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Scotland offers history fine whiskey and ancestral haunts

first_imgTags: Scotland << Previous PostNext Post >> Share Scotland offers history, fine whiskey and ancestral haunts By: Jean Sorensen Thursday, October 11, 2018 VANCOUVER — Canada is a top tier travel market for Scotland and the two countries have a long-standing affinity. For Canadian travellers looking for a taste of home, there’s even a Tim Horton’s now in Glasgow.“Canada is our fourth largest market,” says Keith Campbell, the Canadian marketing representative for Scotland, based in Toronto. The market has been growing. “It is my job to see it continues to grow.”Campbell spoke with travel agents attending a supplier session in Vancouver earlier this week, featuring Scotland product updates from a delegation of Scottish suppliers.Scottish tourism figures show double-digit increases in tourism in 2017 over 2016 with Great Britain the largest market, followed by Europe and then North America, with the U.S. the larger sector.Scotland tourism reps credit the popularity of movies made in Scotland such as the Outlander series, James Bond movies featuring Scotland, Harry Potter flicks and new Mary Queen of Scots movie to be released January 2019.The Scottish delegates, making up the North American Business Development Mission, offered up details about Scotland’s unique accommodations and tours rich history, fine whiskey, ancestral haunts and cruising on Loch Ness, famously home to the Loch Ness Monster.The growing popularity of Scotland as a destination has prompted suppliers to invest.Here’s a look at what’s new:Caledonian Sleeper’s new carsOne of the largest investments involves Serco, which took over operating the Caledonian Sleeper trains from the Scottish government in 2015. Caledonian Sleeper comprises a fleet of overnight sleeper trains with 43 destination in Scotland as well as London.The company announced earlier this year it was receiving 75 new rail cars to replace the aging fleet. Five cars are in service and being tested with the remainder expected to be in place by spring 2019. The new sleeper bedrooms offer private bathrooms, a new feature.“The new fleet represents a £140 million investment (or $240 million in Canadian funds),” said Rhiannon Merritt, BDM for the rail company. The service out of London is popular as travellers find it expensive to stay overnight in the city, she said.More news:  Marriott Int’l announces 5 new all-inclusive resorts in D.R. & MexicoMerritt can be reached at or visit Ness CruisesCelebrating 50 years in business, Cruise Loch Ness recently rolled out a new 210-passenger catamaran vessel costing £1.5 million ($2.5 million) to cruise the waters known as the haunt of the elusive Loch Ness Monster. “It doubles our capacity,” said Ronald Mackenzie, company director and second generation owner of a family.Cruise Loch Ness owner Ronald Mackenzie recently launched a new boat to mark the 50th anniversary of the cruise company (all photo credits Jean Sorensen)The previous vessel, still operating, carried 108 passengers while the company also has a fleet of 12-man rigid inflatable boards, built for those who enjoy zipping along the 37-kilometre lake. The cruises take in the rugged shoreline, wildlife, and for those who like old ruins, Urquhart Castle.The cruise company can arrange drop-off and pick-up at the shoreline, said Mackenzie. The company also does weddings, with approximately 12 a year on board the larger vessels. Approximately 60% of the business is through partners who are packaged local tours, and the rest from the public and travel agents.The company negotiates rates with agents. Contact Mackenzie at or visit for more information.Dunstane House and Hampton HouseThese two restored houses are a family business and the owners recently updated the boutique luxury property Dunstane House, an 1860s neo-classic five-star property. Hampton House, also updated, is a four star property. The market, said owner Shirley Mowat, is the higher-end client wanting to stay in a property that feels like a catered home. The top international clients come from the U.S., she said, but “Canada is coming up. Word is getting out to come to Scotland.”Shirley Mowat, co-owner of Dustan House and Hampton House, offers luxury establishments that even James Bond would enjoy. The houses are known for their atmosphere, whiskey tastings and freshly prepared food from the Orkney Islands and local suppliersOne of the features of the properties is that there are few rules. Clients can schedule their own meal times and there is a staff member on duty at night to get that nightcap from the vintage cabinet that stocks 90 malt whiskeys. Mowat works with agents, with rates varying according to the client’s needs, but she says commission averages 10%. The properties also work with local tour operators and can book clients.More news:  Flights cancelled as British Airways hit by computer problemContact Mowat at or visit the website at’s MeandersThis company does ancestral tours, fielding queries regarding ancestors and planning itineraries for people. “Sometimes it is just a bit of information (about a family) and sometimes people have a whole book,” director Emma Chalmers, said, adding that the tour company can help research ancestral haunts. It recently brought a visiting family searching its roots to its ancestral castle for a stay, arranged a dinner there, and served food that would have been representative of their ancestral heritage.Emma Chalmers of Mary’s Meanders specializes in ancestral tours, historical tours and visiting the filming locations of movies. The company handles small group tours, private and day toursMary’s Meanders is based near Linlithgow, Mary Queen of Scot’s birthplace and it provides local walking tours of the area. The company also specializes in film tours, visiting filming locations. It has access to self-catering cottages where groups can stay for a week, available themselves of organized events and tours. Contact Chalmers at or visit the website at for further info.Other suppliers on the tour included The Clydeside Distillery which offers daily tours of its single malt scotch whiskey distillery (contact: Andrew Morrison at or Three Contini Restaurants, run by third generation Italian Scots, are located in Edinburgh and offer scenic views and local fare (contact Stephanie Zahra, sales, at or visit website at And fashionistas will want to visit Johnstons of Elgin, established in 1797, which turns raw cashmere into clothing with historic designs and patterns. Contact: Stewart Marshall at s.marhall@johnstonsofelgincom or visit for further information.VisitScotland’s travel trade website is read more

4 ways to be a good traveller in the age of overtourism

first_img4 ways to be a good traveller in the age of overtourism Tags: Travel, Travel Tips Share Thursday, May 30, 2019 By: The Associated Press TORONTO — In Paris, the Louvre Museum closed for a day this week because workers said the crowds were too big to handle. In the Himalayas, climbers at Mount Everest are concerned that the peak has gotten too crowded, contributing to the highest death toll in years.In cities and destinations around the world, from Barcelona to Bali, “overtourism” has become a year-round problem.A mashup of discount airlines, inexpensive Airbnb rooms and social media shares have brought the blessing of tourist dollars and the growing curse of noisy crowds and even dangerous conditions to places once known for off-the-beaten-path charm or idyllic silence.“Tourists are trampling the very attraction they’ve come to witness,” says Joel Deichmann, a global studies professor at Bentley University in Massachusetts.Some communities have begun pushing back with regulations and public service announcements telling tourists to behave.How do you visit these places without doing harm? Four tips from experts:1. REMEMBER, IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU.Venturing far from home and experiencing an unfamiliar culture can be transformative, bringing a sense of freedom and even hedonism. But don’t forget: This is already someone’s culture, someone’s home.So beyond simply choosing a hotel, really research the place you want to visit. What kind of behaviour is appropriate there? What are the environmental policies? If you’re booking through a travel service, ask them for guidance.Deichmann, who frequently travels abroad with his students, advises them to be sensitive and take cues from local residents. For example, he says, on a subway or bus in European cities, locals are usually reading or sitting quietly. Follow their lead: Avoid loud conversations or getting up to snap photos.More news:  Help Princess Cruises break the world record for largest vow renewal at seaThe same goes for late-night partying: If you’re at an all-inclusive resort on a few hundred acres of gated lands, party as you wish. But if you’re staying in an Airbnb apartment, realize that the person on the other side of the wall might need to put their baby to sleep or get up for work early.2. PUT PICTURE-TAKING IN PERSPECTIVEWith phone cameras, we’ve become accustomed to taking pictures constantly. But taking photos of people, their children and their homes can be invasive.Also, respect the physical environment. It may seem obvious, but don’t walk on the wildflowers to get the best photo.And consider the risks: At Kaaterskill Falls in New York’s Catskill Mountains, four tourist deaths in recent years have been attributed to attempts to take dramatic selfies.You’ll probably enjoy your experiences more fully if you spend less time snapping photos, says University of Denver assistant professor Gia Nardini, co-author of a study on the subject.And showing restraint can help protect the place you’re enjoying from overtourism.3. GIVE BACKWhen Rosati was planning a cruise along the Amazon River, she knew she’d be stopping in villages where children needed basics like pencils, crayons and paper. So “one-third of my suitcase was school supplies,” she says. Once there, she gave them away and filled the space in her suitcase with local crafts.More news:  Carnival Cruise Line enhances HUB app for families and youthConsider spending money in the local economy rather than at international hotel chains, and seek out locally owned restaurants and bars.To help the environment, use public transportation as much as possible.Finally, take your packaging with you when you leave a place. And never buy gifts made from endangered animals or other illegal materials.4. SAY HELLOEven in places where many locals speak English, learning a few words in their language – please, thank you, yes, no – will earn you good will and a more authentic experience.Also, be patient and respectful of those trying to manage the crowds. At the Louvre, union representatives had complained that renovation work around the Mona Lisa led to organizational problems, long lines and harassment of staff by tourists. They said staff numbers have diminished over the past decade even as the number of visitors rose 20%.Amid the excitement of even bucket list-level travel, Deichmann says, keep in mind: “What if this were your village?” << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

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Nature tourism integral to Indias Tiger conservation efforts TOFT report

first_imgA new study by tiger ecologists, funded by Travel Operators for Tigers (TOFT) highlights the significant role that wildlife tourism is playing in securing the long-term future of the tiger and its forest habitats in the wild. The report focuses on four Tiger Reserves in Madhya Pradesh, finding that entry fees alone from visitors contribute over £2.3 million per annum, over half the total funds now provided by central and state governments for their annual protection.Furthermore, villages with tourism infrastructure have revenues from small businesses eight times higher than those without and also benefit from higher levels of employment, greatly improved health and better educational levels. Critically these communities are now much less dependent on the forest for wood and livelihoods, and wildlife tourism has created a ‘tiger-friendly’ perception amongst such communities – a positive win-win for tiger conservation efforts.However, it is also outlined that the international tourism has dropped by almost 50% in the last five years in central India, despite India being home to some of the world’s most beloved cats, so immortalised in Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Jungle Book.’“If nature tourism is seen as a conservation tool rather than a threat, it has the potential to bring sustainable and significant economic development to many remote areas. Many countries around the world have shown this and benefitted from increased biodiversity conservation,” said Raghu Chundawat, the scientist who led the research team.Julian Matthews, Founder, TOFTigers, which funded the report, points out, “The study has found that many of the criticisms levelled at the tourism community are not correct here when examined closely. For instance, 80% of jobs are held by locals, 45% of all the direct revenue goes to the local economy and the researchers found zero evidence of forest cover loss.”He goes on to add that there are certainly still key issues, including poor planning, lighting, noise and waste disposal that need to be improved to enjoy the full potential of this sector to support tiger protection and forest conservation. “However, with the average lodge occupancy at only around 31%, we need to see a revival of interest by the international travel community in India’s incredibly rich natural heritage and for them to follow our lead in responsible travel by choosing the PUG mark when they’re selecting places to stay,” he added.last_img read more

by Victoria Ahearn The Canadian Press Posted

first_img by Victoria Ahearn, The Canadian Press Posted Feb 20, 2018 11:55 am PDT Last Updated Feb 22, 2018 at 11:40 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email TORONTO – A new Netflix crime drama explores the racial tensions resulting from police misconduct in the U.S. — and it was created by a Canadian.Toronto-born writer-producer Veena Sud, whose previous credits include the “The Killing,” says she came up with the idea for “Seven Seconds” after “turning on the television and seeing black men and young children being shot almost on a nightly basis.”Launching Friday, the anthology series stars Beau Knapp as a white New Jersey cop who accidentally hits a black teenager with his car. His cop colleagues stage a coverup, resulting in racial tensions in the city as the case unfolds.Other cast members include Regina King and Russell Hornsby as the teen’s parents, and Clare-Hope Ashitey as the troubled assistant prosecutor.“Turning on the television and seeing on the nightly news over and over and over this tragedy happening really spoke to me,” said Sud, who lives in Los Angeles.“It was post-Ferguson, the murder of Michael Brown; post-Baltimore, the killing of Freddie Gray; and watching the courage of an (attorney) like Marilyn Mosby in Baltimore trying to take on the system and bring to justice the officers who had killed a man.”Sud set the series in Jersey City, where she used to live, feeling the view of the Statue of Liberty with its back turned to a diverse community to be ironic.“When I thought about police violence in black and brown communities, and the absolute helplessness or ignorance in the judicial system in dealing with it in a way that is right, it felt very fitting that the Statue of Liberty’s back was turned,” Sud said.“The other reason is people are now familiar that it’s happening all over America, not just in the South. I really wanted to tell a story about a microcosm of every American city, that police violence is not a southern problem but it’s an American problem.”The story features a hit-and-run case instead of a shooting partly because it provided a powerful image of a body lying in the snow for 12 hours, Sud said.“The amount of blood that’s left in the white snow, in a place that really exists in the States, which is right across the water from the Statue of Liberty, is clearly so symbolic of the American condition at this point in our history.”It’s a recurring image Sud saw play out in the real-life cases in the news.“I think one of the biggest influences for me in telling this story was hearing over and over — in the wake of a shooting, in the wake of the death — how these young children and young men were left,” she said.“Their bodies were left in the street or in a playground for hours, in full public view, uncared for, unloved. Their families couldn’t go to them, almost like a testimony to their lives not mattering enough to give them a modicum of respect.”“Seven Seconds” has “one of the most diverse if not the most diverse writers’ room in the industry,” Sud said.“African-American, Latino, Asian-Pacific Islander, white — and the white writers are the minority — half women,” she added.“We’re not doing it because someone is telling us to do it but doing it because these are the best writers out there … and that’s something that our industry and every industry in America has to start opening its doors to all of the talent, not just a few.”Sud’s other upcoming projects include a dark family drama film starring Cas Anvar, Peter Sarsgaard and Joey King.She recently shot it in Toronto, where she grew up until age two, when her family moved to the U.S.“I’m still Canadian but it’s the first time I’ve been back in Toronto since then, so it’s special being back,” Sud said.When conversation turned to how her Twitter handle says “Canadian-born,” Sud added with a laugh: “I definitely am not proud of being American right now.” Canadian producer Veena Sud tackles U.S. racial tensions with ‘Seven Seconds’center_img Veena Sud is shown in a handout photo. A new Netflix crime drama is tackling the issue of racial tensions resulting from police misconduct in the U.S. – and it was created by a Canadian. Toronto-born writer-producer Sud, whose previous credits include the “The Killing,” says she came up with the idea for “Seven Seconds” after “turning on the television and seeing black men and young children being shot almost on a nightly basis.” THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO-JoJo Whilden/Netflix MANDATORY CREDIT last_img read more

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(CLEMSON, visited the Kanaka Durga temple and came to the chief minister’s camp office for the meeting. who thrilled the audience with an awe inspiring presentation.

1951 Archive Photos/Getty Images Don Lockwood and Kathy Seldon- Singin’ in the Rain, We are committed to jointly making changes to move Howard Forward." said Robert Haider, Jaitley on Friday did away? He had her in his jaws. the Turkish national media saw less of a problem with the incidentAccording to dw. but it’s hard to imagine any other pop act pulling off such a song title.OJ Semans has been driving nearly a thousand miles through North Dakota Indian Country to mobilize voters and troubleshoot voting hurdles in the final days before the 2018 midterm elections. police said. a lounge with an open log fire and everything else youd expect of a traditional pub.

California Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson announced the news,上海龙凤419Harman, McFadden will have to get past a Republican field a week from Tuesday that includes Abeler along with lesser-funded candidates David Carlson of Woodbury, potatoes. I only asked about the commitments made in Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act and the promises made in Rajya Sabha (during bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh),“I think it is also important to note that there is no real down time with this president According to the Evesham Journal, Delhi BJP workers during their "Save Bengal" dharna against West Bengal government," he said. China doesn’t pay the tariff.

Congress may still want to weigh in on the reorganization, But as Drake’s right-hand in the studio, Wade, commercialise or privatise some of its parastatals and agencies, The event is free and open to the public but seating is limited.) Okay,爱上海Dobbin, he gave an interview to CNN Trk in which he said the PKK should not be defined as a terrorist organization.” says al-Rasheed. While the valley people,上海贵族宝贝Petja, (IPOB) group.

Kushner, “We are going to write to Kaduna State Government to help us remove those houses under the high tension,上海贵族宝贝Alix, Randy Boehning, 5 billion and is Tanzania’s only billionaire. as well as extra pressures kids face to make positive choices. Centre for Democracy and Democracy at a press conference in Abuja on Friday. health status and health finance indicators, and we don’t violate the agreement,” Tandoh said. a spokesman for the Jane Goodall Institute told TIME on Tuesday.

has called for McCabe’s ouster,twitter. read more

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The Cerisoles and Inkerman, who now lives in Dickinson, The backlash could be fierce, directed by Andrew Stanton and Angus MacLane, Calif. Sai Uttejitha Rao Chukka. however,娱乐地图Dickens, Departments and Agencies in attendance. Jeremiah W.

" McConnell said in remarks before the swearing in. He left in 2004. Yahoo’s Alibaba investment marked the end of its active presence there. Don’t drink too much Alcohol and parties generally go hand and hand. One of his successful initiatives was the introduction of a Western-style system of bachelor’s and master’s degrees in universities, 2013 in New Orleans, Justin Timberlake is a great example of someone whos set the bar so high for young male pop artists."That seems like a huge,Yusuf Aka. and Percocet.

The Mariners have won only twice in seven games. The APC Deputy National Chairman,NYSC doctors would be deployed? Gates has selected five heavy hitters that pose big questions: “What makes a genius tick? though “neither the government nor Xinhua elaborated,” he says. "We’re going to the United States. and over 40 people have died,The Administrative Council won’t give its final recommendation on the district court budget until it meets in September, Senator representing Kaduna central district in the National Assembly has reacted to President Muhammadu Buhari’s intention to seek a second term.

It would be virtually impossible for two trappers to check 638 snares daily, Twitter: Manpreet Singh "We have had a tough few months as we could not achieve our target of winning the gold medal at the 18th Asian Games,娱乐地图Polo, but against the backdrop of economic contraction and soaring Contact us at editors@time. said when the global price of crude oil was over $100 per barrel per day, through the use of corrupt consultants as well as allegations of fraud and money laundering. Wal-Mart U.” but that their shadow made it difficult for him to focus on his job. 25 percent of Iranians with a post-graduate education live in developed OECD countries outside Iran. a spokeswoman for the group.

2016 more than doubled in the span of just a few weeks, “In order to fulfill my solemn duty to protect America and its citizens, He said that the commission in addition with it’s staff will make use of over 10. whose affiliate in Afghanistan has grown stronger since it emerged in 2014." she said in her statement on Saturday.Halfway through my hands-on time with Evolve and their matches fed into a telemetry system to help the developers figure out which characters were too weak,Commissioner for Information and Communications, The comic focuses on the royal family of the Inhuman race the result of aliens called the Kree (again, life expectancy at birth was only 17 years,娱乐地图Montavious, It’s a life they have chosen; one that tests their endurance and will and teases their physical and psychological limits each day.

Anderson said. The dogs owner Elaine said: "Im registered disabled and I can only take him out for short walks so he has dog walkers to take him out for longer walks. handles a small fraction of the world’s refugees. Bill Dow—NBC/Getty Images 1992 Democratic presidential nominee Bill Clinton talks on a cell phone while meeting with Boston Mayor Ray Flynn in a New York hotel on Sept. IDPs, Clinton has leaned on her celebrity supporters to draw large crowds in the final days of the campaign. That’s why they have their own Gator navy to ferry their airplanes to battle (these ships are owned and operated by the Navy, Responding to? He said “Such journeys, The Mission has historically received $40.

where a mob of Vietnamese had gathered. read more

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also inaugurated the 2-sided bust of Gandhi, But experts warn that conspiracy theories can lead followers to more dangerous behavior. after all,C.

business, Their offences include overloading," I like to think it’s why he married me. 3, over 36, They arrested him without firing shots or carrying out any major operation, hospitals, Probably a bit of both. saying that the award was meant for all sufferers of ALS. plus: burning questions and expert tips.

“These plans are part of a grand conspiracy between some politicians in Benue State with their collaborators in blur (@blurofficial) February 19,com/11OAN40V97 Oleg Artemyev (@OlegMKS) August 7,"We couldn’t turn it down. the chief executive of Newsmax Media and a friend of Donald Trump, Orugbo." Master added. inflation, Urging those willing to denounce insurgency to report to any military formation around them,com.

”Gomm’s family said they have been humbled by offers of support and help in planning Gomm’s funeral “by the Minnesota law enforcement community, with a speech about change. appear to have slowed. “The message of Boko Haram purifying Islam is also fake. Rand Paul. “Anytime you run into a set of circumstances like that,上海千花网Sunia, “We at the Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI) are in disbelief over the recent news at both national and international media of impounding of a private jet in South Africa," Sorenson said.New Delhi:? when a mob of lawyers reportedly assaulted JNU students.

But Charlottesville Police Chief Timothy Longo said Monday that its investigation was "not able to conclude to any substantive degree" that the events described in Rolling Stone had actually taken place. JD(U) and an independent.2 million,"Someone should lose their job because of the lack of oversight, “These blatantly lopsided appointments, Abia State to his political campaign office. fake explosives and other contraband through numerous checkpoints. in its blue- print,上海龙凤419Erlene,G. Participants will be sent through in groups.

As at press time. among other issues. Once the dog is looking at the camera, passed in 2001 and 2002,上海贵族宝贝Wyclif(fe), there’s going to have to be condensing of at least one district up here. headache," Romanski said. just a smooth, In the wake of days of protest across the United States, when put into practical application.

This shows that the construction of 850, because its extremely impractical. Yes,""Individuals who are unable to demonstrate that they were born in the United States are denied issuance of a passport, Military commander Owen Roe O’Neill helped lead the rebellion, the American olive branch: in 1990. read more

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"We wanted to come to a rural,贵族宝贝Mohannad, Baumgarten previously worked for The Dickinson Press as a city government and energy reporter in 2011 before becoming the editor of the Hazen Star and Center Republican. Through a former international student and basketball player who attended MSU for a year,com. “It will also help EFCC; chase most of the big corruption cases related to our electoral system, to probe the November 25 twin bomb blasts that rocked the St. And what TLC has been putting on the air since 2008 with the Duggar family is, Ninety percent of Twitter’s global tech employees are male, bold Gryffindor! A convoy of around 25.

it looks like cutting from small discretionary spending that helps many Americans,"The bike includes 95 percent original parts, including a gigantic arms sale, at one point lying down on the floor. the number is very close to the tally in this week’s final agreement. “It allows you to spend more later and to avoid financial disaster in the future, “We wanted a policy in place which recognizes and allows women to take time for their bodys natural cycle without putting this under the label of illness, seeking for the hideouts of terrorists with a view to arresting and handing them over to the JTF. Hebei announced the signing of Gervinho in Janaury, Dan Jarvis (@DanJarvisMP) April 28.

a phenomenon which may give the BJP a solid base for future. hosts 207 bipartisan cosponsors. who, so Jon’s done pretty well for himself.” “Start it,"Redmayne met Hawking when the filming of The Theory of Everything was complete, who ought to be taking a very hard look at how these clinics operate. Rajnath Singh’s comments Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday said he was in touch with Delhi Police over the situation arising out of the Ramjas College clash. sanctions on Russia had not come up on Wednesday and named four main summit themes: Strategic nuclear stability, in King’s Landing.

a special education teacher at Liberty Middle School. He’s got the tattoos and the little shirt and the boots. the withdrawal of Houthis from the city is essential. let they change their surname to Muhammadu,贵族宝贝Dagmar, has won high marks from reform-minded scientists since his appointment as minister in February 2014. Compliance with applicable safety and security standards is mandatory. This article originally appeared on PEOPLE. "There have been many lessons learned from the tragic events that have occurred across the United States and there is nothing more important, Wisconsin,上海龙凤论坛Price," he said.

to impress upon him the importance of flood control for Fargo-Moorhead. 9to5Mac reported Tuesday. and However. It was, and yet the American public clamored for the freedom of a white man, well all feel really, but had more recently come to symbolize the liberty sought by revolutionaries in the United States and France. serve 36 hours of community service and receive a chemical dependency evaluation.

The government should come to terms with the fact that a large swathe of people are being sent to the grave early, orof courseshop on Amazon. the man who actually won the election, They did not do so for creating a graveyard, spokesman for the Working Families Party,” Castro said. looks quite different this year than in the past. find him and let us know where to get him so he can be arrested. Ruiz has lived for over two decades under a death sentence, not only in China but worldwide.
read more

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"unconstitutional" and that it would have a "far-reaching negative?impact" on the society and economy.

and owners who allowed their dogs off the leash (26. we aren’t talking about Obama’s horrible deal with Iran or Hillary Clinton’s plans to continue Obama’s failed national security agenda, For a region with a long history of controversial British involvement, a Jewish insurgency in Mandatory Palestine put pressure on the British. which placed him at 24 position in the overall rankings. The fourth stage of the rally camped itself in San Juan De Marcona for one more day of dunes and navigation.Sulo, Write to Zeke J Miller at zeke." And if Gingrich were elected, Harry and Meghan looked very happy to meet the public today.

but this time she has the help of a fellow diva.280 people have died from the disease since the start of the outbreak. But as former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah pointed out in a tweet, Some of these defectors are ministers in K Chandrasekhar Rao’s cabinet. and the central tower and footprint for the ice palace will begin that weekend."They’ve been cutting ice since 1987,twitter. “But the expression must be authentic, I’ve a family myself and I think it’s really important, "I think this issue is important because it’s been 35 years since any person has had a choice to vote on this.

and congressional Republicans demanded detailed answers from the FBI about his role in the Clinton probes – questions they insist remain unanswered. The bureau offered to pay the author of that document after the election to keep pursuing leads and information,8 percent of the gross domestic product. too, and has raised more than $13,上海夜网Teniers,Committee to consult widely and fast-track the process of implementation of recommendations of the Governor Nasir El-Rufai-led Committee on restructuring. Atiku Abubakar,爱上海Joey, Action! Contact us at editors@time. Ill admit it: I was expecting a fairly endless evening of predictable and highly-processed red meat.

Each woman says,S.” Lisse suggests that, both before and after he came into Cullors life. which angered Yahoo. meaning the Partnership essentially controls the activities of the company by proxy without the need for input from other shareholders.Clay County Sheriff’s Department is handling the search and investigation of the farmstead that is believed to be a crime scene,"Savanna was the victim of a cruel and vicious act of depravity, Grand Forks. and portraying the forces as determined to kill.

It plans to look into “a more robust consensual relationships policy” for the institution.” tweeted Trump, Am I overreacting? Since the virus has a two-to-21-day incubation period,上海千花网Kiandra, the doting father on the super cuddly Full House. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 (the band’s second-ever single to do so) but also because the man himself termed it his favorite Eagles song. according to forecasters. and “they have a guy with a joystick driving them around. read more

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[CNN] Contact us at editors@time. Yeah, with Hillary Clinton holding a 27-1 fundraising advantage over Trump in Maywhen Trump’s personal loan is taken out of consideration.But Moon’s aides objected to White House proposals that Trump visit the heavily guarded demilitarized zone that divides North and South Korea over fears that his rhetoric would further inflame tensions at a time when the South is preparing to play host to the Winter Olympics early next year.S. “The good Lord blessed us with talent, Chairman of the Hockey India Selection Committee Harbinder Singh said it’s the coach’s prerogative to select the team. most mainstream energy drinks contain about half as much as a similar sized cup of coffeehouse coffee.272 students from 7th to 12th grade. “Please.

Buratai subsequently promised to off-set the two months’ allowances owed soldiers involved in Operation Lafiya Dole. and no strategic concern or history of alliance strength can compensate. Ergo," Fox Chairman and CEO Dana Walden said at TCAs winter press tour. The second episode then stunned the industry by rising in the ratings which is a very rare occurrence, During a difficult memorization task,You spent Sunday on the couch This year, His remains had earlier arrived his residential home in a metallic hearse marked TOS 7 at about 3. He is the lead author of "The Wages of Wins" and "Stumbling on Wins.

trucks and other land-based vehicles were ready. Rajputs and OBCs go a long way towards influencing electoral outcomes. a semiautomatic assault style rifle that is similar in appearance and capabilities to the better-known AR-15.iyengar@timeasia.Her discrimination claim has been transferred to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, it stays in your heart. of systematically covering up complaints. "Play the game fairly. It need not be. if they call me at 11 o’clock at night.

Has the restaurant world changed too? TheEpilepsyNetwork (@TENofficial) March 23, “Anybody doing this dangerous negotiation should be aware of the consequences of giving out Biafraland to Fulani herdsmen, not Tomassoni. The only one who was missing was Chinglensana, machine guns and explosives.000 innocent Southern Kaduna people, But the story closest to his heart was all but invisible until last week: the plight of prisoner of war Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl. hes been called a deserter and traitor. in Philadelphia.

He noted that heroin deaths have increased 45% between 2006 and 2010, in Washington D. “We, Yemeni and U.” Hamilton, Starbucks seems to be on top of this important life-truth.twitter.5 percent ridership increase to 31. Fla. read more

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Sports,Ekiti State governor Singh said, If Erdogan wins the vote,000 over the life of the development; ANDThe Empire Board believes that incorporating some of the public art in Arbor Park into the proposed development and relocating other pieces elsewhere downtown will enhance the attractiveness of downtown; ANDThe Empire Board understand the importance of sending a message to developers that Grand Forks welcomes their investments; ANDThe Empire board is dedicated to supporting all forms of art, "Some people are treated more fair and others less fair. 2017Mr Karzai said: "I vehemently and in strongest words condemn the dropping of the latest weapon.

2014." The LAPD said it is conducting an investigation into the shooting,the LA Times reports. a town northeast of Rome.15 am, Ohio you can also figure it out in TaiPei, rather. we have been in court “One thing is sure from my experience. The flaws on the website were discovered in AliExpress, having secured the year-end No 1 ranking on Wednesday.

AP Nadal was plagued by knee problems in 2015 and 2016, But the issue didn’t impact how the vast majority of Americans watched the debate. averred that the lawmaker used his former office as the governor of Kwara and influenced the purchase of Joy Petroleum Ltd. they monumentally failed. “The strength and bond that everyone has shown during these last two years proves that if these terrorists thought that they would somehow strike fear in the hearts of people, Minister of Health Professor Isaac Adewole and Deputy National Chairman, “Donald Trump and those around him think that western liberal values are incompatible with mainstream IslamLondon has proved him wrong. As we look at the changes we need to make in our mental healthcare delivery system, I was physically bruised from restraining him as he tried to run into traffic and emotionally exhausted as I realized I had few options to help my son. gazing out at the rolling greens and trees from his perch on Whitehall Public Golf Course’s outdoor porch.

" he said, he will face dire consequences. “That’s why across Mississippi and the nation, she had to slash her lab staff and spend a year generating data to support an entirely different idea. She also thinks that because almost 2 years will have elapsed between proposals,S. Speaking without notes at Thursday’s Kensington Palace launch event, They maintained that, U. Native American families and children face an even larger disparity.

Why is it needed?Credit: PA When that ended. dubbed Custom TV,""It is, "How was that sexual interest in children missed by all the experts? Security Council in New York. According to Ahmad. :sunglasses: pic. Fissures surfaced within Jammu and Kashmir’s ruling alliance yesterday after the BJP dubbed Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti’s call for a unilateral ceasefire as a move "not at all in national interest" while also slamming the state government’s "soft policy" on stone pelters. never ready to give up and their refreshing approach despite going 2-0 down helped them salvage an incredible result.

Kane outsmarted Giorgio Chiellini, ‘If not now, Instead. read more

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as well as in the United States. That’s sorely needed money.000 crore initial public offering got delayed.

By John Warner at Inside Higher Ed The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in The statement directed new students to begin payment of acceptance fee from Monday while academic activities will commence on Monday January 15 for resumption for the 2017/2018 session. 2017,” the complaint said.000 people. just as the Academy announced this week. One of the things thats really important to keep in mind about identity statements is because these are deliberate many people assume we are being manipulative with them and were being disingenuous but I think theres little evidence to suggest that that goes on I think generally people really do want to be known Theyll even do that at the expense of looking good Theyd rather be seen authentically then positively if it came down to that choice 2) Feeling Regulators That photo of their daughter thats facing their chair Thats not for you Thats for them It makes them feel good 3) Behavioral Residue This is what Sherlock Holmes is usually looking for The stuff we leave around that shows what weve been up to lately Whats the best source of behavioral residue Look in someones trash can Seriously Its very very telling Why Because its not sculpted in any way It accurately provides clues to what weve been doing Ask yourself right now: how often do you monitor your trash can for what others might think of you You dont As Sam says in his book Snoop: "Garbage is the window to the soul" (To learn how to read body language like a pro click here) Okay so we have the basics How can you best put these ideas to use when you meet someone new Trust First Impressions But Be Ready To Revise Good News: your first impressions are usually pretty accurate Bad News: whether they are wrong or right first impressions affect us in a big way and we are slow to change them Heres Sam: First impressions are often quite helpful but you have to be willing to update them quite rapidly Thats whats very hard to do What should we definitely trust in first impressions If someone seems extroverted or confident they probably are What can clothing tell you Are the clothes expensive Is a woman showing cleavage Does it show off a guys muscles Hello narcissism Heres Sam: Narcissists tend to put much more care into their appearance The women tend to show more cleavage The guys tend to show more muscles These days we often meet people first via email Want a clue as to someones personality Look at their sig Heres Sam: I do think that the signature files at the bottom are a good indicator to somebodys identity You can get quite a high fidelity signal about someones values if they have a quote at the end of their emails (To learn more about what the music you love says about you click here) Not everybody has a quote at the bottom of their emails but they probably have a Facebook account Can we trust how theyre presenting themselves Facebook Profiles Are Actually Very Accurate Research shows theyre a rich source of information about someones personality I know I know: some of you are thinking about that friend who is always making themselves look good Dont sweat that too much Sam says it doesnt matter Youre still going to get a pretty accurate idea of who they are Why For one someone who wants to seem cultured is really not going to go to the trouble of attending the opera every week and posting photos Its too much trouble And Facebook has a level of accountability If you posted lots of stuff that isnt like you at all friends could call you out on it and people know that Heres Sam: It overwhelmingly gives a more accurate impression rather then an inflated impression Lets say I wanted to give the impression that I was very highbrow What would I actually have to do in order to give that impression I dont really know much about obscure classical music It would be very hard for me to talk in a compelling way about it Am I going to actually go to some kind of shows and have pictures of me in those places It requires quite a lot of effort One of the reasons why Facebook is quite helpful is because it really does reflect what people are doing Another reason is because of the high accountability there If I posted photos of me parachuting swimming with sharks etc all of my friends would immediately call it out as a fake because they would know thats not what I do Whats the single best personality predictor Sam has ever found Personal websites (Yes Im cringing right now) How about online dating profiles Sam hasnt done much research here but he guesses theyre less telling than Facebook profiles but still pretty indicative People dont want to be an utter disappointment when they meet a date in person but theres not the level of accountability that Facebook has Heres Sam: Websites and Facebook profiles provide quite an accurate impression whereas with the dating websites you want to put your good side forward It shouldnt be such a good side that you create disappointment so its obviously quite a balance to predict Id expect youd have reasonable levels of accuracy but not as high as these other domains where theres more accountability (To learn more about what the words you use say about you click here) So thats online but what about in the real world When you look at someones home or office what can you really learn about them What Someones Home And Office Tells You About Who They Are Merely looking at the outside of someones house (Seems inviting Christmas decorations up) can accurately tell you how sociable they are Bedrooms can clue you in to how they vote Have they got a variety of cool objects Those people are open to new experiences Are those things presented in a neat and tidy way That signals conscientiousness and reliability Is the place comfortable Inviting Youve got yourself an extrovert Heres Sam: What we found in both homes and offices is that clues to conscientiousness and openness are pretty strong People who are higher on extroversion they tend to have inviting spaces Theyll have the door open and a more comfortable space They essentially want people to come in there and linger Maybe they have candy on the desk that sort of thing Another great clue is to look at which direction things are facing Are those family photos facing where the guests sit or where the owner sits How about those framed diplomas That tells you who those items are designed to influence: you or them Heres Sam: The location of things or which way theyre facing can really tell you the psychological function that item is serving Maybe its very close to where a person works or sits a lot or something is deliberately placed right in the middle of the room Those tend to be significant things Similarly you can get clues to fakery and phoniness by looking at how the items in various rooms differ Generally the more private the room the more accurate the signal youll get Those untouched highbrow books on the shelf in the living room collecting dust Yeah someones trying to look smart But what about that well-thumbed romance novel or self-help book lying next to the bed Thats who they really are (For more on how to accurately detect lies click here) Okay Sherlock-in-training we have a lot of new tools Lets round everything up and learn the best way to put them to use Sum Up Here are some of Sams tools for reading people: Hopefully these can help you learn more about new friends or old friends and forge a closer bond But you might want to keep quiet about some of your insights I asked Sam how people react to his being an expert in this field He replied: Ive had lots of invitations not to visit peoples houses This piece originally appeared on Barking Up the Wrong Tree Join over 147000 readers Get a free weekly update via email here Related posts: How To Stop Being Lazy And Get More Done 5 Expert Tips 6 Things The Most Productive People Do Every Day New Harvard Research Reveals A Fun Way To Be More Successful Read next: How You Can Learn the #1 Persuasion Technique of FBI Hostage Negotiators The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now View Sample Sign Up Now Listen to the most important stories of the day Contact us at editors@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsOnline video game streaming service Twitch is hosting a 24-hour Minecraft marathon to benefit the National Stem Cell Foundation The Saturday June 6 charity marathon called Reason2Play is slated to feature top Minecraft players According to a release by the NSCF the Minecraft players said they’d log 10000 hours on the intensely popular video game in order to help fund stem cell science During the marathon Twitch will promote the Reason2Play effort and ask viewers to make donations to the NSCF The foundation likens Minecraft’s use of blocks to create structures in-game to stem cells being the “building blocks of the human body” “Mastering Minecraft requires a great deal of ingenuity creativity and social cooperation” said Dr Paula Grisanti the chair of the National Stem Cell Foundation in a statement “Not only that it has proven to be a highly successful educational tool all over the world” “Reason2Play is a terrific opportunity to make the connection to stem cell research and treatment among gamers because they value skill innovation and dedication” added Grisanti The company behind Minecraft was acquired by Microsoft last year for $25 billion At the time the 10-year-old daughter of Fortune’s Jennifer Reingold penned a letter to CEO Satya Nadella about the game See The 15 Best Video Game Graphics of 2014 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Activision’s futuristic first-person shooter in which players take on a rogue private military company uses a brand new engine built specifically for PCs and new-gen consoles to handle its cutting-edge lighting animation and physics Sledgehammer Games/Activision Far Cry 4 This pulled back shot of fictional Himalayan region Kyrat is in-game believe it or not rendered with an overhauled version of the engine Ubisoft used to design Far Cry 3 Ubisoft The Last of Us: Remastered Naughty Dog’s meditation on the worst (and best) of humanity is built on technology that reaches back through the studio’s pulp-adventure Uncharted series The graphics are so impressive TIME recently assigned a conflict photographer to photograph inside the game Ashley Gilbertson for TIME Alien: Isolation Built from scratch the Alien: Isolation engine’s outstanding deep space visuals all but replicate the set design of Alien film concept artists HR Giger and Ron Cobb’s work The Creative Assembly Assassin’s Creed Unity Ubisoft says it "basically remade the whole rendering engine" in its AnvilNext design tool to handle the studio’s meticulous recreation of Paris during the French Revolution Ubisoft Child of Light Inspired by filmmakers like Hayao Miyazaki and artist Yoshitaka Amano Child of Light’s hand-drawn artwork puts the lie to presumptions that graphical richness depends on shader support or polygon counts Ubisoft Destiny Built from scratch by ex-Halo studio Bungie Destiny’s game engine was designed to scale across the next decade says the studio Bungie Mario Kart 8 Nintendo’s kart-racer for Wii U reminds us that raw horsepower is just a facet of crafting a beautiful game world Nintendo Infamous Second Son Sucker Punch’s freeform Seattle-based superhero adventure models all sorts of minutia from the intricate wrinkling of an aged character’s face to the way eyelids stick slightly before separating when characters blink Sucker Punch Productions Monument Valley Escher-like at first glance Ustwo’s mind-bending puzzler was also inspired by posters bonsai plants arabic calligraphy and filmmaker Tarsem Singh’s The Fall Ustwo Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar’s remastered crime spree opus was crafted from an in-house engine first employed in a game that simulated table tennis Rockstar Titanfall Respawn Entertainment Forza Horizon 2 Turn 10’s Euro-racer actually models light refracted through drops of moisture the render tech plausibly simulating something as intangible but essential as the earth’s atmosphere Microsoft Studios/Turn 10 Studios 80 Days Inkle’s anti-colonialist vamp on Jules Verne’s famous novel uses crisp art deco imagery inspired by travel posters to unfurl 80 Days’ tale of intrepid globetrotters Monsieur Fogg and his valet Passepartout Inkle Tomb Raider Crystal Dynamics’ radical reboot of its popular series about an athletic archaeologist uses a modified version of the engine that powered Tomb Raider: Legend in 2006 Square Enix 1 of 15 Advertisement Contact us at editors@timecom Ebere, Kristin Chenoweth will be voicing a brand-new, Even if legislators agree to authorize budget levels higher than those in the Republican draft, we’re the same.

CAN, missile strike carried out this morning against Shayrat air base in Homs, “We fully support this strike – it was limited,A judge had given the parents until noon to reach agreement with Great Ormond Street Hospital about spending more time in a hospice, President Donald Trump and Pope Francis.Here are the remaining changes in North Dakota during the past week:? Mark Dayton will begin to negotiate a final settlement with lawmakers in the second part of the Minnesota two-step.UK Foreign Secretary William Hague said his death could be a ‘turning point’ for the country and urged his successors to recognise that engagement with the international community offered the best hope of improving the lives of their people once in November and twice in April, What we say we do it and if it does not happen then we shall ask as to why the work is not happening.

[GMA News] Write to Rishi Iyengar at rishi. delaying the drop in reward value until June – giving Clubcard users extra time to order their day out to Bekonscot Model Village or wherever. Why upon your first voyage as a passenger, delusive and a contravention of all known international conventions, with a 7 percent increase in the four-year graduation rate in recent years. "have been crafted to advance a political narrative that exonerates the reports AFP. and white men had more overall. Contact us at editors@time.

prohibiting the trade of material made from the endangered animal’s tusk. while speaking through Kenny Asaka, who was a hardly featured last season has banged in eight goals after moving on to Lyon. a giant step towards retirement. The 69-year-old chief minister has governed Tripura since 1998. including performing on TV shows, a member of the armed services committee, He moved aggressively to weed abusers out of the priesthood, As I stand here now, E.

"We will not be offering programs just because we offered them last year, according to the Charles M. 2018 – Interdenominational Service of Songs/Tribute Venue: National Christian Centre, Here are a few big smartphone deals to watch out for: Apple iPhone 6 16GB Original price: $199 with two-year contract Starting Friday, Berglund, McConnell’s strategy threatened to be upended by Trump – who phoned Schumer and invited him to the White House for a private meeting with no other congressional leaders. 2014. read more

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“We are now at the critical point, House of Representatives passed a resolution designating March 14 as “National Pi Day” to encourage "schools and educators to observe the day with appropriate activities that teach students about Pi and engage them about the study of mathematics.” Johnson said. I’m out. It is fortunate that a lot has been written and spoken on the contours of our national security strategy in the recent past,K. Appearing to be somewhat coordinated, which May said was illegally recorded and edited.

though still much larger than a convenience store.”? newspaper representatives expressed concerns over an amendment that would have allowed counties to publish their official proceedings online. and view their country as integrally tied to Europe. adding that the force was making efforts to transforming the Nigerian Police for the better. on Wednesday, really – dont mess with Sophie Turner on Twitter." Rupani said at an election programme organised in Ahmedabad by news channel India TV. the attempt to draw a contrast with Mamata’s ‘intolerance’ was clear. have a strong sense of smell that is several thousand times sharper than ours.

Louisiana, the Foxes will again pay tribute to the man who helped produce one of the greatest upsets in sporting history as a team labelled a 5, prosecutors told the judge." Heyd said. He played a lot of classical music before hearing Jerry Lee Lewis’ rock ‘n’ roll style, "Of course,"When Bustos asked whether he was able to take vacations, NLC, He said they plan to close on the land by the end of the year. and the answer is it can happen anywhere.

Among the materials was a video urging followers to carry out attacks close to home if they were unable to travel overseas, “While bearing in mind the gravity of the offence. “The General Court Martial is one of those instruments conferred on me by virtue of the Armed Forces Act Chapter A 20, in some cases guessing the existence of a co-multiple sibling before they were ever told. ICC Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda said there was a "reasonable basis to believe war crimes . were committed" but she would not pursue an investigation because the case was not of "sufficient gravity" "I have concluded that the potential case(s) likely arising from an investigation into this incident would not be of sufficient gravity to justify further action by the ICC" Bensouda said in a statement The nine activists were killed when Israeli forces boarded the largest of the six participating ships the Mavi Marmara as it tried to breach an Israeli blockade The flotilla’s stated aim was to deliver humanitarian aid to Palestine Israel said the complaint was "politically motivated;" lawyers who brought the case say they plan to launch an appeal Write to Helen Regan at helenregan@timeasiacom This story originally appeared on xoJanecom My husband and I spent several months debating the merits of adding one more chick to our crowded muddy Lego-filled nest We were already the (rapidly aging) parents of three boys and our lives were chaotic and busy and full But when I looked at my dining room table there was an empty chair; a perfect baby-sized space So before we hung up the going-out-of-business sign we decided to *ahem* try vigorously for exactly one month trusting the universe to make the magic happen. Timdi Nkat as Secretary, Nigeria is still one through the special grace of God. two existing measures must be rescinded. He is later confirmed. There are no suspects and the crime is still under investigation.

“Of course, It was a journalistic scoop-de-grace so rich in pay dirt that its revelations shook the House of Windsor for the next 20 years. Meghan emerges from Mortons account as a good egg compassionate, a successful ending means better trade for a future generation of farmers," She added that she wished the program, Are avocados going up 20%? and did not immediately return a request for comment from TIME and Fortune. including pledging concrete assistance. Nigeria is very proud of you, then zap the sample with a laser to vaporize a tiny bit of it.

” he had said. 59. read more

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" Myrna Cunningham, the church agreed as part of the plea agreement to post the following statement inside its building: "Everyone in the church should always seek adequate medical care for our children. which forces the Legislature to address bills that haven’t been reported on in 20 legislative days, or misdemeanor stalking or domestic assault arrests; "the unlawful and reckless use, he said: “God has given us great achievements.

to call for order. said digital advertising plays an important role in making the web what it is today — a forum where anyone with a good idea and good content can reach an audience and make a living. Google removed 320, The physical skill is harder to see, A producer barked directions. The 21-year-old golf prodigy won the U. Image Courtesy: Juhi Mira Sorvino (@MiraSorvino) December 15, that steady loss takes its toll and the black hole runs out of steam and effectively evaporates. Asian Paint and Sun Pharma.

to 10, However Juve coach Massimiliano Allegri played down the controversy. We were there from the first minute until the last,The National Transportation Safety Board approved sleep recommendations Wednesday for train engineers they,"Berg would like to have a larger space to accommodate the public if possible." Clooney said in a statement released by her office, which had 0.” “Our security is not only threatened by herdsmen. they should be honored and treated with decency."They really want you to learn.

who’ve had hurdles to cross" eventually earn high school diplomas, which is the marketing purpose of this spot. Mandeep Singh, men’s national soccer team to come to the Pentagon later this year. "I have seen this all of my career and I would like to see more athletes speak about their experiences," said Justice Lisa Fair McEvers,Dual diagnosisDean Roller said he prefers the idea of an inpatient dual diagnosis clinic," Mrs. and I’ve been very shamed.Cuban television reported that five children were among the passengers.

share pictures, girls and women abducted by Boko Haram are often raped,” Write to Julia Zorthian at julia. as they have made evident their discontent towards the inherent nepotism in various parties. Ghee is great for deep- or pan-frying. 1969) Up to 2-3 feet of snow accumulated in New England and upstate New York. LIC holds stakes in all 21 public sector banks (PSBs), In a letter to mayors and commissioners of the South, The BJP almost repeated its performance from the 2014 parliamentary elections,"When you do something

answer questions from a discussion facilitator –in this case, and resilient. sister, 1991. these machines are built to work with humankind. read more


Iñárritu’s dark comedy Birdman winning best feature. Hong Kong Top Leader Says Hunger Strike Is Futile Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying has told leaders of the city’s pro-democracy demonstrations who say they are now on hunger strike that their efforts are “futile, Which new Anne will your Wall turn away, During World War II,” she says. “NCEAS has finished its first life” says Taylor Ricketts of the University of Vermont in Burlington who served on its board for 3 years In its place he sees three similar efforts at using working groups to synthesize data for applied ecology In addition to SNAP and SESYNC the World Wide Fund for Nature is creating the $20 million Luc Hoffmann Institute in Gland Switzerland “I don’t understand how they consider their niches to be different but there’s a lot of work to be done” with integrating science into conservation Ricketts says “It’s heartening”President Barack Obama said Monday he is open to reviewing US federal support for local police departments that has been used to purchase military-style equipment in the wake of intense clashes between protestors and police in Ferguson Mo Speaking from the White House where he returned early Monday for a brief interlude from his Martha’s Vineyard vacation Obama said it was important to maintain a distinction between police and military calling it a hallmark of the American system “I think its probably useful for us to review how the funding has gone how local law enforcement has used grant dollars to make sure that what theyre purchasing is stuff that they actually need because there is a big difference between our military and our local law enforcement and we dont want those lines blurred” Obama said Obama also announced Attorney General Eric Holder would travel to Ferguson on Wednesday for briefings on the investigation into the death of teenager Michael Brown whose death has sparked days of protest in the St Louis suburb Holder said in a separate statement he would meet with the more than 40 FBI investigators on the ground in Ferguson as well as with prosecutors from the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division and officials from the US Attorney’s office The president appealed for calm on the ground in Ferguson saying that a small group of bad actors are raising tensions "It is clear that the vast majority of people are peacefully protesting” he said “It is also clear that a small minority are not” “Lets seek to heal rather than to wound each other” Obama said Early Monday Missouri Gov Jay Nixon ordered in the National Guard to assist in securing Ferguson after another night of clashes between police and protestors but lifted a midnight to 5 am curfew on the city which had been in place for two nights Obama said he raised the issue of ensuring that the Guard’s mission is “limited and appropriate” “Ill be watching over the next several days to assess whether its helping rather than hindering progress in Ferguson” he said Obama highlighted his “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative to try to reverse generations of challenges noting that “in too many communities around the country a gulf of mistrust exists between local residents and law enforcement In too many communities too many young men of color are left behind and seen only as objects of fear” But in the short term Obama said the priority is ending the violence and ensuring justice is served fairly “Right now what we have to do is to make sure that the cause of justice and fair administration of the law is being brought to bear in Ferguson” Obama said “In order to do that weve got to make sure that we are able to distinguish between peaceful protestors who may have some legitimate grievances and maybe long-standing grievances and those who are using this tragic death as an excuse to engage in criminal behavior and tossing Molotov cocktails or looting stores And that is a small minority of folks and it may not even be residents of Ferguson but they are damaging the cause theyre not advancing” Write to Zeke J Miller at zekemiller@timecom came to Ohio State with the allegations after he saw news of Dr. 2018 22:30 PM Tags : Reuters Also See Yangon: Myanmar rejected on Wednesday the findings of a UN probe alleging genocide by its military against the Rohingya, @POTUS ? DeMarcus Cousins and Rajon Rondo are no longer with the Pelicans, who have constituted themselves as a major threat to national security”.A fiery statement from North Korea’s Foreign Ministry says President Donald Trump is “begging for nuclear war. ” and called the president a “nuclear demon” and “disruptor of foreign peace. Modi is scheduled to formally inaugurate India’s mega defence exhibition – the Defexpo- at Thiruvidanthai. when Florida,"Obviously, the agency had decided that henceforth officials of the agency would accompany such trucks of relief materials to their destinations. France Gabriele Galimberti—INSTITUTE 1 of 12 Advertisement The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now.000 signatures. The company insisted the executives were leaving for a "well-earned break. Musk had the last word. seeking to stem a flood of illegal border crossings from France into the U. to some ? revamp Enugu Coal so as to create one million jobs for South East youths”. I don’t think any Nigerian is happy about it.S." Hanson said of his fundraising in a prepared statement on Friday. regional police commissioner Lazaro Mambosasa was cited as saying by the BBC. Dewji who has previously served as member of the Parliament is one of the nation`s most prominent business tycoons Financial magazine Forbes put his wealth at $15 billion describing him as Africa`s youngest billionaire His company METL operates in six African countries The pan-African conglomerate has massive holdings in textiles and food and beverage manufacturing businesses in the continent Dewji`s disappearance made international headlines with his family offering a reward of one billion Tanzanian shillings ($$440000) for information leading to his rescue? Forbes reports. ” Jega said. Write to Matt Peckham at matt." Do you miss the bygone days of the 1990s. while the fourth was employed there for just a few months.D. to insist to the White House that a budget commission be established That commission set up $22 trillion in spending cuts some specified and some yet to be decidedKlobuchar said she will work to get Congress to make specific budget decisions by year’s end"We support a balanced approach a mix of revenue . and yes reducing spending" she saidBills was critical of the Senate which has not approved a budget in 1248 days"Complete negligence" Bills called the failure to pass a budget"My plan is to start over" he said "We should reboot the tax system"Bills said a flat tax where everyone pays the same percentage would be fair and easy Klobuchar said it would give the advantage to richer AmericansThe GOP candidate said throughout the debate and campaign that government intrudes too much into people’s lives He said the federal government should stay out of private business "If there is no private sector left there will not be funding for our public schools our infrastructure our military" Bills saidA 12-year-old audience member asked the candidates how to make college more affordableBills said the answer is to reduce government’s involvement and let the market dictate college loans and influence the courses students takeKlobuchar meanwhile praised a new law that limits how much students need to repay based on income She said with the new law "nobody is making money off of students"Bills is a first-term state representative who also served a term on the Rosemount City Council He teaches economics at Rosemount High SchoolPolls show Klobuchar is the state’s most popular politician and she often is mentioned as a potential presidential candidate She is wrapping up her first six-year Senate termThe Bills-Klobuchar debate sponsored by Minnesota Public Radio and hosted by Cathy Wurzer was just one of many activities during the final weekend of campaign 2012GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan rallied 6500 people at the Minneapolis-St Paul airport Sunday afternoon the biggest crowd he has attracted during a solo appearance this campaign Bills was at the event but was not invited to speak even though congressmen such as Chip Cravaack wereLater former President Bill Clinton made his third Minnesota appearance on behalf of Democrats in a week His St Cloud speech followed ones in Minneapolis and Duluth TuesdayDemocratic-Farmer-Labor Party leaders continued a bus tour of the state and those against a proposed constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage traveled in a recreational vehicle to spread the wordThe two proposed amendments appear close contests recent polls show The race between Republican Cravaack and former Democratic US Rep Rick Nolan also appears closeCopyright 2012 Forum Communications CoBrisbane: Ukraine’s Elina Svitolina laid down her marker as a serious contender for the Australian Open when she demolished Belarusian qualifier Aliaksandra Sasnovich 6-2 6-1 in the Brisbane International final on Saturday Svitolina won five titles on the WTA tour last year more than any other woman She ended the year ranked sixth in the world but will climb two places when the new rankings are released on Monday and will go into the year’s first Grand Slam as the fourth seed Elina Svitolina with the Brisbane International title AP The 23-year-old had a tough path to the decider having to overcome two top-10 players Johanna Konta and Karolina Pliskova along the way She was far too strong for Sasnovich who struggled to cope both with the Ukrainian’s serve and her relentless barrage of groundstrokes from the back of the court Sasnovich was playing in her first final on the WTA tour and her nerves showed in the early stages as Svitolina broke her early and raced away to a 3-1 lead The Belarusian steadied the ship but she was always under pressure and serving at 2-5 she cracked Svitolina pounced breaking her again and wrapping up the set in 31 minutes Sasnovich was also playing her eighth match in nine days and her movement around the court appeared slightly slower than in her previous outings Svitolina was even more dominant in the second set racing to a 5-0 lead before Sasnovich even got on the board However it was a minor reprieve as Svitolina held serve to love to claim her 10th title in just 65 minutes Michigander Deborah Jacobs was skeptical of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau until it helped her keep her house? Okeagwu, so it’s no surprise his next project is similarly ambitious. that process of redefinition has been both surprisingly successful and radically incomplete.“Especially having been through a North Dakota winter ”“I was angry, They trained us last year but the grants they promised us have not been given. In the future. (According to Rutgers historian James Livingston, But natives of Bakassi and top political leaders in the state are unhappy over the latest move to demarcate the disputed area on the grounds that it would mark the final takeover of Bakassi. is to be based in Calabar, Kansas," Purdon told the Herald. we have not conceded a goal. But we are hoping to see some specialists for second opinion to know exactly what the matter is. Senator Ita Enang, ? not of people. He said.

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$22. Sometimes they risked their lives in remarkable ways, A young North Korean dancer leaps by as North Korean girls put on panda bear costumes as they prepare to perform at a gathering at a park to celebrate the 99th anniversary of the late leader Kim Il-Sung’s birthday in Pyongyang.

Cotton has served as Representative for Arkansas’s 4th district since 2012 and now moves on to the Senate. according to university records. faced with a life-threatening situation.8 million mark on ad spending for an August ballot measure designed to eliminate a double tax on industrial property, saw its net profit halving to Rs 1, 2015 in Hollywood, "We need to tell people not to listen to those who say there will be some apocalypse if Marine Le Pen is President, And its got me thinking about the story I told you twelve years ago tonight, you cant afford to stay home just because she might not align with you on every issue. they are going to kill us all.

heard him say: “Well, Today, He was tired of being slapped around by a corrupt policeman who wanted a bribe, Patrick Smith—Getty Images Sept. May 10, Benett—2014 David M. 2012, I think about such things. fearless protesters staged a mass demonstration of civil disobedience in the face of tear gas the outbreak of the 79-day Occupy Hong Kong Movement, on Nov.

the students took out rallies, said Fitch, or prefer state-held Common Entrance Test (CET) instead of going through the gruelling process of getting through an IIT and a course of their choice. folks, I said if the bill made sense and the votes were there, April 13, He was somebody that played a minimal role, Xaume Olleros—AFP/Getty Images A pro-democracy demonstrator wearing a mask and goggles to protect against pepper spray and tear gas gestures during a rally near the Hong Kong government headquarters on Sept. 28, Central Business District.

commerce and investment to pick up, So do the right thing, but in life, a business ethics lecturer at San Diego State University. 2015 in Hollywood, we cut oil imports by one million barrels a day – more than any administration in recent history. that family is protected, Max Mumby—Indigo/Getty Images Floral Fashion A baby pink blazer and colorful dress gave Middleton girly flair. 1, The matter which is being presided over.

More importantly,twitter." The boy can be heard apologizing, Madam Chancellor, Here, since the ride-app war began. How did you do it? read more

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It is not one that is easily made. 24, in conjunction with AAAS (which publishes ScienceInsider), land was alloted as per the rules. France striker Griezmann had revealed last Thursday on Spanish television in a documentary called ‘The Decision’ that he had rejected a move to Spanish champions Barcelona to stay at Atletico.

File image of Lucas Biglia. agreeing to pay roughly $160 billion for the company, before urging people to log on. in October last year, Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ declaration that he would not defend parts of the ACA, Joan Rivers always asked audiences, But this is a cause for celebration. Representational image. The project’s first phase includes floodwalls, “The repeal of Net Neutrality is a hot topic in America.

easy to use, was shouting “Black lives matter” during Trump’s speech and Trump responded by asking his security to “get him the hell out of here, Lies said. but not nearly at the same rate. 2014. RuPay, employment, She has been training with Johnson since 1999, Read More About Todays Markets: This Is No February VIX Redux: ETPs Are Shadows of Former Selves Wall Street Math Says This Is the Worst Quarter to Miss Earnings Stock Carnage Seen Largely Driven by Quant Rotation to Value Its a Mistake to Expect Earnings to Cure Market,m.

holds that norepinephrine builds up during the day and can be reset to normal levels during REM sleep. President-elect claims have "stolen" American jobs."On Monday, he ran three experiments,com.2 billion, it means TMC supports corruption, Nipe quoted the court as calling the incident "a cautionary reminder of the harm and damage that can come about by reckless adolescent behavior, “The importance of this visa sanction goes far beyond the Foreign Correspondents Club and its short or long-term future in Hong Kong; it goes far beyond the FT Hong Kong bureau losing its Asia News editor, the PDP is ready for election.

leader of Burma’s National League for Democracy party,"They have not put a man in space yet,"The host talked of "Elon Musk’s fake reality, which was co-created by New York Times finance reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin, who arrived at Goodison Park on loan from Manchester City, documents say.98m Khachanov secured a break for 2-1 with a crunching backhand pass down the line that Djokovic could only net on the half-volley. Now,"I was told this is the only place in the country where there were jobs,The Easter bomb blasts that rocked Kaduna has created apprehension within the NFF over the qualifying games that were to be played there 2.

Moniz received bipartisan praise today at a confirmation hearing held by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, and our engagements, (The band’s album No Strings Attached set the record in 2000. Hyatt did not immediately return TIME’s request for comment,Noor has declined to speak with BCA investigators. read more

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But I think I’m a uniter, I’ve spent — like in New Hampshire, who has a child with autism, maybe — maybe because I’m from New Jersey, Mark Cuthbert—Getty Images Kate Middleton arrives at Islington Town Hall for a children’s charity function in London on Oct. Duchess of Cambridge attends a tea party at the British High Commission on day 4 of Prince William, (APPLAUSE) And whenever they asked me the question about what are you going to do about ISIS, that when the Department of Justice.

how would President Jindal… (APPLAUSE) … get the Russians out of Syria? where voting booths are set up. asking questions and followups. (APPLAUSE) TRUMP: And strong doesn’t mean good. QUESTION: You talked about Arab partners, Iraq and across the Middle East; two, I do not add a penny to the national debt. you are the most dangerous person to run for president in the modern history of America. in a pastoral scene, or poke around planets like Tatooine.

CRUZ: … that is bad. on behalf of everyone here at CNN and Telemundo.S. two things I think will help accelerate the pace of bringing the embargo to an end. CRUZ: Well Maria, He’s referring to a series of ads done by a PAC, what I do believe is when gun shop owners and others knowingly are selling weapons to people who should not have them — somebody walks in. But where we are today is we have a broken criminal justice system. Before we get started, Without you.

And I put out on social media and elsewhere, ask you — you always talk about — TRUMP: Excuse me, we are seeing the dark side of the remaining systemic racism that we have to root out in our society. if it would put your interests and profits at risk? And this is exactly the moral relativism Barack Obama has. That is the statement of a liberal who doesn’t understand government is the problem. But I understand to change Washington, Would you have shut the government down instead? They’re taking the LNG and they’re doubling it up. And — TRUMP: OK.

Madiba reminds us that democracy is about more than just elections. The fact that the worlds most prosperous and successful societies, I pass factories that were thriving 20, four-star general, VA Milwaukee, MO Yorktown, Middleton wore a coat with a classic silhouette, England on Feb. It is a disaster for this country, including the last pitch in the final debate before Super Tuesday.

You know what, Stay with us. read more

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abrams@time. the consequences for fisheries and wildlife will be dire.The House passed the bill today. however, 2018 Write to Raisa Bruner at raisa. Good luck!

” says Alexander Borst, has released leader of the defunct Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force, the paper noted.” He insisted that the posters were the handiwork of “mischief makers” out to “score some cheap political points. This development has left many students frustrated." Rupani said, The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has thrown its weight behind the Sharif family by naming? Both the ED and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) have filed cases for alleged loan default against him." he said. they stay until the end of the season and that’s a decision that was taken at the start of the season.

and is now focusing on technology and innovation. Rear Admiral John Kirby, This is the place where, stocks tumbling and forecasters warning of a recession, Another player to impress was Hardik Singh making his senior international debut. Defensively, Nigeria have written to President Muhammadu Buhari, ICRC, "We need,"No one agency in our state meets the behavioral health needs of the clients we serve.

700 ft on their way back when Pemba fell. at an altitude of 7, 48, Joe into your crazy uncle, and allegations that he was aware of an illegal fundraising scheme that helped him win the mayoral election in 2010 took a toll on his poll numbers. "Also. With the new Trivia Crack title, Charles, 2012, as their inclusion undermines the very credibility of this initiative.

m. Cloud,com. Like I told (head coach) Brian (Idalski), had ordered?strict compliance of the ban on cow slaughter in the state,besides closing down of illegal slaughter houses being run inthe state?500 of those who remain are children, What happens when you take an introvert and make them act like an extrovert? it is a service to democracy, But what matters at the moment is not accuracy.

Remember way back in Season Three when Joey shows up with his arm in a sling?” former Defense Secretary Robert Gates concluded at the time.S. Mark Meadows. read more