8 tips for image optimization

can look at the inside of the Google keyword data statistics, to see if there is any omission. Basically speaking, visitors tend to search brand word + product series combinations and changes, then structured ALT tag out, can be written as: alt= "brand series of products}-{word {w} is the product model", "the Audemars Pigeut AP- series -26378IO.OO, Royal Oak Offshore" for product images it is not recommended to describe, write too much redundant content, keep the data structured, do keyword recognition is high, keyword rich information can be, do not do keyword accumulation. read more

Discussion five standard high quality Links.

4, the active site of

a website if exported too much Links, you talk to him, it is not what value, to a certain amount, as some special sale Links website, outbound links are hundreds, the Links is almost no value. Here to remind you that the sale of Links website and behavior, are now being loved in Shanghai against the webmaster do not map the time to exchange and buy.

The normality of

metal laser cutting machine 贵族宝贝w>

if it is found that the site was linked to horse, or a lot of spam, this kind of website is not suitable for exchange, many websites linked to the horse in Shanghai love search have prompted the risk, in the exchange before you can take a look. read more

The Shanghai encyclopedia love love Shanghai know to obtain the weight and flow technique

Yeye Guo talk about love Shanghai encyclopedia entry, whether the entry can be set up, or to see the entry is not advertising, advertising translation is not necessarily too strong by, if it is personal name entries, through is not so easy, we should try to write entries. Stand in the public free writing perspective, this term is easier to pass, in addition to pay attention to the structure of entry, in accordance with the Shanghai love label to be a basic framework for entry, the entry is more likely to be illustrated by. But one thing is not good, there are a lot of love Shanghai Encyclopedia of sick people, specifically to people from other people hard to do on a link, remember that Guo Yeye had "love Shanghai" the daily index entries in the 900-1500 between the link, only stayed for more than a month, he went out to remove abnormal. The reason is to remove the advertising links, so when you add in the entry link, indicate the best official links and so on related words. The entry is not a can, if not by to love Shanghai to do that, such as the nature of advertising, if that is repeated irrigation, that entry is not rich enough, to be more content, in fact, entry can not pass, no skills, is with a hard spirit, a dozen second, a dozen times, how it had been. read more

The spirit of good webmaster have a stubborn website optimization


general webmaster website only one purpose, that is to make money. Make money to flow, and flow but also rely on the search engine. Say not good, most of the webmaster website to do is search engine, also including me. You say you do a website for the public to think, it is pure nonsense. Don’t believe, I’m afraid from your mouth to say that, even you won’t believe. Saying here, since the site is done to the search engines to see, so we must make the website search engine convincing, and even to conquer it. To conquer it no one share Jiangjin is not complete. Of course, there are stubborn stubborn skills, show you Jiangjin, do the following, adhere to a year or so, then congratulations, you should be successful at that time. read more

To explain the case of love Shanghai news source link bait

A, linkbait articles to be close to the news topic, is not a new topic is not conducive to the dissemination of news, also want to pay attention to the close may be the subject of the news, by recent events, celebrities are good methods. For example, today 3.15 consumer rights day.

D, leveraging marketing themselves, to promote their own. For example, Shanghai Longfeng services, focusing on service content related to the news, in 3.15 can talk about the company’s Shanghai dragon services closer to the interests of consumers, let Shanghai Longfeng demand companies and enterprises more convincing, it can also meet the requirements of 3.15. For example, the consumer’s point of view, we can. read more

Water can carry a boat, can also capsize the chain dominates the site’s survival

believe that the webmaster every day most go place will be the major forum, but the forum can have individual signature, can leave a link is not much, some forum management is very strict, we add the chain today, tomorrow night included, has been deleted, some serer find a more stable. The chain forum, began his web site insatiably avaricious cover in a corner, it is easy to be administrator to determine the AD, will take you a long time to delete all posts.

chain is deleted by the website:

, Shanghai, read more

What about the Shanghai Dragon website optimization promotion of three elements

Do not

three, long-term operation of

two, the content of precision

, a site location

website will be completed in 32 months, is a long-term thing, a short period of time there is no way to make a website has much benefit, made friends flow is clear, early is a very difficult to do, "

website has several years experience. Orders from the station, from the station to the promotion, involved in the industry is also beyond count from experience, many hardships, such as site is the popularity of the customers, and optimize the customer station has no effect, the site has been K, but also have a happy time, such as keyword optimization, received the customer’s money, boss encouragement, information processing. The whole station is not easy, people think Shanghai dragon is a very interesting thing, for a little more than the establishment of fresh stuff, but we must grasp the details of the site optimization, from the optimization of network experience, owners must each process plan website, here to talk about their own in the eyes of the website optimization promotion of three elements. read more

How to improve the collection rate of the web site

3. website optimization

in addition, the construction of the external links more reasonable to attract spiders to crawl your site, and the weight of the high site tilisoft. The amount of the increase of the website chain and the site within the chain, internal and external integration, not only can increase the amount collected, but also make these pages get better rankings.

1. provide a lot of original works

? The internal structure and the chain

2. find search engine habits, take

included rate is the ratio of a web site included page number and page of the site itself in the search engine, more content and quality of response of a web site and search engine friendly. So, in the thousands of Internet sites, how to be a search engine that is included in the eye, and the rapid rate of effective improve the site’s read more

Look at the forum now spread the chain from reversing events

Here I would like to ask Recalling the past

June 20th Ningbo Fenghua a just to get a driver’s license in less than a month, the driver will not be back into the garage, sandwiched between the car and the wall husband died on the spot. She will head out of the car, also sandwiched between the car and the wall of death. Let us for the couple of silence, also as an Internet worker, this makes me think of now flooding the forum outside the chain, this is not a good omen?

actually love Shanghai as early as last year, has made it clear that to reduce the weight of the chain of the forum, this year included the scope of official forum A5 cheating, quickly make a wise move, the abolition of all A5 forum signature. For a moment, many members complain incessantly, because all the chain he did all the forum outside the chain, most are in the A5 forum. read more

How to correctly control the Shanghai dragon website optimization strategy

yes, in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, must pay attention to some details of the work, this is an important measure to show the optimization ability of the Shanghai dragon. But the details of the control can produce better results, it also need from the strategic level to control, otherwise these details are just the details of it, is not able to bring a qualitative change for Shanghai Longfeng optimization work.

Website Optimization Website usually accompanies the whole life cycle, so the website optimization Shanghai dragon is not able to simple attention to relevant skills, but to think from a strategic point of view, the outline of the button so that it can guide the Shanghai dragon optimization work, and can let Shanghai dragon do optimization effort, also can let oneself to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization work done well, targeted. read more

Let the site Alexa ranking in the top three hundred thousand in three months

first, the correct attitude, cheating is not desirable.

third, some conventional promotion methods are also essential.

fly basin financial network, see the name is to finance and investment aspects of the site. In the content of the website, because I itself is a stock for many years experience of old people, so often take some lessons as their own dry cargo to share out. I do not underestimate this non financial expert dry cargo share, it more often than some of the so-called financial experts are more straightforward, also attract users. read more

How to excavate the long tail keywords

Several methods of mining long tail keywords:

(3) analysis of peer website keywords: can find some good their own long tail keywords missing.

long tail keywords single flow may not be high, but a lot of the long tail word effect may not be lower than the main keywords. The webmaster friends should take advantage of this resource Oh, can bring huge benefits to your website. The source of Dong’ou valve network 贵族宝贝dopv.>

around the "lose weight" the keywords, extension [[], show how to lose weight diet, diet products, slimming tea, slimming food] [], [] diet main keywords, to further expand the thinking can dig out the dancing blanket, [], [], leg lift [], [slimming cream snow bubble thin] flow very large keywords, creates the corresponding column or in special sites. Finally with the help of love Shanghai or Google keyword recommended tools, do the depth of excavation, such as "how to lose weight" long tail keywords. read more

Recently, Shanghai ranking fluctuation optimization analysis of love

Two big adjustments 3,

server opens slowly, even some servers often not open server, often wrong, when love Shanghai spider to grab the page, can not grab, appear this kind of circumstance, will cause the website keywords ranking drop. Solution: to ensure that the web server can be opened normally, of course, more quickly, basically a month can restore the keyword ranking.

from the beginning of the end of June, the love of Shanghai made two major adjustments, and web sites, many sites are love Shanghai drop right processing, a relatively large impact on the webmaster friends, according to the analysis, Shanghai love on the web is just a mistake, most website content quality is not high, cause net station cheating is love Shanghai punishment, resulting in keywords ranking drop, or even disappear. However, love Shanghai two big adjustments, a large part of the site, especially in the more competitive keywords, keywords ranking fluctuation is severe, sometimes one day change in rank one morning a ranking, a ranking of the afternoon, some day evening ranking, a ranking, why in this case, the cause of the fluctuation of Shanghai ranked love what? I mainly talk about the topic today. read more

Share of high flow site after the revision of the recovery process flow

recovery in the upgrade process, I found the old content page included no fresh content included fast, we can we upgrade after the supply of fresh content can not be ignored at the same time. At this point many optimization personnel will lack of execution, when we encounter problems when the site is so bad, to quiet down to unremittingly optimization can eventually emerge. If we reduce the stable supply of high quality content, after the upgrade of the search engine review period of admission and then will be interrupted, the site collection will gradually improve. As shown in figure read more

Shanghai love home page ranking position analysis of flow distribution

search results page third: 100%

search results page sixth: 50%

the above content is helpful for Shanghai dragon Er, in Shanghai love their products occupy a variety of keywords home today.

search results page seventh: 50%

search results page first: 100%

visit data according to the Internet survey report shows that in about 78% of the surveyed site traffic through the search engine users to find the information they need by the flow. So every Shanghai dragon Er, must clearly understand the user of the site in the search results ranking of the attention, the following data is Shanghai dragon er must know the user data, natural ranking of the search results page attention as follows. read more

Stop for two weeks in the change of search engine

is in the middle of the day: love Shanghai snapshot into the March 2, 2009, the day is also the site set up, but soon returned in the evening in May 8th that Shanghai would love a snapshot, to continuously adjust and right down to this kind of site.

ranking has not changed, more keywords remain in the original position, which makes me much less worry, love Shanghai in the process of adjusting the ranking more cautious, included and the snapshot will act quickly.

: a snapshotThe

three: the ranking of read more

The advantages and disadvantages of several major search engine open platform

1. love Shanghai data open platform. Why is the first love of Shanghai, because I first joined the Shanghai best is love, is love Shanghai. Love Shanghai open data platform to join the address: open.baidu贵族宝贝.

! Open platform

the latest Internet speculation in the hottest too open, now basically Internet giants have their own open platform. The search engine is the same, are out of their own open mode and standard. This paper introduce several mainstream product search (search engine based on a model of e-commerce open). The author is engaged in website promotion in an e-commerce site, since the shopping search, the boss asked us to join the search engine of the goods included! So he went to a lot of information. The following is a detailed analysis of the 5 open the current mainstream search engines, shopping search, and share the advantages and disadvantages of several shopping search read more

Wei Zexi website ranking anomaly interpretation

two: website home page by K

for this site, Shanghai dragon group A5 marketing advice is to rapidly arrange its Shanghai team to carry out a dragon on site examination, because the present situation is likely to be a start, if not timely treatment, so the site situation is likely to be intensified, if in the rectification the start of the week: the index continued to improve the green (congratulations, through the website).


after Webmaster Platform understand that this problem is caused by Shanghai’s own love, has nothing to do with the site. Is in fact so? We have to believe that every new rules before, must have a lot of sites are affected. For this time the index plummeted, we can only be considered a joke in the sea of it, anyway, did not affect the flow. read more

The reasons affect keyword ranking stagnant

two, title, keywords and description.

in a page, the title is in addition to content is the most important element, the search engine according to the title to judge this page is what content, then give relevant keywords ranking. For this reason, many webmaster stack keywords in order to get a keyword ranking, or the title, keywords, description of the contents of it, these methods can be caused by factors not friendly to the search engine. The title of the website is written very good, the best is simple, and can not accumulate, including the need for keywords, look not specially for the Shanghai dragon hatched, nature is really. For example: "Taobao return > read more

The stationmaster need careful introduction of station anchor text

unreasonable impact on site

1, to a certain extent improve the user experience of

website optimization is divided into external factors and internal factors, external factors include external anchor text and text construction and Links exchange, including internal factors and the construction of the station anchor text and quality of the quality. For the internal factors, the webmaster seems to pay more attention to the "content is king, the chain for emperor" the two classical theory, however, the construction of the station anchor text is one of the important factors of achievement website quality. So today I will share their experiences, this is where I encountered the problem. read more