Talking about how to make big money in movie stationcolor Valley EC League old platform stop registrTalking about how to make big money in movie stationcolor Valley EC League old platform stop registr

in addition to seeking friendship connection, this station PR1, sh419 included 750, request PR is not 0, sh419 included home page and content page, snapshot 3 days, the page clean and tidy, no pornographic advertising can. Interested parties plus 379996914

, let’s talk about it. Wuhan, look at www.027kk

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

on the above points, yes, mainly talking about how small flow make big money.

now, whether it is a person or a ghost, will open a movie network, the number of procedures for the film number is endless, buy a space, procedures, a collection, the success of the site. I am also a part-time webmaster, the small flow of the poor, although sh419 included hundreds, but only about IP500, IP, sometimes sees thousands of jealous, are put pornographic images exchange traffic, but the traffic effect is not big?. Although my station 500IP every day, at least 400 are loyal users! How to retain users, the following is my analysis of a few points. read more

Persistence and executive power are the core elements of online money makingThe novice must know thePersistence and executive power are the core elements of online money makingThe novice must know the

usually do Wangzhuan now as long as a computer is enough, in fact, many Internet entrepreneurs are in some university students, these students often in the school no matter what, if you do not do Wangzhuan, then inside the school for four years without any success, unless they are very strong learning ability of students. Otherwise, or their own work, not only a great waste of youth, you might be able to achieve the wealth of your life on the Internet! So Wangzhuan personnel need to have the time and computer, read more

Wang Xing was scolded his company Uber China swallow garbage now valued at $35 billionMa Huateng revWang Xing was scolded his company Uber China swallow garbage now valued at $35 billionMa Huateng rev

group encouraged me to start an undertaking. Wang had already started his business three or four times, and he had experience and had his own value in business.

, but in the segments, if you do the best, you’ll be able to beat the giants.

below share excerpts for Ma Huateng:

Abstract: in Ma Huateng’s view, entrepreneurs should pay more attention to cross-border integration of the parts, but also make use of the global platform. At the same time, he also believes that entrepreneurs find the right partner to build a team is very important, "we Tencent in the past there are five entrepreneurs do together, complementary to each other, it is possible to succeed."." read more

Web content aggregation Road for traffic or for usersWeb content aggregation Road for traffic or for users

what is web content aggregation? A new list or topic page that is based on a topic or keyword that combines the original content of a web site with a new sort of content. Web syndication intention is to facilitate the user content related to the same topic of extended reading, but at present, the polymerization and a SEO technique to use many websites quickly get in the search engine to flow. The so-called SEO technology is a double-edged sword, with good flow; with the wrong time, be K forever cannot turn over. read more

How much money does your P makeHow much money does your P make

webmaster all day long on the network, every day is updated in the update, perhaps every day fixed things have their own passions and fighting spirit once submerged, and even have forgotten when just beginning to do a website ambition, also forgot to make the number of days many dreams! But see others do a few hundred IP on the Internet, day to earn a few blocks, or hear person made a stop for a year to buy a house, look at themselves in the blues, to regain their confidence that the original

! read more

Easy day P over 150 thousand alternative waysEasy day P over 150 thousand alternative ways

Network Name: Fu Fu, born in 1987/08/13, now living in Chongqing. Now, 20 years old, he has 3000 domain names in hand, more than 150 thousand IP visits per day, and the monthly income of commercial advertising is as high as 30 thousand yuan. Just last week, a large security portal in the three countries gave 200 thousand annual salary, invited Fu Fu as director of website marketing, although by Fu Fu mildly refused, but the two sides reached a strategic partnership for one year. How did he do all this? I think everyone has been curious about Fu fu. read more

The gains and losses in the operation of my local automotive websiteThe gains and losses in the operation of my local automotive website


is a local automotive Web site, first with my style of writing articles looking at you may be a bit clumsy compared to gas, but the following is indeed some true feeling my personal car for two years in operation, rightly or wrongly, please give me some advice, because I am too to understand the importance of mutual exchanges.

My predecessor

first car network do have a good history, it is the Yantai hotline (Yantai hotline is a web portal, Yantai Netcom’s current PR6) a car’s channel, I took over before it has every 500 to a fixed IP. This is for my future promotion, operation does play a significant role, ha ha, took over soon after I started the website, the website highlights the second-hand vehicle information release and assessment of second-hand car two special columns, 2 months later, with the Yantai second-hand car users to advertising my website is user there are 1000 fixed IP, at this time I started thinking of development site the next step, because it is still using the Yantai hotline two level domain users look somewhat irregular, so I apply for a domain name, ha ha, look here do not laugh Oh, a lot of friends is that the domain name is not good, is to see the domain name on the thought of the disaster, I want something different from others when things or my thoughts with others is different, I put the domain name to under To. read more

The readability of the article is what the reader needsThe readability of the article is what the reader needs

recently go online to find some articles about SEO, no doubt in a headline caught quite a fascinating article, so I just went in to see, after the first paragraph I have to turn off, about one hundred words, but the left is not clear right to read read, he inside this sentence, a down, I did not see a few sentences on the sentence, I was very depressed, how this article posted on a station home? How much should the value of his! So directly drawn down, see friends comments, is a piece of it! I laughed, passed the examination in the webmaster site posted, this really think impassability ah read more

By Google website alliance does not have exclusiveness, talk about the Baidu in stationmaster’s eyeBy Google website alliance does not have exclusiveness, talk about the Baidu in stationmaster’s eye

"for partner sites, Google AdSense isn’t exclusive."." Recently, in Google’s "speed up trend, wisdom to win the future – 2009GoogleAdSense partners day" media communication meeting, Google Greater China advertising League Manager Wang Ying told reporters. She said that the current Google China partners site revenue has become one of Google’s fastest growing regions in the world. However, Google’s competitor, Baidu, has also adopted this model of online advertising. Wang Ying emphasizes, Google AdSense is not exclusive, partner site can choose other online advertising alliance, "here, we don’t want a paper agreement has become the shackles of both sides."." read more

WeChat public number 3 days operating from 2000 people soared to 100 thousand secret (dry chart)WeChat public number 3 days operating from 2000 people soared to 100 thousand secret (dry chart)

on WeChat marketing, we are very concerned about, and today I operate a WeChat public platform operation process of an inspiration to share with you.

over a long period of time, I just opened a public account, but not to do operation action, a two to three month free forwarding information, account fans there has been no big promotion, last week began to gradually strengthen the operation of the action, fans from 10 a day within soared to every day 200, here is some summary:

* 1, the public name is the foundation. ** read more

No Baidu will succeed as a station (Continued)No Baidu will succeed as a station (Continued)

yesterday in a do stand experience of this man, I came to the editor, because of work and site affairs is really busy, for the customer service, resulting in some mistakes, not, please understanding.

personally think: literal mistakes, this does not matter, the key is to dare to stand up and speak their own feelings, this is enough.

meet Baidu K station, is not a different, many small and medium-sized webmaster by this robbery, really depressed, don’t know what to do, especially new station webmaster, is at a loss. read more

Focus on how to share the simplest female website skillsFocus on how to share the simplest female website skills

before the crackdown storm, there are a lot of people have to do the female station, everybody said that women and children earn money is the best, a lot of research report also said with more women on the Internet, the website will usher in the peak of the development of women. Women’s websites are springing up like mushrooms, and what types are available, but how do you do a good job of female websites? This is also what many novice webmasters are eager to know. Talk about this problem today. read more

Hu Yufeng originality, in fact, can also be copied outHu Yufeng originality, in fact, can also be copied out

Before you cut into the subject, please come to see an ancient

exam joke.

there was a scholar, usually do not work hard to write, when thinking before the exam, a miserable, his wife laugh at him and said: "you did not pain us pain!" he shook his head and said: "madam, as a matter of fact, I wrote it than you the children also pain." His wife puzzled and asked, "how do you say this?" the scholar said, "a woman has children, she has the goods in her belly. I write the article without the stomach." read more

A brief talk about the detours made by myself at the stationA brief talk about the detours made by myself at the station

beginner SEO when he walked a lot of detours, originally thought he was right, and later found out the wrong way. First, I have no choice in the website before a good program to make a station, using the total station dynamic program, it’s not good for the optimization of the late SEO, but at first I don’t know, feel dynamic both fun and beautiful, but do not know the optimization of SEO is no good.

after the station building, on their own hard day hair article, do the chain, want to stand up to do as soon as possible, to see the results at first, also really a little effect, Baidu update daily snapshot included, is very new, but with more and more of the chain, the site has not every update, also not included, also be K out dozens of articles, this may be the search engine punishment, can be included in the query tool for Wikipedia: to check, so no matter what must be appropriate, do not overdo sth., we must pay attention to the quality of the chain. read more

A veteran of many years of novel websiteA veteran of many years of novel website

with more and more network miracle, the type of website is more and more, but ask what station is most, I think network novel station should have to mention,


network novel station, divided into two kinds of original station and transfer station. The original starting point, with many stations, waves as the representative of the transfer station almost innumerable.

reprint station is pirated station, this should have been justified by the blow. But no matter which industry, the fight against piracy is not so easy, sometimes it is empty talk, because the relationship between genuine and piracy is complementary and indispensable. In fact, this is easy to understand, if there is no piracy station, the genuine is also difficult to support a single plank; and with a pirate station, publicity on legitimate publicity is also good. As long as they are not birds of the past, they infringe upon genuine interests excessively, and the two parties can still keep it. read more

How does the novice wonder where the station should operateHow does the novice wonder where the station should operate

2010 the Internet is shaky, every industry bigwigs are busy busy market, money, but for the individual owners, survival pressure is indeed growing, before relying on advertising, do some novel or movie station may be a temporary profit for a period of time, but with the value of. The copyright of the national novel station, video station, movies are faced with the danger of infringement, if one day you make others unhappy to tell, the huge amount of compensation will put you in recent years to earn all the money lost, so for the individual owners, although this station can be quickly profitable, but the risk is also very high, we can not afford. So many owners choose to place corner, Internet bigwigs who is not related to the local industry to develop, after all, in their own home website, or a bit of confidence. read more

From vertical to focus, mother and child electricity supplier of strong flash purchase attributesFrom vertical to focus, mother and child electricity supplier of strong flash purchase attributes

comprehensive view, flash purchase suitable for price transparency, commodity distribution long tail, inventory management difficult scene. Beibei network of children’s clothing and maternity products, electricity supplier is undoubtedly very appropriate.

text / world network operators Yang Qin

in China’s electricity supplier development in the past few years, from the commodity dimension of the business model is divided into two types: integrated electricity supplier and vertical electricity supplier. The business logic at that time was to sell all the goods to everyone, or to sell all kinds of goods to everyone. read more

Stationmaster must see real website does good experienceStationmaster must see real website does good experience

skills: Hang chat room.

hanging chat room is not new, but there are still a few people who really master the key technology, which is very consistent with the market rules. What is the key? Always the details. On the network, the flow of the highest chat room than the QQ chat room. In addition, QQ is the largest instant messaging tool in China and the largest online dating center in china. So, in 2006, you could easily get more than 1000IP traffic as long as you used 10 QQ login chat rooms. in the implicit creative stage, that is, using this method to maintain daily flow of more than 1100IP. The details of this phase are: read more

New sites change title and hair soft, will not go to ruinNew sites change title and hair soft, will not go to ruin

I published a "new sites in A5 article in Baidu Dutch act before

is equal to" ( article, at that time my station was established almost half a month, still not be included in Baidu so frustrated, feel too impulsive.

Why are you so

A5 to run the article, actually I didn’t want to add a link on the inside, but feel the resources wasted, so don’t use it, or made with a link to the article, surprisingly good results, through the flow of A5 day IP exceeded 200 people, in second days Google included my site. Just Baidu included slowly into the sandbox, how do I save her? Some people say I content is the Internet spread content, search engines do not love, so I just posted some search engines, hungry content. read more

Soft Wen your role exactly how bigSoft Wen your role exactly how big

in Admin5, everyone is saying that soft Wen is to promote the site of the necessary means, but here I want to ask: soft Wen for promotion website exactly how big role


I have tried to write an article "my five years of experience, professional website: concentrate on, focus on" article soon be edited selection, and had the top, several Adsense sites also reprinted. When writing this article, there are two purposes. First, I want to share my experience with everyone, and second, I really want to promote the website. read more