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Greggs sees meal deal sales rocket

first_imgGreggs has announced a slim like-for-like sales increase despite seeing meal deal sales up 167% for the 26 weeks to 3 July.The high-street bakery chain announced its total sales increased 2.9% to £321m, with like-for-like sales up 0.7%. However, cost savings and increased efficiency at the firm has seen pre-tax profit rise 12.3% to £18.6m from £16.5m for the same period in 2009.Chief executive Ken McMeikan said the firm expects pressure on trading environment to increase in the second half of the year, but that Greggs remains focused on managing costs tightly.“We now expect an increase in ingredient cost inflation in the second half of the year, following the recent rise in wheat prices,” he added.A focus on promotional activity in the first six months of the year resulted in sales of more than two million meal deals, an increase of 167% on last year.The chain has continued with its expansion plans opening 18 net new shops in the half year, as part of its bid to open 50-60 net new shops this year. It is also looking to continue the roll-out of its new concept stores across the UK.McMeikan said the firm was also about to embark on the first phase of its supply chain investment programme, with its new bakery in Newcastle upon Tyne to replace its existing Gosforth bakery.For the full story see the next issue of British Baker out 13 August.>>Greggs homes in on southern bakery site>>Greggs plans to maximise quiet trading periodslast_img read more

Disc Jam Reveals Artists At Large, New Super Jam, And Packed Daily Schedules

first_imgDisc Jam Music Festival is coming in hot with some major announcements! Scheduled for June 9-12 in Stephentown, NY, the exciting festival boasts performances from Dopapod (including the Dopapod Orchestra), Electron, TAUK, Pink Talking Fish, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, Nth Power and so many more. Today, they’ve made some major announcements, including an exciting new super jam, some excellent artists at large, and all the daily schedules for your viewing pleasure.To start, we have the super jam. Dubbed the Cappadona Live Band, the set will feature music from Michelangelo Carubba (Turkuaz), Craig Brodhead (Turkuaz), Turkuaz Horns, Reed The Kid Sutherland (Mammal Dap), Colin Jalbert (Mammal Dap) and Honeycomb. Check out the lineup graphic below:The festival is also welcoming a number of artists at large throughout the weekend, including Ryan Dempsey (Twiddle), Ed Mann (Frank Zappa), Lowell Wurster (Lucis), Craig Brodhead (Turkuaz), Michelangelo Carubba (Turkuaz), Josh Schwartz (Turkuaz), Greg Snaderson (Turkuaz), Chris Brouwers (Turkuaz) and Shira Elias (Turkuaz). Except some major sit-ins throughout the weekend!Want to plan your festivities? Check out the four daily schedules below, and don’t miss out on any of the great acts from the Live for Live Music Stage! Tickets and more information for the festival are available here.last_img read more

Frank Zappa’s Famed ’73 Roxy Run To Be Released Via A Giant 7-Disc Box Set

first_imgThe Roxy Performances TracklistDISC 112-9-73 Show 11. Sunday Show 1 Start 4:592. Cosmik Debris 11:333. “We’re Makin’ A Movie” 3:164. Pygmy Twylyte 9:085. The Idiot Bastard Son 2:196. Cheepnis 3:447. Hollywood Perverts 1:078. Penguin In Bondage 5:549. T’Mershi Duween 1:5610. The Dog Breath Variations 1:4411. Uncle Meat 2:2912. RDNZL 5:1413. Montana 7:4914. Dupree’s Paradise 15:25TT: 76:43DISC 21. Dickie’s Such An Asshole 10:2912-9-73 Show 22. Sunday Show 2 Start 4:083. Inca Roads 8:274. Village Of The Sun 4:195. Echidna’s Arf (Of You) 4:016. Don’t You Ever Wash That Thing? 13:227. Slime Intro :598. I’m The Slime 3:349. Big Swifty 9:01TT: 58:25DISC 31. Tango #1 Intro 3:502. Be-Bop Tango (Of The Old Jazzmen’s Church) 18:123. Medley:King KongChunga’s RevengeSon Of Mr. Green Genes 9:4612-10-73 Show 14. Monday Show 1 Start 5:315. Montana 6:576. Dupree’s Paradise 21:267. Cosmik Intro 1:058. Cosmik Debris 8:05TT: 74:57DISC 41. Bondage Intro 1:522. Penguin In Bondage 6:543. T’Mershi Duween 1:524. The Dog Breath Variations 1:485. Uncle Meat 2:296. RDNZL 4:597. Audience Participation – RDNZL 3:088. Pygmy Twylyte 4:059. The Idiot Bastard Son 2:2110. Cheepnis 4:4911. Dickie’s Such An Asshole 10:2112-10-73 Show 212. Monday Show 2 Start 5:1313. Penguin In Bondage 6:3314. T’Mershi Duween 1:5215. The Dog Breath Variations 1:4616. Uncle Meat 2:2817. RDNZL 5:11TT: 67:50DISC 51. Village Of The Sun 4:052. Echidna’s Arf (Of You) 3:543. Don’t You Ever Wash That Thing? 6:564. Cheepnis – Percussion 4:085. “I Love Monster Movies” 2:106. Cheepnis 3:357. “Turn The Light Off”/Pamela’s Intro 3:598. Pygmy Twylyte 7:239. The Idiot Bastard Son 2:2210. Tango #2 Intro 2:0111. Be-Bop Tango (Of The Old Jazzmen’s Church) 22:08TT: 62:46DISC 61. Dickie’s Such An Asshole 15:39Bonus Section: 12-10-73 Roxy Rehearsal2. Big Swifty – In Rehearsal 2:503. Village Of The Sun 3:134. Farther O’Blivion – In Rehearsal 5:345. Pygmy Twylyte 6:17Unreleased Track6. That Arrogant Dick Nixon 2:1912-12-73 Bolic Studios Recording Session7. Kung Fu – In Session 4:508. Kung Fu – with guitar overdub 1:179. Tuning and Studio Chatter 3:3810. Echidna’s Arf (Of You) – In Session 1:2211. Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow – In Session 9:4912. Nanook Rubs It – In Session 5:4113. St. Alfonzo’s Pancake Breakfast – In Session 2:4614. Father O’Blivion – In Session 2:3115. Rollo (Be-Bop Version) 2:36TT: 70:31DISC 712-8-73 Sound Check/Film Shoot1. Saturday Show Start 2:202. Pygmy Twylyte/Dummy Up* 20:253. Pygmy Twylyte – Part II 14:254. Echidna’s Arf (Of You) 3:425. Don’t You Ever Wash That Thing? 6:016. Orgy, Orgy 3:397. Penguin In Bondage 6:308. T’Mershi Duween 1:539. The Dog Breath Variations 1:4510. Uncle Meat/Show End 4:01TT: 64:46 On February 2nd, Zappa Records/UMe will release the long-awaited The Roxy Performances, a box set of audio from all four of Frank Zappa’s lauded performances at The Roxy in Hollywood on December 9th and 10th, 1973. Previously, the Zappa Family Trust released Roxy: The Movie in 2015, a film chronicling this renowned Frank Zappa run also featuring George Duke, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Tom Fowler, Bruce Fowler, Ruth Underwood, Ralph Humphrey, and Chester Thompson. However, the film’s soundtrack was limited, as it only contained highlights for the various performances. In contrast, The Roxy Performances will be extensive and rings in at eight hours of music, also including audio from the invite-only soundcheck and film shoot on December 8th, 1973, ahead of The Roxy run.The box set is currently available for pre-order and can be found here. In addition to eight hours of music, The Roxy Performances also contains a 48-page booklet with liner notes and essays from Zappa family friends. Those who pre-order The Roxy Performances will be rewarded with bonus materials, such as audio of Frank Zappa’s session at Ike Turner’s Bolic Sound in Inglewood a few days after the final Roxy show and an immediate download of “RDNZL” from the December 9th early performance.As explained by Ahmet Zappa, who helped co-produce The Roxy Performances with archivist Joe Travers, “This is one of my favorite FZ line-ups ever. This box contains some of the best nights of music Los Angeles has ever seen with their ears at an historic venue. … Hold on to your hotdogs people. This box is the be-all-end-all. This is it. This is all of it. It’s time to get your rocks off for the Roxy.”last_img read more

Life partner

first_imgWithout the bacteria that live in our intestines, a drug used against rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease wouldn’t work.The microbes produce an enzyme that cleaves and activates a key molecule in the drug. Scientists know the microbes responsible are there and that this activity is important, but they don’t know which microbes are responsible, or even how many kinds provide this service.Another type of intestinal bacteria can keep drugs from reaching target tissue, altering a Parkinson’s disease treatment in the same way the brain would, preventing absorption. Researchers believe that differences in patients’ microbial communities could account for the drug’s variable effectiveness. The culprit microbe, again, is unknown.The Harvard lab of Bauer Fellow Peter Turnbaugh is working to identify these mysterious microbes, and to better understand how the bacteria that live within us affect the drugs we take and the exotic foods we eat, collectively called xenobiotics.“There are very few examples where we know the link between gut microbes and xenobiotics — that’s one thing I’d like to change,” Turnbaugh said. “I think we’re really at the very beginning.”This month, some 200 scientists from 80 institutions, including Harvard and the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, filled in some of the blanks. They announced results from the massive Human Microbiome Project, a government-funded effort to uncover the scale and diversity of the microbes we carry and to analyze their genomes to provide tools for future researchers.The scientists found that we carry some 100 trillion bacteria from some 1,000 different strains, many of which are new to science and some of which, though known to cause disease, were found living peaceably among 250 healthy volunteers.Though there was understanding in the past that the microbes we carry affect our health, the advanced tools of genomics have fostered recent progress, Turnbaugh said. In a recent article in the journal Science, Turnbaugh and postdoctoral fellow Henry Haiser argued that a better understanding of our microbes’ metabolic activity and how they interact with our bodies in ways that both promote health and cause illness could revolutionize how we understand and treat disease.Postdoctoral fellows, interns, and other researchers in Turnbaugh’s lab, which is not part of the Human Microbiome Project, are at work on 10 to 15 projects. Though the human body has microbes in many places — including the mouth, intestines, and skin — Turnbaugh has been focusing on those in the intestines. He collects samples from the feces of volunteers and from “gnotobiotic” laboratory mice, born and maintained in a microbe-free environment before they are colonized experimentally. Using an oxygen-free incubation chamber to grow microbe colonies that favor the anaerobic intestinal conditions, as well as cell-sorters and gear that aids advanced genomic analysis, researchers are investigating a variety of questions.One project, conducted by Haiser, is examining one of the few microbes positively identified as affecting drugs: Eggerthella lenta. Eggerthella, identified in the 1980s, has been shown to render the heart drug digoxin inactive.“This is one of the few cases where we’ve identified the actual member of the gut community doing this,” Haiser said. “We’re delving deeper, looking at how the microbe is doing this, what the conditions are that affect its ability to do this.”Haiser is working on the project with David Gootenberg ’11, who will start at Harvard Medical School in the fall. Gootenberg is trying to figure out how Eggerthella knows the body is taking the drug, which leads to it expressing the genes responsible for inactivating it.Gootenberg started in the lab while an undergraduate and said his experience there has helped him understand how important our microbial partners are, something that could inform his future work as a physician.“That would be very exciting, to understand the mechanisms [of our interactions with microbes] and be able to make decisions regarding human health because of it,” he said.Jesus Luevano, who will be a senior at Harvard College this fall, is spending his second summer interning in Turnbaugh’s lab, examining the impact of different diets on the gut microbial communities in laboratory mice. In work that has implications for human health and obesity, he’s switching the mice from a low- to a high-fat diet to see the effect on their microbial communities.Like Gootenberg, Luevano said the experience has taught him various experimental methods and contributed to his growth as a scientist. He hopes the project will lead to his senior thesis.“It’s really pushed me to learn as a researcher,” Luevano said.last_img read more

Music to my fears: Man swallows earbud while sleeping

first_imgBOSTON (AP) — A man is warning people against using headphones while falling asleep after a doctor had to remove a wireless earbud from his esophagus. Brad Gauthier went to bed Monday listening to music and woke up Tuesday to find one of the headphones missing. He realized something was blocking his esophagus when he tried to drink water but it wouldn’t go down. An X-ray at an urgent care clinic revealed the lost earbud, which was removed during an emergency endoscopy. Gauthier, who documented his experience on Facebook, told NBC Boston 10 that the strange episode is a reminder not to sleep with wireless headphones.last_img read more

Dundee Cafe

first_imgRenovation of a 1913 mule barn on the University of Georgia Griffin campus is complete, with a ceremonial ribbon-cutting today celebrating its new purpose as the Dundee Cafe.Made possible by a $1 million gift from the Dundee Community Association, the cafe will serve students, employees and visitors as well as keep the memory of Dundee Mills and the historic mule barn alive through historical photos and exhibits.“The University of Georgia is tremendously grateful to the Dundee Mills Community Association for this generous gift, which has allowed us to create a vibrant hub on the Griffin campus and further strengthen the connections between UGA-Griffin and the surrounding community,” said UGA President Jere W. Morehead.The mule barn was constructed in 1913 after the previous structure burned to the ground following a lightning strike. The replacement barn was constructed using the slip form concrete method to demonstrate what was then a new construction technique.During the same time period, across the street from the campus, Dundee Mills produced towels and other textiles. It was the area’s largest employer for nearly a century, when Griffin was known as a textile town.Today, the interior walls of the 105-year-old mule barn still bare traces of that time: the names of the mules written above the pegs that held their bridles, crop weight calculations written by those long since gone and animal tracks left in the concrete floors. Historical photos and other items from the campus and Dundee Mills will be on display to educate cafe visitors and preserve history.“As the oldest structure on campus, the mule barn represents a part of Georgia Experiment Station and University of Georgia history that will be preserved and cherished, thanks to the generosity of the Dundee Community Association,” said Lew Hunnicutt, assistant provost and UGA-Griffin campus director.  The Dundee Community Association was founded in the 1940s by Dundee Mills to benefit its employees and the local community. Through the years, the association has provided scholarships and benevolence to Dundee Mills and Springs Industries employees and made significant annual contributions to many Spalding County charitable organizations. “The Dundee Community Association has been known for its dedication to supporting and enhancing the quality of life of the mill’s employees, their families and the greater Spalding County community,” said Tom Gardner, chairman of the Dundee Community Association. “The naming of the Dundee Cafe accomplishes another goal of the association, which is to assure that Dundee Mills and the textile industry, in general, will be recognized in perpetuity for the many benefits that they provided to the communities in which they operated facilities.”For more about UGA-Griffin, go to read more

Colombian Anti-Narcotics Police Dismantled 27 Drug-Trafficking Organizations in 2010

first_imgBy Dialogo March 31, 2011 Two hundred eighteen tons of cocaine seized in 2010, as well as 426 kilos of heroin kept off the world’s streets, are some of the chief successes highlighted by Colombian Defense Minister Rodrigo Rivera on 28 March, on the occasion of the twenty-fourth anniversary of that country’s Anti-Narcotics Police. “These are all facts and actions that give rise to feelings of pride in and respect for an institution and a group of men whom we will never be done recognizing for their work for the good of their homeland,” Rivera affirmed. The minister also announced that thanks to the work of the more than six thousand men and women of the Anti-Narcotics Police, twenty-seven organizations dedicated to drug trafficking, with five hundred members, were dismantled last year. “Thanks to actions like these, which are repeated daily, the International Narcotics Control Board, INCB, removed Colombia from its special list of countries with drug-trafficking problems, although it continues periodically evaluating the results of this fight,” the minister said. Finally, Defense Minister Rodrigo Rivera stressed not only the Anti-Narcotics Police’s efforts to attack every stage in the process of drug trafficking, but also the areas of preventing the use of psychotropic substances and training other police forces around the world. “Prevention programs and campaigns have benefited 157,000 students, 65,000 teachers, and almost 5,000 parents,” the minister affirmed. And he added, “As if this were not enough, 102 agents from the police forces of fourteen countries (Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay) have been instructed and trained by the National Police in different specialties, such as jungle operations, combat medics, area defense, instructional techniques, and rural techniques.”last_img read more

Embrace ‘coopetition,’ Nussle says

first_imgJim Nussle at the 2019 African-American Credit Union Coalition Conference in Charlotte, NC. continue reading » Credit unions need to work together for the good of the movement, embracing collaboration as our “superpower,” says CUNA President/CEO Jim Nussle.“We do it better if we do it together,” he says.Nussle, who addressed the 2019 African-American Credit Union Coalition Conference in Charlotte, N.C., says we need this superpower to address three challenges facing credit unions:1. Attacks on the credit union model, including bank attacks and over-regulation. CUNA defends these attacks through its 360-degree advocacy approach.“We need your help at all levels and in every community to tell our story and make sure our business model lives forever,” he says.center_img ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Man Found Dead in Bohemia a Victim of Violence, Cops Say

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A man who investigators described as a victim of violence was found dead at the taxi company where he worked in Bohemia on Tuesday morning, Suffolk County police said.William Donahue was found dead by a co-worker at McCab’s Taxi Company on Johnson Avenue just south of Corporate Drive at 6:42 a.m., police said.Homicide Squad detectives are continuing the investigation.last_img

Interpretation of heritage for sustainable tourism development

first_imgThe Association of Tourist Guides of the City of Vukovar in cooperation with the Croatian Association for the Interpretation of Heritage – Let’s Interpret Croatia is implementing the project Interpretation of Heritage for Sustainable Tourism Development. RELATED NEWS: The Croatian Association for the Interpretation of Heritage, abbreviated Let’s Interpret Croatia, was founded in April 2016 with the aim of encouraging excellence and efficiency in the interpretation of Croatian natural and cultural heritage, as well as raising awareness of its importance for the development of local communities. Through its activities, the Association encourages the dissemination of knowledge and skills, exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences in the field of heritage interpretation. The association is part of the umbrella European association Interpret Europe. Find out more about the Association in the attachment. The presentation of the project will be held on Tuesday, September 17 at 17 pm in the restaurant Orion, Hotel Slavonija, Duga 1 Vinkovci. The Association of Tourist Guides of the City of Vukovar is a non-profit association of tourist guides founded in 2018. It gathers tourist guides in the area of ​​Vukovar-Srijem County with the aim of providing its members with professional affirmation in a way that they qualitatively improve their activity, raise the reputation of the profession, and affirm the invitation of a tourist guide.center_img Cover photo: Iva Silla, Secret Zagreb CROATIAN ASSOCIATION FOR HERITAGE INTERPRETATION LAUNCHED – LET’S INTERPRET CROATIA Heritage Interpretation Project for Sustainable Tourism Development aims to educate tourism guides in the field of heritage interpretation and to raise awareness of the importance of heritage interpretation to employees in the tourism, hospitality, economic, management and cultural sectors through a workshop on heritage interpretation.last_img read more

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