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Huang Zumin how to do SEM business

The next

Internet advertising is also worth attention in today’s enterprises, bidding has reached the point of a be in full swing, as long as the product is hot enough, it attracted a large number of websites for bidding, did not know to love enterprise Shanghai bidding fee has reached 80 CPC click once, and can laugh bidding fever, and television advertising have a spell. Now put on the advertising network alliance is the use of the small and medium-sized website advertising, the advertising pictures, text ads, multimedia advertising. If you can do it, not only cheaper than the price bidding, delivery precision industry website not only brings higher efficiency, thereby improving the conversion rate. read more

Love Shanghai server website snapshot is actually better than on-line time

"love Shanghai server problems. The server is modified time. May be attacked, or was misuse." So people have poker-faced explanation.

love Shanghai today? In August 21, 2012, love the Shanghai server seems really has some problems. A snapshot of many sites appeared significant errors, some even more than the time snapshot site on-line time. Shanghai love is outrageous.

[introduction] "in August 21, 2012, Shanghai love today?" in a Shanghai dragon search engine optimization group, so more than one person asked. "The site snapshot back to the liberation. The love of Shanghai is really busy awful." Some Shanghai dragon Er began teasing love Shanghai. "The love of Shanghai is not idle awful, is a problem with the server." A Shanghai dragon Er criterionsingle. Yes, besides, there is no other explanation. read more

How to solve the page elements and breadcrumb navigation Shanghai dragon weight distribution difficu

– Web page elements but also the most active web page, the source, the distribution of links, the user experience will start from your web page, then from the weight distribution and user experience, breadcrumb navigation plays an important role in breadcrumb navigation not only tell the user’s own page position. The website also reduces the link level, from the weight distribution, breadcrumbs accumulated weight corresponding link points in a single page.


method to solve the difficult Link through read more

How to stabilize the website keywords ranking

website is Shanghai dragon very taboo, under normal circumstances, do not do large-scale change.

does not adhere to the principle of cheating

6, do not easily revision of the website

chain is not a day for two days can be increased to a certain number, we need a long-term process. But also should pay attention to the number of the chain, outside the chain of quality, breadth of the chain, the chain of correlation and so on, a few days to write about this article. Especially after the keyword ranking, we will slowly to the site appropriate to add the chain, if a long time in a state of growth, so our competitors easily through the powerful outside chain resources beyond us. read more

Large enterprise website of Shanghai Longfeng strategy

4, Shanghai dragon.

strategy is as follows:

let’s do a lot about Shanghai dragon small website is full of confidence, but a large website can have no concept, do not know should do? Perhaps or the application of small websites to push type broad website, actually this is not a precise action, large website promotion to the track and the details are not met in the small site. In fact, we know that to positioning and promoting a large site is a large project, I have to have a very clear strategy and Shanghai Longfeng ZhengZhan optimization plan, the thoughts and a plan after we have very clear, how to make the change, and how to promote the development of the site are very clear. Now I will give you some detailed explanation of some thoughts as to how to open up and implement is a necessary knowledge of Shanghai dragon er. read more

How to rationally use hand data on site promotion analysis

site access pages.

two, from the analysis of fluctuations in promotion way of

crash on the book, this article the author’s feelings are very deep, I think there is no quick optimization, but it is a gradual process. We need according to different periods of projected data analysis and adjust our website optimization steps. We need to analyze and adjust constantly need to make continuous observation and adjustment. In order to obtain better development. In fact, many data in our hands, but we often are not reasonable to use this data. Below I to share with you how to utilize the data at hand for website optimization analysis. read more

How to get rid of the webmaster website turtle speed ranking

want to learn Shanghai Longfeng more news, I added a lot of Shanghai dragon group, in the group I saw most of Shanghai dragon Er daily work is to publish the content update and the chain. This made me question: a website need to update the content so much? There are so many contents can be updated? These content updates to the site’s ranking to help


if your website has been updated 500 articles, daily traffic is 500, PV is 1500; and the competitor’s website only 100 articles, daily traffic is 1000, PV is 1500, but from the data of the two groups compared, the content of the website which is more valuable? The search engine will be more inclined to which obviously the answer website?. The same is the update, competitors update 100 article can get the PV value of 1500, and you have to update to 500 articles in order to obtain the PV value of 1500. The quality of root causes of this gap is the site’s content, that is to say each article competitors are almost all high quality original articles, while you are "fake". This article gives the user a very little value, want to improve the site keywords ranking naturally only in order to achieve a day dreaming. read more

How to use the forum to do long tail keyword ranking



first, your judgment is suitable for

Promotion ForumWhen the mining

is suitable for your industry, or to promote the forum. There are two main reasons: 1, it is difficult to gather people to your forum. 2, the search engine will be in favor of the industry most of the program. If your fellow competitors and many do not use the forum director, then you need to consider. How to determine whether it is suitable for the



(1) class of technical articles for the forum. Usually the technology industry are suitable for the forum, such as computer technology, Shanghai Dragon technology, dress makeup technology, cooking, photography, breeding technology. Because things are not standard, is to continue to grow and change, so we need to discuss each other. read more

Mining the long tail keywords keywords ranking optimization method

this order is love Shanghai drop more words search ranking, but also have a lot of data can be seen, mainly to see how you found this, want to know the competition difficulty, go to love Shanghai directly search the long tail word at.

in Shanghai Longfeng website or forum and QQ group, improve website traffic is the fastest optimization of long tail keywords, long tail keywords competition, flow line, easy to do rankings. How to exploit the long tail word? The small crane according to their own experience to share some of the long tail word mining method. read more

On the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization of five common causes of failure

five: Shanghai dragon optimization only focus on the search engine, and put the user experience in the first place, it is very regrettable, this is often to you Shanghai Longfeng optimization failure foreshadowed, a lot of people on this argument is very do not understand, that is not for the sake of Shanghai dragon to search engine optimization look, how to do so will fail? It is not good for search engine optimization but can be successful, this is of course Overgeneralization views, in fact Shanghai Longfeng is mainly aimed at the optimization of search engine, this is not wrong, but the premise is not enough. " read more

Discussion on the effect of articles included reasons of the title of the article writing

below, under their own post, wrote an article about Shanghai Longfeng article submission in A5 station network, website editor for review and put my posts on the home page, the mood is very happy, too long to see what the article was reproduced several websites, listen to the submission to the A5 webmaster can bring to the site in the chain a lot, but I’m disappointed that this paper not only has not been reproduced on other websites and even A5 is not included, may in fact be by many websites, but not included, so there is no way to display the results, to study for a long time did not find what is abnormal, the only with his title to write, write the title because the light, and is often used to write the webmaster friends. Another experience is that he encountered in the DoNews post, DoNews high weight, generally the release soon went to love Shanghai news source, but a few days ago and encountered a similar thing, his hair article, waiting for a long time did not love the Shanghai news sources included, analyzed the or with the title of a relationship, the headline creativity not enough. Here’s what the effect of the articles included the title of the method (is summarize, analysis wrong please forgive me): read more

Some problems about Shanghai Longfeng traditional enterprise website


as an Internet company, most of the site interactive communication function, and the importance of the communication function, so it will be more care about how to through the website to get more information about visitors, for example the source of visitors, visitors and visitors to the age level etc.. Because only through continuous analysis of visitors, can clearly understand the needs of them, which can be carried out according to the layout information, so as to make further communication between the two sides, to achieve the purpose of mutual benefit. read more

Shanghai love test speed intelligent search real-time feedback search results

love the sea called the new search mode from three characteristics. First of all, to enhance the traditional search interaction mechanism, users in Shanghai love search keywords without having to click "love Shanghai", you can jump directly to the corresponding results page, and with the changing of user input, search results page dynamic real change, real time feedback search results, which makes each search the behavior to save 4-8 seconds.

love Shanghai recently speed intelligent search on-line, direct words while to realize real-time feedback search results as input, to speed and intelligent prediction "two future direction of search engine. read more

Shanghai love contains articles not only to see the original article on structure more easily includ

second, pay attention to the beginning of the article, many webmaster love hyperlink for key plus at the beginning of the first paragraph in their own site to edit articles, this approach has not been approved by now love Shanghai, love Shanghai think this is purely because of the deliberate practice of optimization, the author suggest webmaster is best not to add in the hyperlink in the article, if you really need the best in the second and third section adding links, such as the value of the content in the spider grab the link with their own, it is not easy to cause the spider love Shanghai. read more

Shanghai dragon transformation is inevitable result of consideration

early, the company’s Shanghai Longfeng operation is very good, also support technology is awesome, keywords can also go up soon, the coordination of each department will be improved. But because of the late strength of technology can not keep up with love, Shanghai has repeatedly crackdown, product support also suck, so now many sites do not go up, the formation of a large number of customers to request a refund phenomenon.

How the

Shanghai dragon post need transformation

of Shanghai dragon? read more

Quick access to the ranking of Shanghai Longfeng secret station

I am a stranger, no money to buy a car to buy the money to buy a house, the house is in the countryside, only through their own money to buy a car to marry a wife, make milk money, learning in the university when the network technology, website building course, in the course of time on the site generated strong interest, later learned through the promotion of website rank to earn pocket money.

domain 4. domain whois information is the same, there will be no bad record, for example, before you have a web site is K, or did the illegal site, when a new domain name registration, try not to use your personal information. The same new registered domain name also need to check the domain name record, must not appear bad history information. read more

Share the whole process of creating the perfect network marketing team

, a network marketing team integration

then we will achieve the project through the exchange of negotiation between the team, only through more projects in order to make the actual operation of each team.

three, extension project formed excellent team

We extended the

network marketing personnel integration team early, core characters have to introduce the team, the team leader, the leader has sufficient understanding of network marketing; good communication skills; clear the functions of their own work. Of course, cannot do without the network marketing website, now the website is the fundamental network marketing, so the content of the web site update is like the fresh blood of network marketing, network marketing to search engine marketing; search engine marketing website optimization Website Optimization; to optimize the station; the station optimization is to edit the contents of a link and one site. The content is one of the important factors of the website rankings, so the best known Website Optimization Website editor. Website optimization is to stand in the search engine ranking point of view, through the optimization of website ranking on the site, so as to achieve the purpose of search engine marketing, website optimization personnel of course is the basic algorithm with search engine, can be achieved through the website ranking optimization technology. Technical staff is the network marketing team can not access the role, although not play fundamental role, but the technical personnel is the network marketing to continue the inevitable factors, web technical staff is mainly to the building and debugging of the website, and later maintenance, network technical personnel should have a certain degree of website construction and maintenance deep knowledge. read more

Shanghai dragon VP ranked the miraculous recovery of what inspiration to us

for Shanghai dragon industry attitude

fried Shanghai dragon raise a Babel of criticism of VIP, a few days ago by the strange right down, all the keywords ranking were dropped thousands of miles away. A search for "Shanghai dragon training" naturally can not find its trace, but the stone yesterday saw a micro-blog information, love Shanghai is admitted to a miscarriage of justice, Shanghai dragon VIP commitment can be restored in about two days, that everyone can go to watch the news, I will not show. Today Shanghai dragon VIP really check the weight and ranking are back, love Shanghai uncharacteristically rapidly have many Shanghai Longfeng people surprised, surprised, we may feel a trace of resentment. How many grass root personal webmaster or Shanghai dragon kill people submit sites to love Shanghai, the purpose is to give their website "vindication". But what is the result? Everybody knows, is likely to resume in the lottery. read more

Shanghai Longfeng interview experience qualified Shanghai dragon Er essential five

, as some have said, a site is not possible to optimize a person, because that operating efficiency will be very low. It relates to the team, since.

recently went to several companies to interview about business now for Shanghai Longfeng requirements, is now on the market for the increasingly demanding Shanghai dragon ER, I will write out the common point I met several times in an interview and share with you, as you see Shanghai dragon ER, whether to meet the these

some people say they are engaged in the Shanghai dragon, but the real deal only in a part of Shanghai Longfeng, such as update articles, blogs and send the chain and so on, not to the overall analysis of a website, so as to make a solution to optimize the whole website. So a qualified Shanghai dragon ER needs to have the ability of optimization is ZhengZhan, including web site analysis is not on the line when the market investigation, market, and early selection of key words, layout, to the construction of the chain and later data observation, the final analysis, only with these can be regarded as a qualified Shanghai dragon ER. read more

Summarize the four reasons why love Shanghai punishment website

Shanghai dragon

two, TITLE site frequent revision sites in the on-line before, as a webmaster must determine your site keywords and direction of don’t don’t let search engine wide of the mark, to guess what is the website keywords, must not accumulation of uniform distribution, determine the key words not because the optimization for a period of time without the results change keywords TITLE will also be changed frequently, love Shanghai punishment.

The original

four, Links good friend chain will give us help, if there is love the sea station K or drop right site must promptly delete your friend chain, if the owners do not have timely find your site will also be included, snapshots stop or reduce backwards, such as a web site malignant tumor, leading to the site you are love Shanghai punishment. Hope the webmaster friends can always check the quality of the chain of friends found timely delete bad talent market in Xingan Meng. read more

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