend on our results and the results on the other teams, so that’s impossible to predict.” Wenger added: “There are still a lot of twists and turns in the Premier League until the end of the season and there is no clear favourite. “Liverpool has an advantage as they don’t play any competition other than the Premier League for a long, long time so they have only one target and they can of course be stable in their preparation. That is a little advantage, but it is very tight.” Asked whether Arsenal were now a “little horse” in the title race, Wenger said: “Everybody has the right to see our size as big or as small as he wants. “For us, on our side, no matter how big the chance is we have absolutely to give everything to fight for it.” Press Associationlast_img read more

Local woman shoots husband during fight over taxes

first_imgA Lake Worth woman has been arrested after she admitted to authorities that she shot her husband during a fight about their taxes.The incident occurred Monday at her home on Hunting Trail in unincorporated Lake Worth.According to the report, the husband came to the home to finalize their tax paperwork when he and his wife, 55-year-old Lisa Shannon, got into an argument. Shannon told authorities that she asked her husband to leave the home, but he refused to do so. That’s when she “snapped” and shot him several times before calling the police.When authorities arrive, the husband told the first responding officer “she shot me, we going through a divorce and she shot me.”The husband has been taken to the hospital where he remains in critical condition.Shannon was taken into police custody and faces charges of attempted first degree murder with a firearm.last_img read more

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