Day: August 3, 2017

The readability of the article is what the reader needs

recently go online to find some articles about SEO, no doubt in a headline caught quite a fascinating article, so I just went in to see, after the first paragraph I have to turn off, about one hundred words, but the left is not clear right to read read, he inside this sentence, a down, I did not see a few sentences on the sentence, I was very depressed, how this article posted on a station home? How much should the value of his! So directly drawn down, see friends comments, is a piece of it! I laughed, passed the examination in the webmaster site posted, this really think impassability ah read more

By Google website alliance does not have exclusiveness, talk about the Baidu in stationmaster’s eye

"for partner sites, Google AdSense isn’t exclusive."." Recently, in Google’s "speed up trend, wisdom to win the future – 2009GoogleAdSense partners day" media communication meeting, Google Greater China advertising League Manager Wang Ying told reporters. She said that the current Google China partners site revenue has become one of Google’s fastest growing regions in the world. However, Google’s competitor, Baidu, has also adopted this model of online advertising. Wang Ying emphasizes, Google AdSense is not exclusive, partner site can choose other online advertising alliance, "here, we don’t want a paper agreement has become the shackles of both sides."." read more

WeChat public number 3 days operating from 2000 people soared to 100 thousand secret (dry chart)

on WeChat marketing, we are very concerned about, and today I operate a WeChat public platform operation process of an inspiration to share with you.

over a long period of time, I just opened a public account, but not to do operation action, a two to three month free forwarding information, account fans there has been no big promotion, last week began to gradually strengthen the operation of the action, fans from 10 a day within soared to every day 200, here is some summary:

* 1, the public name is the foundation. ** read more

No Baidu will succeed as a station (Continued)

yesterday in a do stand experience of this man, I came to the editor, because of work and site affairs is really busy, for the customer service, resulting in some mistakes, not, please understanding.

personally think: literal mistakes, this does not matter, the key is to dare to stand up and speak their own feelings, this is enough.

meet Baidu K station, is not a different, many small and medium-sized webmaster by this robbery, really depressed, don’t know what to do, especially new station webmaster, is at a loss. read more

Focus on how to share the simplest female website skills

before the crackdown storm, there are a lot of people have to do the female station, everybody said that women and children earn money is the best, a lot of research report also said with more women on the Internet, the website will usher in the peak of the development of women. Women’s websites are springing up like mushrooms, and what types are available, but how do you do a good job of female websites? This is also what many novice webmasters are eager to know. Talk about this problem today. read more

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