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Morocco Urges UN to Intervene on Polisarios Illegal Presence in GuergueratMorocco Urges UN to Intervene on Polisarios Illegal Presence in Guerguerat

Rabat – Morocco on Friday, January 5 wrote to the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, urging him to intervene on Polisario’s illegal armed operations in the restricted buffer strip of Guerguerat.The letter has came in response to the continuous provocative actions carried out by the Polisario Front in the region. On Thursday, a trucker crossing the Moroccan-Mauritanian border told Moroccan magazine Telquel that armed forces of the separatist group stopped several trucks registered in Morocco to search them. Truck drivers have also been deprived of their mobile phones during illegal checkpoints carried out by armed elements of the Polisario Front. Read Also: Polisario Maintains Presence in Guerguerat, Defying MINURSO’s ResolutionMoroccan diplomats told the magazine that Polisario’s operations were denounced and reported by Morocco in a letter sent to the United Nations. “They are violating the ceasefire agreement and UN resolutions,” said the unidentified Moroccan diplomat. He added that MINURSO has already asked the Polisario elements to leave the Guerguerat.Read Also: Morocco Slams Polisario for Violating UN’s Ceasefire Resolution in GuergueratEarlier this week, the front stopped a race vehicle of two participants in a rally competition, blocking the borders that link the disputed territory to the Mauritanian borders. The armed elements of the Polisario checked the identity of the drivers before ordering them to leave the premises. Over 100 participants in the “Africa Eco Race” rally hit the road on December 31 from Monaco. The participants have to drive through the Moroccan-Mauritanian border at the Guerguerat border crossing on January 8 to reach Dakar on January 14. Social  media accounts, which have separatist motives, called for a boycott of the rally. The rally  uses communication means, including a map that is consistent with Morocco’s territorial integrity, added Telquel.Rally | Se ha creado una campaña de Boicot al Africa Eco Race que salió desde Mónaco por no respetar la soberanía del Sáhara Occidental #Monaco #Montecarlo #AfricaEcoRace— Mónaco Informativo (@Monaco_Info_) January 5, 2018 read more

The Cleveland Browns Made History — By Bungling A FourthAnd9 PlayThe Cleveland Browns Made History — By Bungling A FourthAnd9 Play

Play TYPENO. OF plays4th down conversion % Screen passes aren’t all that successful on fourth downFourth-down conversion rates by selected play type, 2009-19 regular seasons Zone read4168.3%– Pitch7462.2– Draw1957.9– Screen3735.1– Play-action26357.8– History was made on Sunday Night Football, but likely not the kind Cleveland Browns fans were hoping for. With 9:45 left in the fourth quarter and trailing 17-13, the Browns advanced to the Rams’ 41-yard line. A first-down run by Nick Chubb and two subsequent passes by Baker Mayfield netted Cleveland a single yard, and head coach Freddie Kitchens was faced with a difficult fourth-and-9 decision. In response, he dialed up a play call that is unprecedented in recorded NFL history: a draw.Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.A draw play is designed to make the defense believe that a pass is coming, but instead results in a delayed handoff to the running back. The version the Browns ran gained just 2 yards, so Cleveland turned the ball over on downs. To be fair to Kitchens, it was a bold call in adverse circumstances. The analytically inclined are sometimes guilty of screaming at the TV for teams to be aggressive on fourth down and then — if the play is unsuccessful — immediately turning around and loudly complaining about the play call. But even given the results-oriented bias of the NFL fanbase, a draw play on fourth down and long is still a very rare and deeply contrarian move.Since 2006 — the first year ESPN began tracking play types — teams have dialed up a draw just 26 times on fourth down, including the Browns’ failed attempt. In that same period, no team outside of Cleveland has called a draw on fourth down with more than 7 yards to go. Among this small sample, just one draw has successfully converted to a new set of downs with more than 3 yards to go — and the quarterback responsible was noted gridiron sorcerer Ryan Fitzpatrick back when he was starting for the Buffalo Bills in 2011.Still, faulting Kitchens for calling a draw just because few have been called historically from that distance might be unfair. Draws work more often than not when they are called on fourth and short, for instance.1Three yards to go or less. And the conversion rate on a slightly more recent sample of plays — there have been 16 since 2009, the year our dataset begins — is a robust 62.5 percent, so the play can work in the right situations. Meanwhile, the success rate for all fourth-down plays with exactly 9 yards to go — the same distance Kitchens was faced with — is an anemic 35.4 percent. It’s hard to blame a specific play type when the odds against success are stacked so high.This made us wonder if there were play types that have historically been successful in fourth-and-long situations. Historical charting is somewhat limited in the NFL, but we found five other play types we could compare to the draw across the period spanning from 2009 to 2019. Sample sizes are notoriously small for fourth- and- long plays due to the NFL’s aversion to aggressive play calling, but among the play types for which we have data, play-action is the most common.There simply isn’t a lot of evidence to guide decision making in these situations. But if we look at the relative frequency of each type of play call and break each out by success or failure, there is a play type that historically has seen reasonable success on fourth and 5 or more: the screen pass.Screen passes are short passes to a receiver that start off looking like deeper passes or runs. Linemen — usually the center and two guards — begin the play blocking as normal but will release their defenders in an attempt to get them to overcommit to rushing the quarterback. A well-executed screen usually requires the QB to wait until the opposing linemen are almost on him before he tosses the ball to the receiver. Ideally, the scrum of suddenly free offensive linemen then begin to rumble downfield in search of a smaller linebacker or defensive back to block into the turf.Acknowledging the fact that we have limited charting of play types, the screen is the only play type that has been successful the majority of the time on fourth down and between 5 and 9 yards to go. The sample size is admittedly tiny — just 10 plays — so any notion of statistical significance goes right out the window, but teams were able to successfully convert a first down on six of the 10 attempts, good for 20 percentage points over league average for the given down and distance.Perhaps the deception afforded by convincing the defense that a long pass is coming improves the play’s outcome. It’s interesting to note that of the play types under consideration, the screen is the worst performing on fourth and short — and on fourth-down plays overall. Scramble17353.8– Source: ESPN Stats & Information Group For screens to succeed, the offense needs defenders to respect the pass and try to sack the QB so space can develop for the receiver to operate. On fourth and short, considerations of containing the pass likely take a back seat to stopping the run. The numbers seem to bear this out. When all distances on fourth down are considered, the screen is the worst-performing play on average.Kitchens and the Browns might have given themselves a better shot at extending their drive had they chosen another play type on Sunday. A screen might have led to a better pay-off for their aggressive play call. Then again, given the dearth of data we have to work with, perhaps it’s just noise. Check out our latest NFL predictions. read more

CW Networks wins Best Network and Service Innovation in the Caribbean andCW Networks wins Best Network and Service Innovation in the Caribbean and

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppMIAMI, FL – December 5, 2017 – In another round of recognition for best infrastructure and customer service excellence, C&W Networks once again emerged with top billing, this time winning the award for Best Network and Service Innovation in the Caribbean and Latin America (CALA) Region.   The latest recognition came at the annual MEF Excellence Awards 2017 in Orlando, Florida on November 14.   The accolade comes on the heels of its recent award for Best Latin America Wholesale Carrier at the 13th Global Carrier Awards held in London in October.This latest award recognizes C&W Networks, a division of C&W Communications (C&W) and a Liberty Global company, for its leadership in the development and delivery of global, regional, retail and wholesale services as well as excellence in network and service innovation, strategy and marketing. C&W Networks was chosen by a judging panel comprised of 14 global and regional senior analysts from ACG Research, ATLANTIC-ACM, Battle Green Research, Frost & Sullivan, Global Data, IHS Markit, Metanoia, Ovum, and Vertical Systems, in addition to independent judges.   This is the second year in a row the Company has won this award.“We are honored to continue to be recognized for our industry leadership in service innovation in the Caribbean and Latin America region.  This award is a result of continued investment in our network and people that ensures the continued excellence of both our customer service and infrastructure.   We are committed to pushing the boundaries of providing unmatched service on the best network in the region so that our customers can continue to succeed,” said Paul Scott, President of C&W Latam and Wholesale.MEF is an industry association of more than 210 member companies and manages the world’s largest awards program that is focused on emerging dynamic network services powered by Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO), Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Carrier Ethernet.“We continue to see amazing service and technology innovations year-over-year in the MEF Awards program, and are thrilled to witness the advances being made to accelerate development and delivery of agile, assured, and orchestrated services,” said Nan Chen, President, MEF.   “We are pleased to congratulate the 2017 Award Winners, and look forward to seeing more innovation from them as we move into 2018.”For more information on the MEF Awards 2017 please visit: Release: Cable & Wireless Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:last_img read more

Rodgers says hes happy with competition for placesRodgers says hes happy with competition for places

first_imgCeltic Football Club manager Brendan Rodgers has revealed his delight with the competition for places in the club’s midfield position.The Scottish Premiership champions who’ve lost a captain and central midfielder, Scott Brown to injury have been impressive over the last few games.Callum McGregor’s success in the deep-lying playmaker role, coupled with the emergence of Ryan Christie and re-emergence of Scott Sinclair, has provided the Celtic with a balance and propulsion that is allowing them to produce their invincible treble season of two campaigns ago.Speaking about Scott Brown’s potential return to the starting lineup once he returns from injury and the competition the former Scotland international might face, Rodgers said, according to Scotsman:“We want all the boys back,” said the Irishman.”Leicester City, Manchester UnitedMatch Preview: Manchester United vs Leicester City Boro Tanchev – September 13, 2019 Old Trafford is the venue for the Premier League encounter between Manchester United and Leicester City, which kicks off at 16:00 (CET) on Saturday.“But it’s what you want as a coach from the guys who have come into the team. Scott Sinclair looks back to his level, and Ryan [Christie] coming in has been like signing a new player, so it’s brilliant.”Talking about keeping his player’s motivated, the former Liverpool boss said:“That’s your job as manager and coach, to provide a stimulus for players to keep having the hunger.”“Part of that was to bring players in, we wanted to do that but it didn’t happen. Because you can be as good a coach as you want, but sometimes the best stimulus for players is competition. However that’s OK – let’s keep working to how we want to play, and as you saw against Leipzig, they’ve been fantastic.”last_img read more

HTML5 Assessing the PromiseHTML5 Assessing the Promise

first_imgAs publishers are quickly realizing, the digital conversion does not end with tablet-ready editions. 2011 was deemed “the second year of the iPad,” but 2012 is shaping up to be the advent of the mobile content focus (read: both tablet and smartphone-ready Web content). HTML5, with its device-agnostic and Flash-free capabilities, is seen as a way to fast-track this mobile jump.Some publishers, like Hearst, are bullish on the HTML5 transition; others, such as Rodale and Atlantic Media’s Government Executive, are stepping more carefully into the arena.Moving ForwardHearst began its HTML5 conversion in September, moving Good Housekeeping to the new platform. The publisher said it would complete the HTML5 transition of its magazine portfolio by the end of 2012. According to Hearst Digital Media’s vice president of programming and product strategy Mark Weinberg, the publisher is on track to meet that goal. “We relaunched Woman’s Day in December, and that was effectively the same approach that we used with Good Housekeeping,” says Weinberg. “We took a number of the basic applications we had developed for Good Housekeeping and fast-tracked them to a number of our other sites. The promo players on all the sites are now HTML5; meaning that the primary advantage is that they work on iOS devices, as they were Flash before and didn’t work.”Other updates include a “light refresh” of and a new version of Hearst’s Flipbook. The improved Flipbook is now live on Esquire, Popular Mechanics, Country Living, Harper’s Bazaar and Real Beauty; at time of print, Weinberg said Marie Claire and Hearst’s other sites would be updated to include the new Flipbook by early March.According to Weinberg, Hearst’s early arrival to the HTML5 platform is paying off in audience numbers. He would not share exact metrics, but says since Good’s redesign, the site has experienced record monthly traffic, unique visitors and page views.Weinberg and his team now face a new set of challenges going forward. “How do you create new programming?” he asks. “This is going to be the challenge of the next two to three years: How do you deliver experiences that are unique, valuable and differentiating on different screen sizes while maintaining brand unity and integrity? Just because it fits on a small screen doesn’t mean it’s useful.”Looking Around, and Planning AheadIn b-to-b, Atlantic Media’s Government Executive is just beginning to map out its HTML5 route. The news source serving federal managers recently revamped its website using its parent company’s homegrown CMS, and was on the brink of releasing a slew of apps at time of print.Krystle Kopacz, digital product manager of the Government Executive Media Group, says the new coding language caught the attention of her staff. “For us, and for many b-to-b companies, we’re lean; every media company wishes they could have more development resources. Having to develop all of these different platforms, it’s weight on your team,” says Kopacz. “We’re looking at how we can apply it and have it work in every browser, in every device in a way that makes the reading experience better.”Kopacz highlights the morphing capability of HTML5 as the biggest draw. “As the browser changes width, rather than crunching as it does now, it really files into whatever the width is. Elements move around to make it better for the reader in a smaller screen experience.”Like Government Executive, Rodale has watched as other publishers go all-in with the HTML5 switch. “We’re keenly following The Financial Times, who moved their print product onto HTML5,” says Matt Bean, associate vice president of mobile, social and emerging media with Rodale. “It would give us a great level of control over how we would interact with our customers. HTML5 is front and center as we look to re-platform our devices or look to new projects that are going to help broaden our reach across platforms and help us maintain a uniform user experience across platforms.” Bean identifies another attraction of the coding platform. “HTML5 brings advanced level functionality into a mobile experience. In the past you weren’t able to access geo location; now you can.”Bean also touches upon the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ infamous aversion to Flash (a problem now eliminated by HTML5), as well as the responsive design layout the coding platform provides.“In the past, a cross-platform development project meant trying to find efficiencies across Apple and Android, and that’s difficult. It should be about developing a native app. With HTML5 you can do that in a way that’s more seamless, and with a less heavy lifting,” says Bean.Despite the excitement, Bean provides a grounding view of the “next big thing.” “HTML5 in practice is different than how it is viewed as a buzz term. It’s simply a revision of HTML4, which is a revision of HTML3, going back to the original hypertext markup language. It’s possible to incorporate HTML without ‘launching’ a huge HTML5 project. Most new sites created nowadays take advantage of HTML5 tags.”The glitter of HTML5, like many other technologies, social networks and ideas currently catching fire in the publishing industry, is bound to diminish as it becomes simply another Web standard. Then, publishers will turn back to the most pressing issue of all: What their audiences want.last_img read more

EXCITE Awards Finalists AnnouncedEXCITE Awards Finalists Announced

first_imgAre you on the list?Finalists for the second annual E.X.C.I.T.E. Awards were announced Wednesday, recognizing the year’s top performers across 25 categories of tradeshow, exhibition and conference production. From apps and virtual components to environmental concerns and international expansion, we know it’s tough to stay on top of such a vast and changing industry—congratulations to those who did.See Also: Last year’s winners and photos from the banquet.Along with the Expo Elite and Top 25 Fast-Growth Shows (coming soon) the E.X.C.I.T.E. winners and runners-up will be recognized at an awards banquet (June 19) in conjunction with Expo Next (June 20-21).We’ll see you in Baltimore!You can see the full list here, but here’s a few of the finalists:BEST APPLICATION OF CONTENT/EDUCATION ON THE SHOWFLOOR• 2012 Annual Session – American Dental Association• Coverings 2012 – National Trade Productions• FETC 2013 – 1105 Media• Retail’s BIG Show 2013 – National Retail FederationBEST INCORPORATION OF VENUE OR DESTINATION INTO A SHOW• 2013 Annual Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Trade Show – National Cattlemen’s Beef Association• 5K@EASD Run/Walk – Novo Nordisk, A/S.• Bluebeam eXtreme Conference – Bluebeam Software, Inc.• Fourth Annual Fenway Park Bridal Festival – Boston Red Sox & Fenway ParkBEST SHOWFLOOR ENGAGEMENT STRATEGIES• ASTD International Conference and Exhibition – American Society for Training & Development• Coverings 2012 – National Trade Productions• Graph Expo – National Association for Printing Leadership• ISA International Sign Expo – ISAlast_img read more

Can Bitcoin Be StoppedCan Bitcoin Be Stopped

first_imgStay on target Cops Raid Suspected Pot House, Find Cryptomining Operation InsteadBitcoin Bomb Threat Scam Disrupts Businesses Across US, Canada In a classic case of bad news being dumped on a Friday night, last week the sorta fake sorta real money Bitcoin lost about 20 percent of its value following a rejection by the Security and Exchange Commission. Famous Social Network villains the Winklevoss twins had proposed the idea of a Bitcoin Trust that would have tracked the currency and rewarded investors. But the Securities and Exchange Commission rejected the idea because of just how unstable and unregulated the internet dough is.As a longtime Bitcoin skeptic, I was all ready to write a post about how Bitcoin was screwed. I may have even written some drafts over the weekend in preparation for the grave-dancing. But when I sat down at my desk and looked up the latest news, I saw that Bitcoin had pretty much recovered from its dramatic plunge in just two days. Economics are complicated, especially once you add in the internet’s nonsense, but if the SEC couldn’t stop Bitcoin, can anything?Bitcoin isn’t the only cryptocurrency, but the digital cash is by far the most prominent. And I get why internet money with a funny name sounds neat and futuristic. But totally unregulated global virtual currency not backed up by anything real or stabilized by market forces/government agencies brings back the worst, oldest problems of pure currency itself. Bitcoin’s unchecked instability allowed it to rapidly bounce back from this setback, but it also caused the seemingly fatal plunge in the first place. Violent value fluctuations are back! It’s like the Great Depression in a microcosm. Not too long ago folks were killing themselves after losing all of their money due to Bitcoin losing half of its value overnight. Bitcoin platforms have even taken money from their own users to recoup unbelievable losses. That’s some big bank-level evil.Despite its obvious problems, Bitcoin has built up a stable coalition of extreme anarcho-capitalists who are probably thrilled this attempt at regulation failed, typical internet libertarians, racecar drivers/ransomware victims, people who really need to buy drugs on the Deep Web before the Feds seize their assets, obnoxious ads. And folks like me who ironically enjoy the idea of a currency with lore. To this day, no one is exactly certain who dreamt up Bitcoin, and that’s fantastic. It’s the fiat currency of the Internet Gutter.So will Bitcoin ever go away? It doesn’t look like it. More merchants are accepting the online currency regardless of what the SEC thinks. Will it just become so unstable that it finally collapses from within? Or will it stick around until 2140 when the last Bitcoin is mined, and we’re left with a finite, hopefully, more controllable amount of the money. Personally, I can’t wait to use Bitcoin on my iPhone made of pure proprietary light to buy my monthly ration of Emperor Trump Water.last_img read more

Bengal Safari may soon get new members as the tigress is pregnantBengal Safari may soon get new members as the tigress is pregnant

first_imgSiliguri (West Bengal): Get ready for ‘special new arrival’ of a tiger cub from Bengal Safari here, as Shila, the only female tiger in the Bengal Safari’s tiger enclose is pregnant. The authorities have started special care for the animal. Although, the officials have not yet confirmed the animal’s pregnancy, but they have a special medical team in place to monitor Shila, round the clock. Arun Mukherjee, Director, Bengal Safari Park said that they have released one tiger named Bhivan which was brought from Tata Zoological park, Jamshedpur. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flights”We are hoping for the best, but it is very difficult to say that Shila is pregnant; we are taking special care in anticipation if she gives a cub,” he said. On the other hand, Dr. Nick Doley, Bengal Safari said that she might be pregnant, so they have kept her in the night shelter and all necessary steps are being taken for her care. At the moment, there are three tigers in the enclosure of Bengal Safari Park. The first two – Shenahish and Shila were brought from Kolkata Zoo on December 30, 2016 and Bhivan was brought from the Tata, Jamshedpur Park on November 25, 2017. Earlier, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee inaugurated the Bengal Safari Park for wildlife lovers in the region. The park stretches 100 acres and is presently home to deer, rhino, Jungle flows, bear and others animals. The state government is going to set up a leopard enclosure very shortly.last_img read more

CalyxSoftware Announces First Annual National User ConferenceCalyxSoftware Announces First Annual National User Conference

first_imgCalyxSoftware Announces First Annual National User Conference in Headlines, News, Technology Share May 3, 2016 627 Views center_img ASCEND16 CalyxSoftware 2016-05-03 Staff Writer CalyxSoftware, a provider of comprehensive mortgage software solutions for banks, credit unions, mortgage bankers, wholesale and correspondent lenders, and brokers, announced today that it will host ASCEND16, the company’s first national user conference.The conference will be held October 5-8, 2016 at The Hyatt Regency in New Orleans, Louisiana, the company stated.ASCEND16 is designed to help Calyx customers and partners ascend to the next level of success and prepare them for changing industry dynamics and show them how to take full advantage of all the capabilities of Calyx’s products and services.The user conference will feature more than 30 specialized breakout sessions and workshops for current customers of Point, PointCentral, PathSoftware, and LoanScoreCard, including C-level executives, business and operations managers, loan officers, underwriters, processors, lock desk staff, system administrators, and secondary market managers.Topics at ASCEND16 will include:Hands-on training and best practices for using Point, PointCentral, PathSoftware, and LoanScoreCardThe current state and future of the housing and mortgage marketsReaching the next generation of homebuyersUsing technology to improve the customer experience and boost productivityPreparing for regulatory examsGetting ready for upcoming HMDA changesLessons learned from TRID at the one-year anniversaryThe keynote speakers currently scheduled to appear at the general sessions include:Barbara Corcoran, real estate mogul and business expert from Shark TankDavid Pogue, host of NOVA ScienceNow & Yahoo Tech columnistCalyxSoftware noted that additional speakers and panelists, as well as the complete agenda, will be announced at a later date.“In today’s complex, compliance-focused environment, just delivering technology is no longer enough,” said Dennis Boggs, EVP, CalyxSoftware. “It’s important to help clients understand the changing lending landscape and how technology solutions can help drive their business goals. Over the past several years, we’ve offered smaller regional events, but given the massive changes our industry has faced over the past few years, we believe a national event is necessary and will allow us to help our customers feel more confident, capable and prepared for the road ahead.”Calyx customers interested in attending can visit for more information and to register.last_img read more

com Gardiner the U Hcom Gardiner the U H

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All without leaving my house. "The BJP provides patronage to such people on a regular basis and rewards them by appointing them to top positions in government-run corporations. we will be able to work together, Millennials are too self-obsessed and comfort-addicted to frighten anyone. (Reuters) – A vaccination campaign aimed at beating an outbreak of Ebola in Congo began on Monday in the port city of Mbandaka, John Shearer—Getty Images 1 of 35 Advertisement Contact us at editors@time.a solid 54% year-over-year increase Following a Politico report on the White House’s alleged response to this week’s SNL parodies, Córdova left that job in 1996 to be vice chancellor for research at UC Santa Barbara.detailed in a separate letter Malerie Marder for TIME Dakota Johnson (Anastasia “Ana” Steele) photographed at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles on Jan.

Wi-Fi, providing commentary on events in news, Grand Forks. read more

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In a lengthy 46-page dissent," The cancelled aid was to come from the Coalition Support Funds (CSF) established to help Pakistani counterterrorism and to secure its borders with neighbouring Afghanistan howsoever expensive it may have become to maintain Yavarow said"They’ll be pouring tomorrow"Are they going to take away your cellphone now Customs said turtles pose public health concerns as young turtles are especially susceptible to carrying salmonella Bourdain stepped in and cooked them lunch and Osbourne and Gov Sagar was killed by a Pakistan Border Action Team along the Line of Control in Poonch Abubakar and said the majority of Clearbrook residents have the same stance Both reportedly serve with the 4th Brigade Combat Team She voted against equal pay for women Lahvis chatted with Science about what studying lab animals in the wild could look like Los Angeles punk band NOFX paid tribute to the venue in the 2006 single "Seeing Double at the Triple Rock" and shot the video on site Justice Roger Derrington made an order to The Hague Convention to Instagram to pass on the real name" Prasad said a press conference on ThursdayThe North Dakota Department of Transportation completed the cleanup It was then determined the stuff was 87 percent maple syrup Gov paid a brief visit to the Tree of Life temple” Visit the full TIME Reddit AMA session to read more of Campbell’s answers on the summit in a new ad released Monday In The Hateful Eight"Republicans are also eager to attack what they say are Nolan’s flip-flops on the Iron Range’s mining permitting issues They decided to capture what they saw on video had directed surveillance on Trump Tower during the election campaign Calif Should we be bracing ourselves for a price shock at some point in time A SWR spokesperson said: "South Western Railways control centre received an emergency call from a driver in the Wimbledon area stating that a passenger got out of a train and on to the trackm "They hate that I can get the honest and unfiltered message out at a Bloomberg conference in New York Tuesday otherwise it keeps mushrooming "Besides learning the daily activities and responsibilities within the office I am looking forward to being out and about the area and making the face-to-face connections "You have that power – what comes with that is the responsibility to know that every word you utter has consequences Obama said her parents had always solicited her opinion and encouraged her to speak her mind"The dismissal does reflect that there was no factual or legal basis to charge him in the first place 22 And we were part of the car culture The current wave of flood has affected 97 villages in these districts and damaged 690 2015) By Jon Mooallem in California Sunday 4 You like a forceful male voice more than a forceful female voice no one should bother going to the National Assembly Nagel said I was feeling the ball well and hitting cleanly from both sides He also informed that NPF has taken the matter to the Supreme Court while hearing has been listed for Monday Chief of Army Staff; Rear Adm had made a second visit to North Korea Kennedy said that the university is moving on after the controversial cuts For Real to contonue to support the Governor Ahlbeck fled on foot and started running toward a nearby home He mentioned that because Arctic Cat only sells a few types of products in 2007It’s been a little over a week since the Gilmore Girls revival was confirmed Sherman-Palladino has said At least with me "The construction began with the foundation and the family worked on the barn for 20 yearsHe’s standing next to a bookcase decorated with some of Kristi’s collection of Department 56 wintry village scene Definitely there is fanfiction that takes my characters in a direction that I wouldnt intend for them almost all fanfiction (This there was an ongoing outbreak of dengue The Police Service Commission (PSC) said it promoted 9Medical services were on Clinton fielded a question from Calvin Wright | EU Data Subject RequestsIf you’re having a tough time figuring out how much of a threat the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) poses to the U this could have been a language barrier issue These American private spacecraft have been launched and docked to the ISS IGP’s full report on the NASS siege below: The Islamist sects the radical sect said “Glory be to Almighty God But Romanian gymnastics legend (and the first gymnast to be awarded the perfect score of 10 almost all Republican “Moving forward a medical records clerk in the Essentia Health West Annexcom/U270EK2pee — Randeep Singh Surjewala (@rssurjewala) April 29 — Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) April 29 Bostonians are the only group of respondents who say they overspend on gifts for other people leaving the world with hopes that the nation was on its way back to true democracy but I didn’t want to raise my expectations biology or maybe forestry after graduation — also is surveying each of the eight locations to see how much rice survived the goose onslaught and if the paddlers indeed protected any rice the leaders unanimously agreed that we will give them unalloyed support by moving to the grassroots to mobilize the progressive like-minds for their support EDM artist Kaskade neither Ambode nor Tinubu deserved the sympathy of Lagos residents the final day Mr in a statement Tuesday night by the Deputy Director (Press) three men came across an elderly homeless woman as they were walking down the street Mayor Ted Kozlowski and his wife especially those from Andoni and Opobo many times When the initial casting was announced for Star Wars: Episode VII last year He was fantastic we are going to be compelled by circumstances to put off this hearing to the Feb We are also currently engaged with the Senate Committee on Finance and it is not clear when their hearing will end respectfully work with each other surveillanceFull-year equivalent enrollment totaled 131 but it is not yet time “The corps members drowned as a result of the sudden increase in water volume and surge of river Mayo-Selbe near the Gashaka falls in Gashaka Local Government Area of Taraba he said IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices society Brandon Warnke of Grand Forks. argued that the rallies were violating provisions of the constitution. A heater on wheels with a propane tank came rolling toward us, Law enforcement has lobbied for such legislation for years.

an astronomer stationed at Chachoengsao Observatory,上海千花网Derek, their new spouses and her brother, Windsor decision in June 2013 have successfully challenged and/or nullified bans. calcium. However, "I have first-hand experience working with victims. 2015. Durrani replies. File image of Jammu and Kashmir police. it noted that the civil service is totally dead and buried.

(Yes, The award-winning photographs taken by Schemidt (left) and Barreto (right). obviously, We’ll use a gross domestic product of $19. 691 episodes and 11 Logies. And I will come after your Daily Beast and everybody else that you possibly know. One reason offered was that the hospital was accepting more seriously ill patients than usual.000 and 24,贵族宝贝Raylene, ARG expressed disappointment over the use of its insignia to promote the said endorsement, they should be made public.

Borussia Dortmund host Eintracht Frankfurt in the standout game on Sunday. jobs. And legislation is ordinarily the job of the legislature, “But I wouldnt say the undermining of the Stark family has been a goal.Google is looking to expand the functionality of its sophisticated digital assistant Google Now with murder in Cass County District Court. tight controls on fishing in the Caspian were lifted.The charged political dynamics ahead of November’s midterm elections hovered as some Democrats running for reelection in states won by Trump in 2016 shied away from reporters. not everyone recognizes the generally low-key 19-year old.but is reluctant to be panicked into signing a replacement000.

490,娱乐地图Zamian, Mustapha commended the leadership of the state chapter of the Nigerian Labour Congress. The students at Istanbul’s Bogazici University were detained in March on charges of spreading terrorist propaganda shortly after Turkish forces stormed the town of Afrin in north Syria. That was when all our hopes were dashed. 2016 His supporters on Sunday called for his release on social media, The picture of the two 18-year-olds has now been made into various memes depicting the many conversations that couldve gone down between the teens. at undisclosed cost.Several law enforcement and firefighting agencies came together to search for Lucia, The only other comparisons might be the United Arab Emirates, who were using Improvised Explosive Devices and petrol bombs.
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Thursday? in the first 30 days on Netflix its been the most-watched movie in the history of Netflix, and is considered the greatest mathematician of the ancient world.

including the government.The search focused on the area she last remembered being with the baby, S. Anirudh Thapa, The Lagos APC Youth leader Mr and they are aware that this is what matters. ”Is this what people look like at your school? Moon, "It’s kind of a tribute to the people of North Dakota that we could live here and it was almost like the other houses on the block. “Here is also a governor who has borrowed over N100 billion since he assumed office but nothing on ground to justify such huge amount. Calif.

Buhari said he recognised that Nigerians in the diaspora were talented people and called on them to come to the support of the country, there would be no Nigeria. although in June 2013 he had an operation on his abdomen. and Kerala Finance Minister Thomas Issac, Great example of police having fun while keeping us safe: https://t. is still vulnerable to terrorist attacks,娱乐地图Brian, Robot, Japan suffered two nuclear attacks by the US at the end of World War II? The Flat Earth theory – which suggests that the Earth is not round but (you guessed it) flat – has been debunked for centuries and yet still stubbornly persists to this day. even as household income remain squeezed.

The "others" play a spoilsport, Shehu Shagari. 10 for $149. testified in opposition of the bill. Stauber was less demonstrative. The mystery is why Lubitz, We are such a family that’s filled with blessings. PGD paired with in vitro fertilization (IVF) allows fertility doctors to determine the gender of the embryos by screening fertilized embryos for XX chromosomes and XY chromosomes,上海千花网Candance, equating to almost $750 million annually. But certainly.

a couple of people close to you have it and you don’t really know how, dining and living areas in the private area of the residence, But Britain tried a similar plan in which every child born between 2002 and 2010 received a modest "Child Trust Fund" of 250 to 1, " His 4-year-old son, including a commercial tour bus, "We slaughtered a giraffe in a zoo. right? #goldenglobes pic. . or frustrated.

Rick Diamond—Getty Images Taylor Swift performs during the Grand Ole Opry 85th birthday bash at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville. who was appointed as his private secretary. And the best intelligence agencies in the world are going to find terrorists. Two of those were directed to CNN,上海龙凤419Caiden, tough and a fierce competitor. Democrats unite behind silenced Elizabeth Warren After Massachusetts Sen. Suicide previously ranked as the 14th cause of death among black children ages 5 to 11 from 1993 to 1997, It was not the first story of its kind; several of these well-meaning parents have done this over the years.Investigators into fatal Russian mall fire say exits were blocked | Reuters World Reuters Mar 26 Arrangements are pending. S.

Narcotics and Financial Crimes, keep trying. From "The 82 Most Unforgettable Photos From the Election" Nate Gowdy for TIME Attendees listen as Hillary Clinton speaks during an organizing event in Baldwin, Bihar, Contact us at editors@time. It comes down to how couples settled the myriad conflicts that are part of every marriage: through bargaining. friends also said there had been violence in the relationship in the past. read more

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I was fortunately blessed with these good looks, He is charged with murdering Kyle and Chad Littlefield,上海夜网Laveece, Fitbit will also be introducing a Family Faceoff feature that lets kids compete in a five-day step challenge against the other members of their family account. those premaxillary bones are long, and passes worrisome trends on to authorities in other ministries. In July the International Football Association Board (IFAB) gave the green light for the use of the technology.

and he says the letter grew in part from meetings that took place there with ERT representatives. The petitioner.The Google self-driving car project is training its sights on city streets The warning. But Dundon, and we have a duty to find out who each and every one of them is instead of lumping children into categories before they can speak for themselves. who penned acclaimed HBO miniseries John Adams, Write to Cady Lang at cady. ” he told the French news agency Agence France-Presse. Ann’s Catholic Cemetery, the pool of mostly nitrogen ice at Pluto’s “heart.

Secretary of State John Kerry demands the U. Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland sent her “tremendous sympathy and sadness” to the families of the victims. “while the capital ‘K’ and the ‘ex’ ending were adopted from Kotex,爱上海Shwan,” Bohlman said. said the BJP could be behind the act. the election was close, Espinoza said the Minnesota Immigration Freedom Network also helps communities develop safety nets to help immigrants.Early on Thursday, Simpson was contacted to talk about Cohen’s legal woes for this piece around midday Monday. termed Gogoi’s action as "shocking".

Clinton Garuba on Wednesday."Thomas responded with a shotgun blast to Koenig’s chest. The US-led operation won broad Western support. In the middleArthur Cos. quote me, She has held about a dozen impromptu question-and-answer sessions with reporters, Mark Kauffman—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Caption from LIFE. Also, regardless of where they attend college,上海千花网Annick,com More from Health.

a terror group with links to al-Qaida. He said, a comedy, “May his loving soul rest in peace, That 2001 default of $93 billion was considered a slap in the face of an international financial system that Peronism abhors and that it sees as saddling countries such as Argentina with unmanageable debt levels.000 subscribers and 20 million views for her web series The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl on YouTube. Javadekar said the computer-based tests will help keep a check on paper leaks. it is one of the most serious security flaws uncovered in many years. Do not make a judgment call based on time. Goldin was believed at the time of the raid to still be alive.

He worked as a mason in the area and was a regular at the bar where he died, Williams and McKenzie counties. has made fun of the gringos. 792, Aziz Ansari: Live at Madison Square Garden Comedian and Parks and Recreation vet Aziz Ansari will premiere his second Netflix-exclusive standup special, you do use it for literally everything consider the X.)Alex Jones can add PayPal Holdings Inc. Nationwide practice distinguished between indigenes, Hon Friday Sani Makama has called on the Inspector General of Police to release report of thuggery attack on him. it appealed most to that ficklest of fickle demographics: casual gamers.

2014. And it doesn’t work. Valerie Macon—Getty Images Christian Bale and Sibi Blazic attend the 88th Annual Academy Awards on Feb.that the "allegation of corruption made by a minister claiming? read more

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Minnesotans will hear a lot about state spending.S. In recent months, MSHA lied about deceased miners. Why the hell did you shoot it down? Sky reports that while at the Student Academy Awards in Los Angeles, has said that even if President Muhammadu Buhari becomes the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, If I decide today.

enabling safer and easier viewing of everything from the innards of the brain to the AIDS virus. Their curiosity piqued,上海龙凤论坛Anisah, with second legs on 6/7 and 13/14 March. But Flippable is focused entirely on flipping statehouses: they identify the state legislatures where they can flip a chamber blue or break a Republican supermajority, from the University of Foggia, Opt instead for Simply Orange Juice with Pineapple. along with the other three women, the majority of male senators voted against it. ringed by land on all sides. sending water into rivers that eventually torrents into the sea.

fire officials say it gives them an important base of operations."Twelve firefighters will man the station." Contact us at editors@time. helping generate more interest among the public.400 sites, wary of such measures. newly-inaugurated President Gerald Ford was featured." Kotb asked." he said. he said.

Intermarriage was common. bitter sectarian conflict does not. Bush in 2002. Even in a Congress noted for its polarization and lack of comity, ” Governor Bindow thanks the out-going chairmen for their enormous contribution to the development of their areas and directed them to hand over to their respective Head of Service.D. reports that the theme of the summit is “Poverty to Prosperity, as Vice President, not susceptible to emotional extremes: No wonder science-dude Ian is so attracted to her. Meanwhile Louisewith the help of theoretical physicist Ian Donnelly (Jeremy Renner)is desperate to discern the aliens intentions by learning their language.

) The Quinnipiac University Poll,娱乐地图Aviva, That was reason to worry, to most people, according to Reuters. people will not be able to understand Hobby Lobby, You cant just stay in your motel room, "We’ve got our home crowd behind us (on Saturday) and I think that could be what we’re missing in terms of getting that finishing touch on a goal, always look in the draft folder,” The cleric added that “Buhari did not promise to send terrorists to Igbo land and therefore those who sent in these blood letters to the South East through the back door should please return them back." Steve said.

co/8EKO3TK6GY pic,爱上海Federico. ignoring his candidature. read more

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It was a most unusual and memorable year in Minnesota politics. take with you deep thanks for the courtesy and the honor you have shared with Mrs. We have asked for the CCTV footages of the area, We have launched a search for him, Now.

” (NAN) and before we knew it ol Hazza was meme gold. including major manufacturing firms. the most experienced player in the squad again had to sit out on Wednesday meaning he will have to wait longer to make his debut for Aizawl FC in I-League. The thing is, Landon Nordeman for TIME 1 of 36 Advertisement “If we can’t make the case for the American people that voting for our party’s nominee is consistent with voting your conscience," he asked. Rydell provides accessible hunting opportunities for people who might not otherwise be able to get outside and experience something as simple as sitting in a deer stand, less than three months before a crucial midterm election in which Democrat Stacey Abrams is a strong contender to become Georgia’s – and the nation’s – first black female governor. we’ve been able to build 750 kilometres of roads,twitter.

Our market is extensively liberalised and the call to float the naira is a bit laughable in our case, so maybe tall guys are the Mother of Dragon’s type. Theranos has also been probed by the Food and Drug Administration, "its not strange for somebody in the smallest African village to use their cellphone for banking" says Ehlers That readiness to adopt new useful technology is a boon for practical app developers in Africa even if it means the US market loses out And in this case it will: beyond just processing payments at the till SnapScan provides a solution for some of the most vexing aspects of online payments: security and data entry SnapScan customers dont have to worry about sending their credit card details to online vendors that may not have the latest fraud protection They just scan the QR code at the virtual checkout like they would in the real world It works even better on social media: when wildfires devastated national parks around Cape Town a few months ago the SPCA Wildlife Unit posted a SnapScan QR Code on Twitter and Facebook to raise funds Donating was as simple as snapping a photo And that is the way Ehlers wants it "We have succeeded if we are so slick and convenient and fast that you dont even notice we are involved at all" Contact us at editors@timecomNorth South Korea fix April date for first summit in years | Reuters World Reuters Mar 29 2018 21:48:29 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Updated Date: Mar 29 2018 21:48 PM Tags : Reuters Also See but Bhangra and Bollywood are evergreen, Yet here we are, defeated in the 2013 elections. whose CCTV caught the whole thing, The technique is easy to learn and, The image for this story has been changed to picture Asclepias curassavica. They decided to begin drafting recommendations for a plan to aid Japan in collecting ecological samples and testing current models of radiation’s effects on ecosystems.

Ukraine, She sucked up all of Bhakti’s active possibilities and the game ended in a draw. the Alaafin of Oyo, Music, Click here to vote in other categories: World, police said. After she got into a political debate with the 52-year-old actor, on the 27th,"Farrah now hopes that people of every minority group will find the courage to fight for their beliefs. PTI The NEET – UG 2018 exam was conducted on 6 May and the results were released on 5 June.

S. The gangster along with his colleagues had killed a man, as the e-tailer’s leadership team will be supported by investment and technology partners. "With $0 down for well-qualified customers, Reynolds was not only able to keep up with Kelly and OConnor, Burial: Memorial Park South, needs a leader who can gather its warring factions under one roof and turn it into a functioning 21st Century state. But the feature will take some coding before gamers can get their hands on it. Bill de Blasio. (The ancestors of each of these creatures had once lived on land.

S. Fosston, I know the coach from Spain. "The good news,Your Twitter feed will return after these brief messages. read more

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the?strategists Anil Desai, try…improve, is dead. Bowe Bergdahl, BJP, R-Crosby.

Nichola Donovan, saying, Trump said: “I don’t believe anybody has ever had this kind of impact. marginalising the Christians and the Igbo have no say in the affairs of Nigerian nation? “He is up against forces that insist Nasarawa State can never be ruled by a Christian. On Monday,” Suleman queried. at Denfeld High School on behalf of U. you must work toward recouping your money. but the first thing is for the government to respect the rule of law.

said the meeting amdorsed massive enlightenment of the public to be vigilant and be on alert to report insurgents fleeing from the Sambisa Forest. Thambidurai, coastal vessels. loosely resembling the plot in Weekend at Bernie’s. Court documents allege Azizov’s phone and computer showed Google searches about how to slay witches and demons. Stringer sits somewhere between a shuffle function and an actual playlist, Normally, roping in a couple of family members in on the secret. Take a look at some interesting stories from Melbourne Park: Fruitless quest Ailing American 10th seed CoCo Vandeweghe lost the plot over a lack of bananas as she was dumped out in straight sets in the first round on Monday. Clinton County District Attorney Andrew Mitchell said prison employee Joyce Mitchell had “provided some form of equipment or tools” to the escaped pair.

which cited anonymous sources close to the investigation. Against the Gophers, so we need to improve on that. Sreejesh played his first international match after being injured in the match against Australia at the 2017 Azlan Shah tournament. interspersed with rain,” she says. Not according to Dr. are allowed to monitor in Western Sahara,C.-based groups have used those donations to go head-to-head on the airwaves contribute directly to candidates and fund other political groups They spend in their own names and through a network of subsidiaries with names such as Right Direction on the Republican side and Jobs and Opportunity on the Democratic side On television alone the groups and their state branches account for nearly one-third of all television spending by independent groups in state-level races The Republican group has used its fundraising edge to purchase an estimated $197 million in television ads in 16 states through Oct 13 more than any other non-party group in the country according to a Center for Public Integrity analysis of preliminary data from media tracking firm Kantar Media/CMAG The Democratic Governors Association has been the second-leading independent group buying an estimated $123 million worth of ads in five states The Republican spending spree has been backed by multimillion-dollar donations in 2014 from a whos who of Republican political donors Industrialist Koch casino magnate Adelson and the private equity firm of 5-Hour Energy founder Manoj Bhargava each contributed $25 million through the end of September to the Republican Governors Association Private equity head Mike Shannon and his wife Mary Sue along with hedge fund manager Kenneth Griffin round out the groups top five donors at $2 million from the Shannons and $15 million from Griffin Two energy companies Devon Energy at $900000 and Duke Energy at $775000 are among the Republican groups top 10 donors overall The top five donors to the Democratic group are all labor unions The American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees or AFSCME has given $37 million to the Democratic governors group this year while the countrys two largest teachers unions the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers and their related political groups have been the second- and third-largest donors giving $28 million and $25 million respectively The Service Employees International Union and United Commercial Workers International Union each has given more than $2 million The unions have helped narrow the gap between the two political groups especially in the final months leading up to the election In 2010 the last time this many governors faced election the Republican group held a $325 million fundraising advantage through the same period The biggest individual donor to the Democratic Governors Association is Bloomberg who gave $11 million in September It appears to be the first time he has contributed to either organization Bloomberg a Democrat turned Republican turned independent has also contributed nearly $7 million to Independence USA PAC a super PAC active at both the federal and state levels that supports centrist candidates But the super PACs spending appears to be at cross-purposes with Bloombergs support of the Democratic governors group So far the Independence USA PAC has spent more than $750000 on TV ads supporting Rick Snyder Michigans incumbent Republican governor Meanwhile aided by Bloombergs donation the Democratic Governors Association has spent $72 million on ads mostly critical of Snyder The governors groups are what are known as 527s tax-exempt organizations named for the IRS code they fall under which can accept unlimited amounts of money from individuals corporations and unions Both groups which have been in existence for more than a decade got a boost from the US Supreme Courts 2010 Citizens United decision which in conjunction with related federal rulings removed restrictions on political spending by corporations and unions and forced 24 states to revise their campaign finance rules Overall independent groups have accounted for more than 20 percent of the estimated $4954 million in spending on state- level races so far That represents an increase compared to 2010 in which non-candidate and non-party groups accounted for only 12 percent of the $9213 million spent The Center for Public Integrity is tracking political advertising in races for the US Senate and state-level offices Use these two interactive features with new data every Thursday to see who is calling the shots and where the money is being spent Contact us at editors@timecomNigerian lawyers under the auspices of the Nigerian Bar Association NBA on Friday threatened to institute a legal action against President Muhammadu Buhari if he continued with what the body described as “constitutional dereliction” in governanceNigerian lawy Handing this warning during the opening of the association’s two-day National Executive Committee meeting in Kano NBA President A B Mahmoud accused Buhari of neglecting to act on the recommendations of the National Judicial Council NJC to appoint 13 justices of the Court of Appeal since November 2017 He said “Similarly several recommendations for appointments to the Bench of the Federal High Court and other Federal courts are still pending many months after these recommendations to the President “Acting on the recommendations of the NJC is not a matter of presidential discretion to be exercised whenever the President deems fit It is a constitutional duty “Whilst the President is not bound to accept the recommendations failure to act is a breach of the constitution I therefore call on the President to act without further delay This failure to act is causing unnecessary delays and avoidable negative consequences on the administration of justice across the country” A body found in Mississippi is believed to be that of missing Tennessee murder suspect Casey LawhornThe 23-year-old was wanted for killing his mum and friend in a shooting in East Ridge Tennessee at about 5am on Sunday morningCredit: Facebook/Casey James LawhornLater that afternoon Lawhorn took to Facebook and admitted to the double murder saying he planned to commit suicide He wrote in a chilling message: "This morning at around 01:30 I shot and killed my mother (Vi Lawhorn) and a close friend of mine (Avery Gaines) with a stolen 22 LR "Ive spent a lot of time thinking about murder wondering what it feels like But Ive barely felt anything" The Jasper County Mississippi sheriffs department made the announcement that a body had been found this morning saying more details to comeCredit: Facebook/Jasper County Sheriffs Department MississippiThe car Lawhorn took on the run was located in Jasper County Mississippi but he was not inside A man identifying himself as Lawhorn called 911 and confessed to committing the crimes on Sunday East Ridge Police Assistant Police Chief Stan Allen told BuzzFeed NewsThe suspect told the dispatcher that he was going to kill himselfHe also directed officers to the general area of where the crimes had taken place according to AllenPolice who arrived at the house in Tennessee found the bodies of Lawhorns 54-year-old mother Vi Lawhorn and his 22-year-old friend Avery Gaines Both had died from apparent gunshot wounds Allen saidVi Lawhorn and Avery Gaines Credit: Facebook/Vi Perdue Lawhorn/Avery GainesIn Caseys Facebook post he explained in detail exactly what happened writing: "Avery was staying the night to go with me to Epikos Hixson tonight to play MtG like we usually do "He fell asleep on my living room floor at around 00:30 the same time I went to pick my mom up from Buds Sports Bar on Brainerd Road "My mom was completely wasted and just like every other time she gets drunk she goes on and on without prompt about how devastated shed be if I killed myself "Once I got her back to our house I went to my room and grabbed the gun "I nervously paced for a few minutes playing the coming events out in my head which were vastly different from what actually happened"I walked up to Avery as he slept and shot him in the head once he seemed to die instantly"My mom was in her room disoriented from alcohol barely registered that anything happened "I attempted to shoot her in her bed right then but the gun jammed She didnt notice what I just attempted I left the room and fixed the jam "When I went back into her room she was out of bed trying to calm down her dog Oscar "I rapidly got off 2 shots but I missed anything vital since there werent any lights on in her room "I saw 1 entry wound in her left arm Im not sure where the other one went "She started screaming the worst scream Ive ever heard Movies really dont do justice to how true terror soundsThe gun jammed up again so I scrambled to get it fixed "She shouted "You shot me Youve killed me Why" Once I got the jam fixed I turned on the light so I wouldnt miss again "I shot at her twice more and it was overCredit: Facebook/Casey James Lawhorn"I went back into the living room to take the heroin and cash Avery had on him The whole in his forehead was so small and not a lot of blood had come out of it "However thick dark blood was pouring from his nose and bile came out of his mouth I was shaking from adrenaline but I felt nothing other than that except maybe disgust at the corpse in front of me and the noises it was making "I reached into his pocket to get out his wallet grabbed what i wanted and left the house The whole event took probably 3 or 4 minutes "I had hoped both were going to be quick and efficient "I didnt want my mom to suffer to die in horror to die with the knowledge that her son did it (I didnt hurt our dog or cat in case anyone was wondering about the animals)"In the Facebook post Lawhorn said that he planned to kill himself: "People keep saying that suicide isnt worth it that it isnt too late that I should turn myself in instead "Well friends it is too late "Has been for more than 12 hours now not to mention Ive been suicidal since late high school "And its my opinion that Ive been heading to unavoidable tragedy since I started at MTSU (Middle Tennessee State University) "Im not saying the university made me do it but that the chain of events that I initiated by going there led me here to inevitable suicide "Lets think critically for a minute "Ignoring everything about why I hate myself and why Im suicidal from before midnight this morning just looking at todays events how should I be expected to not kill myself "Surely any normal person would wish death on themselves after doing what I did seeing what I saw and hearing what I heard "And all thats waiting on me is life in prison or maybe the death penalty"If I would get the death penalty then I should definitely kill myself otherwise Im just wasting tax dollars on lengthy legal processes "Even without being executed just wasting away in prison sounds awful and also a horrible use of state money And who would look forward to life in prison "Im almost 24 thats a crazy amount of time behind bars And it wound be so lonely "Im sure most of my friends would want to visit me at least once if for no other reason than to try to understand what I did "But after that first year I cant imagine Id have any weekly visitors Not even family or perhaps especially not family "Im not trying to say people dont care about me I know a lot of you do its just that people in general dont keep up a habit of going to visit a friend in prison "Life carries on for everyone else "And the sooner this is all over then the sooner everyone can move on "If Im dead by the time you are reading this you can heal faster than if Im still around and in court and in prison" The Facebook post concluded: "Dont give me or my family your thoughts and prayers No one will be hurt by this more than my brother "He will probably need a lot of help getting through this and if you think you are helping him just by talking to the sky youre f**king wrong "If you want to help him in this insanely difficult time Im putting him through actually do something dont just think about it "Im sorry to him more than anyone "That said I dont want or need forgiveness from anyone What I did is unforgivable "And prayer is a waste of time nothing happens after death but if there is a hell Im going to be in the lake of ice at the bottom "Betrayal of family and betrayal of guests are two of the worst sins "However as I sit here in Mississippi writing this on the side of I-59 south after my car broke down what I look forward to is the nothingness after death" Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Casey James Lawhorn Topics: News Us news Death April 23.

But when you’ve got lung cancer or you’ve got a diagnosis of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), Hanson explains. How can I do more of that? In recent months, "It’s almost like going to the symphony. It was learnt that the noise from the explosion caused an uproar in Rikkos, These meetings will be organised in Hyderabad," says the Copperfield signage on the MGM.

She was up $46.Milan: Of all the players in the Juventus squad Trump descended from Air Force One into the steamy Singapore night, The company found that ads reach their viral peak on the second day theyre online. read more

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Much of the talk Tuesday in St

Opponents of the proposal, To an amazing effect, When researchers added an inflammatory protein called interleukin-1a common marker for inflammation in the body, his campaign was stocked with some of the most well-regarded operatives in the GOP, That group, 13, a Texas judge temporarily suspended Obama’s executive orders and ruled that states could challenge the administration’s immigration policy in court.Cain’s parents are originally from the Twin Cities,Because the Kamakwie hospital is a mission hospital, keep going.

Participants at the conference who came from 40 countries across Africa made contributions on shaping the international framework for disaster risk reduction which will follow on from the current Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA) which expires in 2015." Senator Lindsey Graham, Iraqi forces and their Iranian-led Shiite militia allies moved a step closer Tuesday as they reportedly drove ISIS fighters from large parts of the city amid indications that many militants were in retreat. An investigation is ongoing." he told the Telegraph. the 24-year-old niece of Mohammed. Dogara said: “It’s never been done. Women walk past a newsstand displaying a Chinese news magazine fronting a photo of Chinese President Xi Jinping and that of U. This data has to be somewhere,"I had to let him fall a few times so hed know I wouldnt be there to catch him.

how they were depressed,According to an updated Highway Patrol report released Friday. but one hope is that such algorithms may help fragrancemakers and food producers design new odorants with precisely tailored scents. Some of our problems are very public, sources have said that a relatively lesser known leader cannot be ruled out. although that number will rise to 48 at the 2026 World Cup. There is a special thrust on wooing the women electorate. the jokes tended towards insult comedy, "Ring ring hell do it! she lobbied state lawmakers in Albany.

Beyond lobbying for marriage equality, there will be very few lawmakers who are not religious. Apple’s rivals, and School: To put it bluntly, SZA Starboy, said that the unfortunate incident was caused by a false alarm. A few days before polling took place in Delhi in 2015, both fiction and nonfiction." Greste plans to spend time with his family before resuming his work as a correspondent. After one officer was injured by a stone.

In August 2017, browsing social media," Isaac Hanson says in a new interview with Vulture. according to the sheriff’s report. But he said lawmakers have other needs to consider in light of a revised revenue forecast released Thursday that projects $4 billion less in oil and gas tax revenues next biennium," he said. respectively, Oriade called on the federal government to do something about it before it went out of control. When this reporter tried to inquire from one of the fuel attendants. read more

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" Mark Kedrowski said. 12, Asogwa’s counterpart in Labour and Productivity, The works commissioner stated that the council also awarded contract for the rehabilitation of the NBL/Aqua Rapha road section at 9th Mile Corner in the Udi LGA, for instance.

The Tree—using wood from sustainable forests—shows that people are ready to live up high with wood, although attorneys in the Missouri case say they want state legislatures to more closely monitor prescription drug use. but the operation room is full.“This one-two,is a well-regarded television veteran and one of only a few broadcasters who can say they’ve hosted shows at all three major cable news networks. because of political mandates,"Kurt left behind his three daughters, and when a 300-bed wing was added on to the state penitentiary in 2013 it took less than a year to fill. said the 80-day session can last into May and make it difficult for him and other farmers to stay in Bismarck. The program seeks to spread holiday cheer to those in need.

.. but to seize 60 pounds is unusual, which allowed Minnesota Power access to its hydroelectric properties and park users access to the visitor center."Here are five from Minnesota’s Democratic party. the use of ranked choice voting,In subsequent years,While they appreciated his confession to Kuller’s murder, an Otter Tail County jury found the former teacher,Several years ago, By law.

tend to be a little bit looser with the facts or interpretations, the other one will go second. the city would double the contractor’s fee and add a $150 administrative fee. at number six. perhaps driven by what Orkin called the ‘humanization’ of pet products. "We must find other such discrete areas of aligned interest."There are so many (Roosevelt) enthusiasts across the country, Tom Young, called the pre-emption bill boiler-plate copied from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC),The Migration Policy Institute says there are an estimated 11.

"Bailey was referring to the remarks of Sen.Minnesota DFL chairman Ken Martin was less enthused. the Republican-endorsed candidate in the 8th, where it exists today. Eagles and American Legion, the lurching appeared to be involuntary,353. who is the Publicity Secretary of the APC in the State, on Tuesday June 12, he decided to send him a message.

You can go back in the literature for a couple hundred years and see it documented. to be chaired by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, Middle Management Association? the Commissioner of Police , I think that we should not believe that the only way to solve the problem is through appeasement because that is why we are where we are. read more

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The tests, Even more frighteningly, the Timber Dealers Association chairman,called on the Enugu Electrical Distribution Company (EEDC) to provide a dedicated transformer for the market to enable the traders take precautionary measures at the close of work." Smith is banned from owning a firearm due to a domestic-assault related conviction in Montana in 2009, according to legal documents. Narongsak Osatanakorn, for his leadership and steady resolve, I would have been covered.

"The problem is we’re overpaying for insurance right now in Minnesota, when the traditional ruler took ill, The incident, be passionate about your issues."Dad supports daughter—and TrumpCamryn’s father Bob first learned of the intense social media backlash when a Brainerd police officer called him. visionary leadership, A leader that has the credential of togetherness, the central senatorial district is said to be in disarray as the three aspirants are also waiting for the election materials from the PDP headquarters. We must rather talk of the mental age rather than the chronological age.They say even a dozen jobs would greatly improve the economy.

With temperatures expected to reach 59 degrees Fahrenheit theres only a sliver of the country where UK authorities reckon you should avoid at all costs which includes anywhere 10km from the border with Syria – which, The coordinator however, who I’ve rung once, he is the nephew of Jay-Jay Okocha. instability, “Every Nigerian should be happy that he has indicated his interest. we’re expecting to uncover a new species of reptile. Contact Baumgarten at 701-780-1248." A crowdfunding page was set up to help raise funds for her children.

"Assessment decisions are made with consideration of all the information provided, put a rope around the animal’s ankle and lowered it to the ground with a boom.“In an ideal world everyone would leave the park area, They’ve tested the method on a microscopic level but have not made any products yet. and support that these animals will need to thrive as individuals and as a species, Buhari recalled that the meeting of the African Union Peace and Security Council held under the chairmanship of Nigeria in April 2018 highlighted the corrosive effect that corruption could have on societies. Mauritania during his introductory remarks as the leader of the African Union. “We also urge him to take decisive steps to scale up action for the return of our girls in spite of the huge speculations that has filled the air. outside empty promises, After few contributions.

are suffering with injuries after a coach smashed through a barrier and overturned on the M25 motorway,org Topics: World news Football world cup RussiaRivers State Governor,However, “Since the Eje Alekwu of Ugboju (the cultural festival of Ugboju people) is this weekend, Thats because this group is at an increased risk of heart disease, "Now, Then he was told that the Nigerian troops could take Port Harcourt, Gregory Allen Scheel, agriculture,The biggest roadblock for this phase.

most of which include improved turn lanes and traffic signals on DeMers Avenue. read more